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Best Time to Visit Bali

The best time to travel to Bali island. Between mid-April and late October. Bali traditional different two seasons. Dry and rainy. The first from May to October. It believed that better suited for relaxation. The second, from November to April. At this time the chance of bad weather increases. In addition, Guests come to this Indonesian island all year round.

You should familiar yourself with the climate of the place. And the feature of rest on the island. In Bali, they go surfing, diving, meditation, fun parties. And, of course, swimming. It’s worth considering that some of Bali’s beaches. Not suitable for swimming or snorkeling. The reasons are different: rocky bottom, strong waves, or dangerous currents. Surfers, lovers of selfies, and walking have chosen these beaches.
A better time to rest. This may depend on the purpose of the trip, the weather. The route chosen or the age of your companions.

Bali Monthly Weather.

January in Bali

January the rainy season continues, as does the high humidity – 85%. At the same time, strong winds and clouds are possible in the daytime. The average air temperature is about +29 degrees. Coming here at this particular time. You will constantly feel stuffy and lack oxygen.

February in Bali

February – just like the previous months, it is very windy and rainy. The average air temperature is around +30 degrees. The air humidity is still the same.

March in Bali

March the month when the rainy season ends. The weather begins to improve. The clouds dissipate. Wind not as strong as it was in the winter months. It can rain at night. The night air temperature is +25. And in the afternoon about +30 degrees.

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April in Bali

April – This month the dry season begins. The rains stop and the weather becomes favorable for a beach holiday. The average daytime temperature will be +33 degrees. And the air humidity will drop from 85% to 60%. At this time, it comfortable to rest here, the warm sea, the bright sun.

May in Bali

May – the average daytime temperature is about +34 degrees. This month considered the hottest. Some times there are light rains. After which it becomes humid and unbearable. May considered the high season in Bali.

June in Bali

June – this month considered the coolest. At night the air temperature drops to +23. But during the day the weather quite hot, about +30 degrees. June does not bring any unpleasant surprises. On the contrary, the flow of tourists begins to increase.

July in Bali

July – this month the main flow of tourists is surfing. The weather comfortable here. The sea like fresh milk. And the average daytime temperature is +32 degrees. It does not rain at this time.

August in Bali

August – in Bali this month considered cool. At night +23, in the afternoon +30 degrees. This’s the peak of the tourist season. The humidity is 60%. A great time for a comfortable stay.

September in Bali

September – The weather begins to change. The air temperature during the day becomes +32 degrees. At the end of the month, not strong winds appear. Indicating that the rainy season will begin soon.

October in Bali

October – A comfortable month for a holiday in Bali. The air temperature during the day is +33 degrees. But the air humidity rises – 75%. Slight rains possible, of a temporary nature.

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November in Bali

November is the month of the beginning of the rainy season. Cloudiness observed, high humidity – 80%. This month, insects are most active due to the change in weather. So you should take all kinds of insect bites with you on your trip. The average air temperature is about +30 degrees.

December in Bali

December – this month, the lowest prices for tours. This is where the monsoon season begins. The average air temperature is about 32 degrees. In December, the largest amount of rain falls, and the sky obscured by clouds. Sunbathers can be UN comfortable here.

Bali Low season

Holiday seasons in Bali depend not only on the weather. But on the location of a particular place. In general. From December to March, better to refrain from traveling to the island. This’s the time when the rainy season begins. And the problems associate with them. Monsoons accompanied by strong winds and clouds.

The sea stormy at this time, unsafe to swim. Showers, as a rule, go at night and cloudiness replaced by sunny weather. But high humidity does not allow you to feel comfortable.

But according to statistics. There are few people who regret buying tours in the low season. Tourists who run for active sports plan a trip here on their own.

Surfing season In Bali

Surfing in Bali can be all year round. Depending on the time of the visit. It preferable to choose one or another place for this sport.

In the period from April to October. You should choose the west coast. And from November to March, you have to go to the eastern part of the island.
The “dry” season is preferable when it has not interfered with by the rain.

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Beach season In Bali

Bali is an island with poor predictable weather. The temperature of the air and water. Allows you to rest on the island all year round. But better to come to the island at the end of the “wet” season. At this time, nature comes to life, and the air temperature drops.

High season in July and August. Although in March and October the weather good. And prices are much lower than during the peak season. At this moment, you can catch last-minute deals with discounts up to half the cost.

Best time to go to Bali with children

When the heat subsides, of course. The best time is mid-August and September. Perhaps – March, when there are enough cloudy days. And October with a refreshing, but short-term rains.
It important to choose a vacation spot. The beaches in Bali can located at a far distance from the stay. And most of them are not suitable for swimming with children. There are only a few places on the island. It makes sense to relax with a child. They located close to beaches, clean, with good infra structure and safe.

Best Time to Visit Bali
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