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Best Time To Visit Austria

You can get to know Austria at any time of the year. Depending on the season of your stay here. Your vacation will fill with different impressions and emotions. Each time you come Austria. You can discover a new Austria, previous unknown.

You can go to Austria at any time of the year. The peak tourist season is in the summer months from June to September. When Vienna and Salzburg, overcrowded with tourists. And most hotels are driving up their prices. The best time to travel to ski resorts is winter or the first half of spring.

Climate in Austria

Austria in spring

Spring comes to Austria in early MARCH, the air warms up to about + 10 °C C. which leads to a gradual melting of the snow cover. Especial under the influence of frequent rains. At the same time, this is the last month of the ski season. With freezing temperatures in the resorts. Thus, the average daily air temperature in Sölden is around +7 °C. The situation is complete different. In ski resorts based on glaciers. It’s much cooler there. For example, in Zell am See during daylight hours no more than 0 °C.

In general, mountainous regions in early spring are at risk. The noticeable warmer April air. The addition of sundials, and with this a slight decrease in rain. Lead to the natural opening of the excursion season this month. It is no longer possible to freeze in tourist cities. During the day – from +14 °C to +16 °C. So you can spend hours looking around in peace. But the nights are pretty cold.

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Austria in summer

Since there is no sea in Austria. People come to lakes or thermal resorts for a beach holiday. In Baden, the spa hall, baths and Roman baths will help to restore strength and health. After the treatments, you can enjoy the silence in the numerous rose gardens. Vineyards and the Vienna Woods that surrounds the city. Other resorts, Bad Ischl and Bad Hall, also offer guests:

  • Thermal complexes with a sauna and a pebble beach.
  • Jazz concerts.
  • Golf courses.
  • Horse rides.
  • Knightly tournaments.

Austria in autumn

September considered an ideal time. To visit attractions and health resorts. The heat has subsided, and there is practical no rainfall.

Air temperatures vary from 16-21 degrees. But in the mountains it gets colder up to 7 degrees.

October – November
The Alps covered with the first snow in October. At the end of the month the snowboard season in Tyrol opens. With a noisy and fun festival. The rest of the ski resorts will open only by the end of November.

An active cultural program takes place in Austria. And a film festival, music concerts. A festival of applied arts await all tourists.
During this period, it rains in the west. Turning into snow. At night the temperatures drop to minus marks.

Austria in winter

If you are going on a winter holiday in the Austria mountains. Prepare for high spending, as well as large crowds. Prices fall towards the end of winter. But this does not affect the quality of service. On the contrary, the ski slopes are becoming more manageable. And less run-down than during the high season.

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Another central event is the meeting of the winter holidays. You can feel like in a fairy tale. You have to pay for this with high price tags for literal everything.

Tourist season in Austria

High season in Austria

Austria, first of all, is a ski country. The largest number of tourists come here in winter. From DECEMBER to FEBRUARY, to experience the true Alpine. By the way, in all resorts. The cost of a ski pass the same in the high and dead ski seasons. In JULY and AUGUST. There’s an influx of travelers to the cities of Austria. This is the height of the excursion season.

Low season in Austria

During the off-season in Austria will cost much less than in the midst of the tourist season. These are tours for OCTOBER, NOVEMBER, APRIL, early MAY. Keep in mind that the concept of hot vouchers not applicable to this country. The most you can count on small discounts from travel agencies for early booking.

Ski season in Austria

The ski season runs from DECEMBER to MARCH, in some resorts. “Marked” by eternal glaciers, it lingers until early May. At this time, the air temperature kept within the range -10° C. + 4° C.

Both beginners and advanced skiers feel equal at home here. In addition, it is in Austria that the best ski schools located. Including children’s ones. It is not for nothing that many families come here with preschool children. There is a specialized kindergarten for them. The country has over 70 regions for skiing.

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Beach season in Austria

The beach area has been developing in Austria. The summer climate is quite warm. So the numerous lakes and rivers of the country. Used for their intended purpose. The swimming season in Carinthia. The warmest region of the country, lasts throughout all three summer months. Season limited to July and August. The lakes are slight cooler here – +22° C. + 23° C.

Best Time To Visit Austria
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