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Best Time To Visit Belarus

A former Soviet republic. A small state in Eastern Europe. Belarus located west of Russia and north of Ukraine. Read our article on the Tour Calendar, where we tell you. Why the best time to visit it is from May to September.

Climate of Belarus

Belarus in January

The second winter month is the coldest in Belarus. In the northeast, the average temperature at this time is the lowest, is – 8.0° С. In the southwest it is warmest of all – about – 4.5° С. Night and morning weather is characterize by severe frosts. Up to -30° C. Rain falls in the daytime: 20 days out of 31 in a month are snowy.

Such weather is perfect for ski lovers. In addition, January is a festive month. In its first half, wherever you go. You will find festivities in the squares and streets.

Belarus in February

February warmer than its predecessor, January. The average temperature in the north-east of the republic is – 7.5° С. And in the south-west – 3.5° С. The night temperature does not drop below -25° С. The days characterize by thaws up to +3° С. Rain falls both in the form of snow and in the form of rain. Ice occurs.

Belarus in March

March in Belarus a cold month. According to its weather one cannot even say that it’s spring. For most of the month subzero temperatures kept. Of the order of – 6° С in the north-east of the country. 3° С in the south-west. At night frosts down to -22° С not uncommon. And only in the last 5-7 days of March. The average temperature rises to 0° C.

Belarus in April

Spring weather comes to Belarus only in April. The average temperature in the north-east of the country is + 4.5° С. South-west+7.5° С. And during the day, it rises to +17° C. At the end of the month. Cloudiness reduced, many sunny days observed. Snow on the streets disappears, and no rain falls.

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Belarus in May

May the warmest spring month in Belarus. The average temperature rises to +12 – +14° С. During the day it reaches summer marks – + 20 – + 25° С. Such warmth darkened by rains, with thunder storms. It short-lived.

May a month full of holidays. In Belarus, they celebrate May1. You can plunge into the atmosphere of the Soviet Union. But the Victory Day is more ambitious. In honor of which parades held on the squares of all cities on May 9.

Belarus in June

The first summer month pleases with its weather conditions. Heat at this time not observed. Only quite comfortable temperature established. +15 – +17° С – its average indicators. The days cloudy, but the temperature rises to +22 – +27° С. The reservoirs warm up well, up to +22 – +24° С. Rain short-lived.

You can relax in Belarus in June on numerous lakes. Braslavsky in the Vitebsk region. Naroch in Minsk, Svityaz in Grodno. If you want your child to have a rest. You can purchase a ticket to a summer health camp. The best in the republic is “Zubrenok”. Located on the banks of the Naroch. The brightest event the Day of the beginning of the Great Patriotic War.

Belarus in July

July in Belarus, as in Russia. The hottest month: the average temperature is +17.5 to +18.5° С.
I must admit that the heat better tolerated outside the city. Numerous Natural estates located. The most important thing is to find interesting place to stay.

Belarus in August

The last summer month is quite hot in Belarus. With average temperatures staying at +17.5° C until the end of August.
At this time of the year. The best option for recreation will be. Excursion routes to the Belarusian outback. Nesvizh, Mir, Ruzhany. You will find the most interesting museums. And such a welcome coolness within the walls of ancient castles.

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Belarus in September

The first two weeks of September warm in summer. But in the second half of the month the air temperature begins to decrease. The average values ​​of which are +10.5 – +13° С. The number of cloudy days is increasing, the cloudiness becomes thick. Amount of Rains small.

In addition, in September. A lot of events of the republican level held in small regional towns. Allow you to get to know the culture of the Belarusian hinterland.

Belarus in October

October the wettest month of the year. The amount of Rains 95-100 mm, the rains are lingering. The air cooling down. Average monthly temperature is +5° С. Frosts begin from the middle of the month.

Belarus in November

Belarusian November beautiful month. October rains come to an end. The sky becomes low. A heap of leaves pleases with a variety of autumn colors. The average temperature in the northeast is at 0° С, in the southwest +2 – +2.5° С. There’s no snow in November.
The cultural life in Belarus, despite the cold weather, in full swing.

Belarus in December

December the warmest winter month in Belarus. In the middle of December and lasts until the end of March. The ideal piste surface maintained by an artificial snow making system. At this time, the average daily air temperature is about -5.- 7° C.

Tourist season in Belarus

High season in Belarus

Not many tourists include Belarus in their summer vacation plans. An increased demand among travelers observed. When the weather favors suburban relaxation. In the bosom of nature, or health improvement. Many tourists living near the border. Perceive a trip to Belarusian resorts as an outing to the country. You can go fishing, steam in a bathhouse, and go mushroom-berries. It should note that prices in summer overpriced: some hotels set a price tag 1.5-2 times higher than standard rates in the off-season. But if you want to save a little. There is a way out. To take advantage of the early booking option. Which has been available since March. This guarantees a 10% -30% discount. Also keep in mind that August rates 10% -25% higher than June rates.

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Low season in Belarus

In winter, prices for tickets to Belarus. As well as train and plane tickets, reduced. Despite this, hotels remain loaded by only 50%. Those who do choose to go on vacation prefer ski resorts and health centers. The greatest direction observed at this time. In the Gomel, Mogilev and Minsk regions.

Wellness season

The unique micro climate, good ecology. Rich natural and recreational resources. (such as silt, sap role mud, several types of mineral waters, etc.). Become a good “soil”. For the development of the health resort business in Belarus. About 70% of foreign inbound flow into the country. Rushes to medical treatment. The other 20% placed in recreation centers and health centers. All of them located outside the city. On the shores of lakes, surrounded by dense forests.
It’s most advisable to come for health improvement. From the second half of spring to early autumn. But there are a lot of people in July and August. On this occasion, a little advice. It is best to book courses 3-4 months before the desired date of arrival.

Best Time To Visit Belarus
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