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Best Souvenir Shops in Rome

Bernardi Souvenirs

Via della Conciliazione, 14/a – 00193 Rome (RM)

Bernardi Souvenirs specializes in religious items and souvenirs of Rome. It is located in Via della Conciliazione 14/A.

Opens at 09:30

Phone : 06 6865312


Piazza Fiume – 00184 Rome (RM)
Come to our stores or buy directly from home. Shop safely.
Opens at 10:00

Phone : 0291387388


Piazza Navona, 84 – 00186 Rome (RM)

In one of the most beautiful squares of Rome in Piazza Navona, L’Artigianato is a gift shop and artistic objects.

Opens at 10:00

Phone: 06 6874476

Cartes Gifts and Favors

Via Seminara, 41 – 00118 Rome (RM)

In Rome in v. Seminara, Cartes deals with the retail sale of favors and gift items of the best brands.

Opens at 10:00

Phone: 06 87462120


Via Nomentana, 283 – 00161 Rome (RM)

Cusinelli offers its experience to make everyone’s wishes come true with gift items in precious porcelain, shiny crystals and silver in Rome.

Opens at 10:00

Phone: 06 4402208

Cristina Creations

Via Antonino Giuffrè, 108 – 00128 Rome (RM)

Creazioni Cristina offers the best of goldsmith’s art, jewelry and the most elegant jewels for a personalized gift in Rome in v. Giuffrè.

Phone: 06 50652354

The Mattei Gift

Piazza dei Consoli, 30/31 – 00175 Rome (RM)

The Mattei Gift in Rome we offer a wide assortment of gifts and writing items of the best brands.

Opens at 07:00

Phone: 06 764727

Monni MJ Awards

Via delle Rondini, 70/B – 00169 Rome (RM)

Monni MJ Awards in Rome-Realization of personalized awards: Cups, Trophies, Crystal and glass plates, Medals, Graphic Keychains Special moments

Opens at 09:00

+39 338 138 3352

The Gift Corner

Piazza Guido Gozzano, 6 – 00137 Rome (RM)

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L’Angolo del Regalo is located in Rome and specializes in retail and wholesale of favors of all kinds

Opens at 09:00

Phone: 06 82000164

My Ideas

Via Pietro Antonio Crevenna, 19/21/23 – 00135 Rome (RM)

With a wide assortment of handmade costume jewelry and handmade favors, Le Mie Idee awaits you in Rome.

Opens at 09:00

+39 339 671 7926

Hearts And Crafts Handicrafts

Via Edoardo Jenner, 73 – 00151 Rome (RM)

Hearts & Crafts, located in Via E. Jenner, 73 in Rome (RM), specializes in costume jewelry and artistic ceramics.

Opens at 10:00

Everything and Art

Viale Partenope, 56 – 00177 Rome (RM)


Opens at 09:00

+39 327 092 6890

Shops selling religious souvenirs in Rome

Located in one of the most popular tourist areas of the entire city, in Via della Conciliazione, a stone’s throw from the Vatican, Bernardi Souvenirs is a renowned shop that sells objects of a religious nature. Within it, devotees can buy crowns of the Holy Rosary in different materials, crosses, images, depictions and sacred statuettes of all kinds, as well as miniature pictures and nativity scenes. To all this, then, are also added reproductions of the most representative monuments of Rome.

In the same street, you can visit another place that sells articles and religious objects, Domus Artis, located in a historic building dating back to the sixteenth century. Here, simple tourists and believers, can admire and buy medals in different materials depicting various saints, crosses and rosaries (also in the form of pretty bracelets), many paintings and sacred images, as well as precious statues of Capodimonte, splendid mosaics and icons of different sizes. In addition, there are also small cribs, key rings and religious posters.

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Shops and special souvenirs, inside the great museums

Even in Rome, as well as in other large European cities, there are small shops or areas dedicated to the sale of souvenirs or artistic objects, placed in large museums or city galleries. An example is the one located inside the Palazzo delle Esposizioni, the imposing structure that overlooks Via Nazionale and periodically hosts exhibitions of various kinds. Here, after making a visit, you can buy books, objects and various souvenirs, also related to the exhibitions hosted and the most important works of art presented.

It is located instead inside the beautiful and evocative Vatican Museums an area dedicated to the sale of souvenirs and various memories, also depicting the splendid works present in the museum structure. You can choose between paintings and posters of various sizes of famous or sacred paintings, as well as medals, marble reproductions of mythological figures and great emperors. To all this, then, are also added books and various publications on the works of art hosted by the museums themselves.

Best Souvenir Shops in Rome
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