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Best Time To Visit Bulgaria

The proximity of culture, the consonance of the language. The habit of having a rest here since the times of the USSR. As well as quite affordable prices.

You can travel to Bulgaria all year round. In summer there is a beach paradise. In winter there are excellent conditions for ski holidays. Spring shows the beauty of the Bulgarian nature. And autumn leaves, the charm of the old city streets.

Bulgaria in January

In the middle of winter. Bulgaria looks like a picture from a Christmas card. Snow covered streets of ancient cities, trees in a fluffy cover. Snow-covered mountain slopes. Traveling around the country in January. A pleasure for lovers of winter landscapes. And gatherings in cozy cafes.

The peak of the ski season in Bulgaria is in January. Many winter resorts open in December. At this time. Skiing for both beginners and advanced. Will be true comfortable and enjoyable.

New Year’s tours are a special pleasure. Celebrating the New Year in a mountain chalet among snowy valleys. This idea easy to bring to life in the ski resorts of Bulgaria. In January a magical feeling created. That you are inside a children’s glass ball with falling snow.

Bulgaria in February

It is cozy in Bulgaria at any time of the year. In February, there are excellent conditions for skiing or snowboarding. It is a mild winter with a lot of snow on the slopes. February in Bulgaria is the snowiest month of the year. In the flat area in the center of the country. The sun warming up and the temperature is above zero. The imminent arrival of spring felt. At this time, it is pleasant to walk here and see the sights. Around which there are not yet many tourists.

Bulgaria in March

You plan to visit Bulgaria in March. Rest assured that your vacation will be rich and varied. The first month of spring in Bulgaria includes. Alpine skiing, excursions, and even a music festival. You will find reasonable prices. And no crowds of tourists around the attractions.

The weather in Bulgaria in March varied. But pleasant: the temperature ranges from -4 ˚C to +9 ˚C. The thickness of the snow cover in the mountainous area is about 1.5-2 meters, which creates excellent conditions for skiing.

At the same time, the first thawed patches. Flowers and greenery appear on the flat terrain. In March, in Bulgaria, there are both clear and cloudy days. Rain and snowfall are possible, so you should take your jacket and hat with you. In the second half. Fruit trees beginning to bloom. Turning the country into a snow-white, fragrant garden.

Bulgaria in April

April weather in Bulgaria is changeable. The warming sun replaced by intermittent rains. So you should keep an umbrella and raincoat close at hand. Average daytime temperatures range from + 14° to + 16° C. And in the southern regions they reach + 22° C.

During the flowering period. It’s pleasant to walk along the valleys of Bulgaria. Enjoying the beautiful nature. This can do in the National Parks “Pirin”, “Rila” and “Central Balkans”. As well as in the Natural Reserve “Golden Sands”.

In addition, in April it will be possible to see many sights. With pleasure and without queues. There are few tourists during the off-season. Popular this month are excursions to ancient cities. And mystical places in the country. Such as the rock phenomenon Belintash. The Devil’s Bridge in Ardino and the ancient church in Batak.

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The off-season in Bulgaria is a time for budget travelers. Skiers are becoming less and less. It’s early for beach lovers to get their swimwear. So the tourist flow weakening. This forces the owners of hotel complexes to offer discounts on stay. Some times quite serious ones. The prices for holidays in Bulgaria in April. Among the lowest in the year.

Bulgaria in May

Bulgarian May almost summer. The days are long and warm. There’s no midday summer heat. From which tourists hide under umbrellas. This is the time for long walks, excursions, and recreation. It’s early to swim in the first half of May. But you can get a beautiful, even tan. Enjoy the view and scent of blossoming roses, orchards and many flowers.

There are not many tourists in Bulgaria in May. As the swimming season is not official open yet. Lovers of measured rest given a good chance to take a quiet walk. Explore the sights of the country, with this local guides will be happy to help you. And what to see. There are many ancient towns in Bulgaria. And the nature itself deserves attention.

Bulgaria in June

Most tourists travel to the seaside resorts of Bulgaria. In July and August. Arguing that the weather at this time guaranteed to be warm. And the sea has warmed up proper. But there are loyal fans of June holidays. Who will not exchange the first summer month for anything. They appreciate it for the spaciousness on the beaches. Gentle cool sun and warm sea.

The average water temperature in Bulgaria in June is 20 degrees. (in the southern part of the country it is 1-2 degrees higher). At the beginning of the month, the sea not yet heated. Only adults who are not afraid of cool water swim. But the water getting warmer every day. By the middle of the month. The sea warms up to a comfortable temperature. At this time, children begin to bathe in the sea.

Until June 15. Prices for stay and meals are about 2 times lower than in July or August. From June 15 to June 30, prices rise slight. But remain about 1.5 times lower than in the rest of the summer months. In terms of cost savings, June is ideal.

Bulgaria in July

The golden sand of the shores of Bulgaria in July becomes attractive. And what could be more pleasant than plunge into. The gentle sea waves in the midst of the summer heat. Due to the special climate of the country. High air temperatures more tolerated than at other European resorts. At the same time, the middle of summer. Spent in Bulgaria. Will be able to give you not only the pleasure of bathing. And a long-lasting tan, but a lot of new knowledge and impressions.

The peak of the tourist season affects the cost of the tours. The prices for holidays in Bulgaria in July are not the lowest. And the vouchers quick sold out. It recommended booking tours from spring. In addition, you can get a discount for early redemption. On the other hand, high season is a great time to catch a last minute tour.

