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Best Time to Visit Disney World

Anyone who comes to Walt Disneyland Florida. At any frequency will tell you that there is no real “downtime” in Disney World parks. One Disney secret won’t tell you that it adjusts prices throughout the year. Runs promotions and organizes special events and festivals. During the traditional slower times of the year. To attract more people through the Disney World Park gates. But even though Disney tries to keep the crowd constant. There are a few more times a year when it’s the perfect place to visit. And at other times when you want to stay out of your way. (Unless you like high prices and crowded parks. i.e).

Best time to go to Disney World


The temperature in Orlando is moderate in January. With an average maximum in the low 70s. As families return to normal after the holiday season. Travel dwindles, and Disney World theme parks are no exception. That means parks will be less crowded. And ticket and hotel prices lower than usual. Planning for cooler temperatures and fewer crowds is one of the best ways. To spend a stress-free vacation at Disneyland.

Each year in January. Tens of thousands of runner’s flock to Disney to run a 5K, 10K. Half-marathon, or full marathon (or all four). Through Disney World parks to compete in run Disney competitions. From early to mid-January. (The exact weekend changes every year.) While this is the largest event, it is not the only Disney marathon.


As in January. February will be a great time to travel to Disney world. With warm but not stifling temperatures. The Arts Festival and traditional low crowds. The exception to this rule, however, is presidential weekends. When travelers use their free time to hang out with Mickey Mouse.

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Spring break at Walt Disneyland can be tough. But if you travel to Orlando right before Spring. You will have a great time as most families spend this school-sanctioned. Spring break to take their vacation. The first week of March can be a great time to visit Disney. Especially if you come to the opening of. Epcot’s world Flower & Garden Festival. Which starts around this time.


The two weeks leading up to Easter and Easter weeks. Tend to be a big buzz at Walt Disneyland, while kids don’t go to school for Spring Break. So hotels (especially Art of Animation, Pop Century and All Stars). Will be filled to the brim and most of the best attractions. In Magic Kingdom will have long lines.


It seems like summer one of the worst periods to travel to Walt Disney World. Temperatures rise in Florida. And children around the world don’t go to school for their summer break. But Disney insiders know that people have heeded all the advice. To avoid Disney World during the summer months. That’s means the crowds have been smaller than usual for the past year or two. The Disney Tourist Blog explored the phenomenon. Attracting fewer visitors in the summer due to high ticket prices. High temperatures and the lack of an Epcott festival. But if you have the guts. You will have a lot of experience and you won’t have to drag your kids out of class.

Mid to late August.

While summer these days a good time to go to Disney World. You better off waiting until the peak of summer vacation has passed. This means that mid to late August. The best time to go back to school. And have full extra-curricular activities. Temperatures in Florida will be quite high during this period. But if you know where to find good air conditioning. (hello American Adventure!) And stay hydrated, you’ll be fine. Epcot’s longest running festival. The world Food and Wine Festival. Also, starts in late August. So you can catch the early days of the event if you’re lucky.

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Besides Labor Day weekends. You will find that September the best time of the year to travel in general. At Disney World, this means small crowds and favorable prices. September a great holiday time at Disney. Halloween’s celebrations. And Epcot’s world Food & Wine Festival runs throughout September. With plenty of tempting lunch options.

While September is a great time to travel to Disney. With kids heading back to school. And adults moving from a summer vibe to a relaxing fall. Labor Day weekend the exception. Saturday and Sunday this weekend tends to be busy. As everyone tries to squeeze. In those last precious moments of summer vacation.

Early to mid-October

October at Disney World is busier than before. But it’s a good time to visit as temperatures begin to drop. And Halloween celebrations continue. Try to plan your trip earlier this month and on weekdays. To avoid the crowds that might come with people wanting. To celebrate Halloween on October 31st.

Early November

November, at the beginning of the month, known as the “shoulder season,”. Means flights and hotel rates will be more affordable. Than at any other time of the year. If you’re crazy about Christmas. You can start celebrating the season in November. with Mickey’s Christmas Party in the Magic Kingdom. Which starts in the second week of November and features cookies. Holiday shows, special fireworks and a holiday parade. Epcot continues to host the Food and Wine Festival for most of the month. Disneyland gets busier in November. Remember to avoid Thanksgiving and the weekends after.

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Early December

In early December. Walt Disney World hosts a special Mickey Christmas Party. That continues throughout the month at Magic Kingdom. In fact, all four Disney World parks celebrate the holiday season. Epcot hosts the world Holidays Festival. Hollywood’s studios have special holiday lights and fireworks. And Animal Kingdom has lights and delectable holiday treats. If you’re looking to celebrate at Disney during the holiday season. Be sure to schedule your visit in early December. This way, you get all the holiday decorations and joys. Without a huge crowd that come as the end of the year approaches. Early December one of the best ways to visit Disney. On a budget for the holiday season.

Best Time to Visit Disney World
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