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Best Seafood Restaurant in Jeddah

Al Bahar Restaurant

This restaurant has very many reviews by customers in Jeddah, as it offers the best taste of seafood, especially fish fillet and grilled fish of all kinds, and the restaurant is also characterized by the presence of fresh fish that is not frozen, which adds a very distinctive taste to it, and offers these meals at very special prices, its address is Hayra Street, Al-Naeem neighborhood in Jeddah.

Saidi Fish Restaurant

It is a high-end and distinctive restaurant serving fresh seafood at very reasonable prices, located on the Corniche Road, in the Hamra district, and is open from 10:00 to 14:00.

Twina Restaurant

It offers the best seafood meals, as it is offered at the best prices in addition to the most delicious taste, as it offers all the fish meals that are chosen, as Twina Restaurant is the best restaurant in Dhahban because of its very distinctive services, especially since it has a time dedicated to young people and another time for families starting from the afternoon, its address is Haramain Road Dhahban – Jeddah.

Tharaa Fish Restaurant

It is characterized by the use of high-quality fresh fish to achieve the highest standards of efficiency in preparing and serving a variety of ideal seafood dishes, and there are places to sit and eat inside Restaurant You can come to him from one in the afternoon to twelve thirty at night on Prince Sultan Street in Jeddah.

Hamour Restaurant

This restaurant is considered one of the largest seafood restaurants in Jeddah, where it offers the most delicious taste with the best quality, all its meals are very specialized meals, as it is presented with the most delicious taste, especially grilled and fried shrimp, what distinguishes it is the unique and distinctive marinade, and also specializes in preparing grouper fish at the best prices, its address is the University District in Jeddah

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Samkoza Restaurant

It is considered one of the most famous seafood restaurants in the Kingdom, which offers multiple options for delicious dining and unique seafood dishes that suit different tastes daily from one pm to midnight in Al-Ajwad Street in Samer district in Jeddah.

Sayadia Express Restaurant

This restaurant is considered the first specialized in Jeddah in the preparation of Sayadiyah, as it offers the best types of fish, especially fish fillet, and also offers other meals such as spicy fish, tahini and coriander, and the restaurant also works for the best chefs specialized in cooking fish in new ways and they have home delivery service, and the restaurant also has family sessions and other distinguished services, its address is Al-Roshan Mall, Andalusia, Sultan Mall, Jeddah.

Blue Ocean Restaurant

The best fish restaurant in Jeddah is located on Miami Beach Street, Beach District, and is open from twelve noon until one in the morning, and offers a variety of orders in traditional and international seafood.

Al Shara Restaurant

This restaurant offers all kinds of fish and seafood, as it is provided by the best specialists, as it offers the most delicious dishes such as shrimp, and they also offer innovative ways to cook soft fish with the development of the most delicious types of spices that come from everywhere in the world, so Al-Shara Restaurant is a very unique experience that you must try, its address is Haramain Road (Dhahban) in Jeddah

Abu Khaled Restaurant

He owns a famous and large chain of restaurants in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the original restaurant branch is located on King Khalid Street or as it is called Al Mina Street, and serves a variety of shrimp and fish dishes, in addition to salads and appetizers.

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Jawi Zaman Restaurant

This restaurant specializes in providing the best fish and seafood dishes, especially fried and grilled fillets, and also offers the most delicious taste of shrimp and rice, as it is the first specialized restaurant in Jeddah for its very distinguished services at the best prices, its address is Al-Rawdah neighborhood in Jeddah.

Salhi Fish Restaurant

Best Fish Restaurant in Grandmother. It is located next to the aforementioned Al Sayed Restaurant, which is a spacious and luxurious place with a quiet atmosphere, where opening hours start from one in the afternoon until two in the afternoon.

Bamboo Restaurant

It is considered the finest seafood restaurants in Jeddah, where it offers the best taste and the most delicious fish, especially that this restaurant is predominantly Asian character because of its Asian and Chinese meals, especially hot n sour soup, which is considered the most delicious offered in this world, offers the best prices compared to other restaurants in Jeddah, its address is Al-Salama district in Jeddah.

Barcode Restaurants

One of the most famous fish restaurants in the Kingdom, and it is worth noting that the restaurant management is in constant work to improve services in the restaurant, while maintaining the highest levels of quality and efficiency in preparing various fish dishes, where chefs cook fish in a healthy and different way and prices are medium during working hours that start from ten in the morning until one in the evening, and the restaurant is located in Batoul neighborhood, Jeddah.

Uncle Hamza Restaurant

The first branch of the restaurant is located on Prince Majid Road, and the second branch is on the Corniche Road, which is very suitable for families, and the work starts from 12:00 pm to 12:30 am every day of the week.

Best Seafood Restaurant in Jeddah
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