To save money, choose 3 * hotels. In Bulgaria, they eminent from 4 * by simpler furniture. And the cost is much more affordable. By the way, stay in small hotels and boarding houses. About 20% cheaper than in hotels with many rooms.

Bulgaria in August

You can get your piece of the sun on the Bulgarian coast. After all, August in Bulgaria not the end of the warm season. At this time, it’s hot here as in July. But thanks to the feature of the local mild climate. The rest comfortable. In addition, there will be something to remember. About the August trip around the country. The last summer month full of interesting events.

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In August, the Bulgarian weather is more stable than in July. There are no strong winds, rains is practical absent. The daytime air temperature kept at an average level of + 27-280C. The sea warmed up as much as possible. In terms of warmth equal to the air, its temperature is + 24-250C. The night temperature regime favors walking: + 17-180C. The approach of autumn noticeable only in the mountains. It’s much cooler: during the day + 12-150C, at night, up to + 50C.

Bulgaria in September

To extend the summer. To enjoy its gentle warmth longer. Many of us dream about it. Such a chance given by visiting Bulgaria in September. The velvet season in the resorts of this country. A harmonious continue of August. The softening of the temperature regime. Makes both the beach and sightseeing leisure options more enjoyable. The Bulgarian calendar for September full of interesting events.

The first month of autumn in Bulgaria. Gives the most comfortable conditions for recreation. The average daytime temperature varies from +220 to +240 C. The sea warmed up over the summer has temperatures similar to air. On sunny days, the thermometer may rise to + 28-300 C. But if you are going to the mountains. It worth bringing warm clothes. It colder by 10-150. The night temperature range from +140 to +160 C. Makes you feel the autumn coolness. But the rains in September rare bother vacationers. They begin towards the end of the month.

It is worth immediately reassuring those who are concerned about the issue of swimming. swimming in Bulgaria in September is not only possible. But very pleasant. For a full-fledged beach holiday. It better to visit the southern resorts. Burgas, Primorsko, Sozopol, Sunny Beach, etc. Both the water and the air. Several degrees warmer than on the northern shores.

Bulgaria in October

In October, swimming in the sea and sunbathing is cool. It’s early to go downhill skiing. But this is the best time to travel around the country. As well as for health recreation. You can see a lot here. Ancient fortresses, cathedrals and monasteries, museums. Picturesque autumn parks and many other attractions.

October is the time of golden autumn. The crowns of trees become colorful, but the foliage has not yet fallen off. The weather in Bulgaria in October warmer. There are more sunny days and fewer rainy days.

The temperature in Bulgaria in October. Averages 17-18 C during the day. (in the northern part of the country 13-14 C, in the southern – up to 20 C). At night, the air temperature drops to 9C. The water temperature in October does not exceed 17C during the day. It’s cold in the mountains. In the highlands, the temperature in October. Does not rise above 4C during the day. And at night due to frost.

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Bulgaria in November

Multicolored autumn is gaining full strength in Bulgaria by November. Cities and countryside surrounded by yellow and red foliage. That creates a dreamlike atmosphere. The air becomes cool and ringing. It’s time to think about leisurely walks to contemplate the natural beauty. And natural monuments. Such excursions will allow you to relax both your soul and body. At the same time, there’s not an abundance of tourists. You can feel the real Bulgarian flavor. The last month of autumn preparing special surprises. For the guests of Bulgaria.

If the sun is shining. You can enjoy walking along the beautiful streets of ancient cities. Such as Nessebar and Sozopol. If rainy days have come. Numerous museums and galleries. Fortresses and monasteries will welcome you. You can look into local boutiques. Due to the decline in the tourist flow, there can be good discounts here.

Bulgaria in December

The December weather in Bulgaria changeable. Sunny days give way to cloudy ones, and snow, falling in large flakes, covers the ground. The average night temperature on the plain reaches minus eight. The temperature in December more comfortable. For walking, excursions, from minus two to plus four. It’s much colder in the mountains, up to minus twelve. In the second half of December. The peaks of the Balkan Mountains complete covered with snow. You can full enjoy active sports.

In snow winter in the second half of December. Snow covers not only the mountain slopes. But the plain, some times part of the coast. The weather in Bulgaria in December not frosty. Which allows you to take walks by the sea.

The seasons in Bulgaria by months distributed as follows:

December, January, February, March – ski holidays,

May, June, July, August, September. The beach holiday season in Bulgaria,

April, October, November – off-season.

Bulgaria with a children at sea:

When is it better to go to Bulgaria with a child at sea?

June (second half of the month). In this beach holiday season, Bulgaria. Due to the absence of intense heat. Many tourists suitable for the recovery of children. Under three years old.

July. Peak season is the time when it is better to go to Bulgaria. At sea with teenage children. For a trip with little ones in July. It preferable to choose a small secluded resort. Since the popular resorts crowded at this time.

Aug. Sept. The most favorable season for beach holidays. In terms of weather conditions. It better to go to Bulgaria with a child from 3 to 10 years old.

As for the start of the season. In May, when the swimming season begins in Bulgaria. It will be cool for children to swim and play in the sand. It’s better to wait until the sea is warm enough. The end of the season (autumn) not suitable for children’s holidays. As the evenings getting cool. The sea gradual cooling down.

Best Time To Visit Bulgaria
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