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Best Time to Visit Australia

When planning a trip to Australia, remember the school geography course. Australia is a large continent. Double the size of Europe. It stretches from north to south and from west. To east for thousands of kilometers. Crossing various climatic zones. This means that there are many factors that influence. The timing of travel in Australia.
What is the best time for travel, given the changing climate. Weather conditions and natural zones. And what can a traveler expect at one time or another of the year?

Australia divided into three climatic zones. First, these are the southern coastal regions, from the west coast to the east. Second, the inner central regions. And thirdly, the northern tropical regions of North Queensland. Northern Territory and North Western Australia. Let us analyze what weather conditions. Tourists can expect in each climatic zone. Depending on the season and when is the best time to go to Australia.

Spring in Australia

From September to November. It is spring in Australia. At which time the weather is good throughout the continent. The average temperature is about 20-30 °C. In the zone of the northern tropical regions. There is a transition period from dry winter months to the rainy season. That will last from December to February. This is the best time for car travel. Bike tours and all kinds of outdoor activities throughout Australia.

Western Australia will delight you with beautiful views. Of the flowering valleys and provide the chance to go whale watching. Hiking and cycling, or have a picnic in the fresh air. In addition, travelers will please with South Australia. Victoria and South Wales. At this time it is not as crowded as in the summer. Locals take vacations.

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Summer in Australia

December to February are the hottest months of the year. The average temperature is 35-45º C. In the central regions it can reach even higher marks. This is the time of holidays and school holidays. That means the most expensive season for tourists. There are a number of reasons. Why it is worth going to Australia in the summer?
Summer is the best time to visit Tasmania. Where at this time it is not as hot as in other parts of the country. And dry enough, which is good for walking and traveling around the island.

On the mainland. Most of the activities at this time of year held in the southwestern. Southern parts of the country and the east coast, where beach vacations are great. So if you are a lover of beaches. Water sports and unusual Christmas and New Years. This sure the best time for you to travel to Australia.

Autumn in Australia

From March to May, the weather in most parts of Australia is good. Although it can be un predictable and changing fast. The average temperature is 20-25 °C. But it is decreasing. Why fall might be the best time to travel to Australia? This is the best time to visit the central regions of the country. It is now not as hot as in summer. In the South and Western Australia regions. It is time to sample local produce, wine and host many events.
April marks the end of the rainy season. You can see lush green vegetation. Water-filled gorges, birdsong. And beautiful wildlife in Australian national parks.

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Winter in Australia

June to August are the coldest months in Australia. At this time. It not recommended visiting Victoria and Tasmania. Temperatures can drop below 0 °C. An ideal place to travel at this time of the year will be. The northern part of the Northern Territory. The so-called Top End, where, for example. Kakadu National Park located. All the major events of this time of the year held. Queensland is warm and dry at this time. As are the central and northwestern parts of the country, around 20-25 °C. This is a good time for car travel and camping.

It is worth noting that at this time all tourists. Including locals who have decided to take a break from the cold south. Rush to the north of the country. So planning a trip to northern Australia is necessary in advance. To ensure yourself the best hotel.

Best Time to Visit Australia
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