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Best Time to Visit Antelope Canyon

The best time to visit Antelope Canyon is spring and autumn. To be precise, from March to April and October-November. At this time you can see a beautiful sunbeam. Among the velvet-red walls of the Antelope Canyon. And the time should choose in the morning between 10 and 12 hours.
Tickets to Antelope Canyon cost $ 50-100. They sold by the Indians.

Antelope Canyon

A magical and mysterious place. That only a bizarre fantasy of nature. Could create is Antelope Canyon. In the southwestern United States in the state of Arizona. These amazing crevices in the rocks got their name due to the reddish-red walls. So similar to the skin of a graceful and noble antelope.

Despite all the beauty and uniqueness of this place. Antelope Canyon is not a national park. Which is why it is not as popular as the Grand Canyon. Or Bryce Canyon. Located on the lands of the Navajo Indian tribe. It belongs to the Indians.

In general, there are two Antelope canyons. Upper and Lower. They represent natural arising gigantic. Sized crevices in sandy rocks. For several centuries. Water and wind carved gigantic depressions in the red sandstone. That reached hundreds of meters. They helped by heavy rain, which floods the canyon every few years. Then, flowing down and taking grains of sand. It forms these curved lines inside the rocks as if applying its own magical pattern.

Upper Antelope Canyon

The Navajo tribe romantic calls this canyon Tse bighanilini. The place where water runs through romantic Tourists. Visit it much more due to two features. Firstly, the entrance to the canyon and the length along. Its entire length located at ground level, which does not require climbing. Secondly, here it is much easier to see the sun’s rays. (direct sunlight). Beating from the holes above your head. An amazing sight, I must say.

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Lower Antelope Canyon

This place called Hasdeztwazi by the Navajo Indians. Or Spiral Arches of the Rock. It located a couple of kilometers from the Upper Canyon. And only fans of active excursions get here. The fact is that you can get to the canyon only by steep metal stairs. (by the way, they installed not so long, before that there were rope). And the route itself is longer, narrower in places. And in some places does not even allow you to stand on your feet. At the end, tourists will find several long flights of stairs.

Best Time to Visit Antelope Canyon
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