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Best Time To Visit Dubai

Figuring out when to travel to Dubai. Taking into account the climate and prices. You can select the best time to travel. Between April and early May and October-November. Due to the dry subtropical climate. There no rain in the United Arab Emirates. In winter the thermometer drops below +21 o C.

Are you interested in the best time to travel to Dubai this year?

Let’s figure it out. Over the past decades. The Emirates (there are seven of them) have become popular. With tourists due to the high level of service. Clean sandy beaches and multistory shopping malls. Significant oil reserves have made this country one of the richest in the world.

The climate of Dubai

June to August in Dubai

June to August is the hottest time. The air temperature in the shade rises to +40 – + 49 ° C. This temperature regime is quite exhausting for tourists. Despite the widespread air conditioning. The Ultraviolet index can reach a maximum of 11 points.

The water temperature from June warms up to + 30- + 32 ° C. In August reaches its apogee: + 35 – + 37 ° C. Diving into a salty sea of ​​this temperature can associate. With bathing in hot oil. Of course. Swimming even in 35-degree water can give some relief when it’s +49 ° C outside. But in these months (June to August) the lowest prices for recreation and Fun.

Autumn and late spring in Dubai

Autumn and late spring the best time for a beach holiday. During this period, the water is clean and warms up to +27 – + 32 ° C. Decreasing to + 25 ° C towards winter.

The period from October to April is suitable for surfers. It’s at this time that you can “catch” a wave in the local waters. There are special areas for surfing. That fans of this sport do not interfere with vacationers on the beaches.

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Summer in Dubai

If you are going on vacation in Dubai in the summer. Then you should think careful, because the summer in the UAE is hot! Prepared that the sea will be hot, like tea, and then reach temperatures of +38 degrees.

The air temperature rises to indecent +45, then all of them +50 degrees! Such conditions are unlikely to facilitate movement in the daytime. Except in closed FUN and shopping centers. Because all rooms air-conditioned and you will be quite comfortable here.

At this time. You can look at artificial ski resorts, water parks, attractions. It worth considering that the holy month of Ramadan. Usually takes place during the summer months. So you will have to be more restrained in your habits. And emotions so as not to offend the feelings of believers.

Tourist season in Dubai

High season in the Emirates

The high holiday season in Dubai is from October to April. Because the best time for a beach holiday is October. November, March and April.
In winter, relaxing on the beach is a little less comfortable.

Some times it gets a little chilly due to the winds. In addition, December and January are the months of New Year. And Christmas holidays. As well as exciting shopping, shopping festivals and a time of discounts. The most expensive prices are for tours to the Emirates in spring and autumn. In winter, they are a little cheaper. Except cities where various major events take place.

Low season in Dubai

Low season in Dubai starts in June and ends in late August. At this time, the air temperature rises to +40, or even +45. + 50 degrees! In addition to beach holidays in the UAE. There are many interesting and surprising things in the summer months. Luxury hotels. Shopping festivals and sales, fun centers. Aquariums, delphiniums, fine cuisine, and much more. Tour prices at this time are the cheapest. Because hotels offer special offers and discounts, especial in the summer.

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Beach season in Dubai

The swimming season in the UAE continues all year round. The sea temperature not drops below +20. + 22 degrees. The most favorable time to enjoy the sea and bask. In the sun is from October to April. In winter, it’s cooler. There is no velvet season in the classical sense in the Emirates. But the milder months are October and November, March and April. Not the best time to relax in the UAE is summer. The water practical starts to boil. In winter, the sea can cool down a bit. It can be windy, but vacationers usual do not mind.

The Best Time to Visit Dubai for Shopping

The whole collision is that the best time for shopping is winter. (January, February). Shopping festivals held. There are big discounts in stores for everything. The water at this time, of course, is cool, and there are winds – you can’t lie on the beach. It is hot in the Emirates in summer, not comfortable. Therefore, I would advise you to go in April. The water has warmed up, the air temperature is about 30 degrees. So you will sunbathe on the beaches during the day. In the evening you can go shopping.

In terms of shopping, October can be good. Because there are a way fewer tourists and you will be more appreciated. More agreeable to bargain, so take the moment.

The best time for excursions in the UAE

From excursions in the UAE. One can single out sightseeing tours in such cities. As Dubai and Abu Dhabi. A trip to the oasis city of Al Ain. Or the Musandam peninsula with majestic mountains and views. A jeep safari on the dunes. Night crab hunting, and much other. A hot summer definite not suitable for these activities. But the time from October to April quiet. Excursions can combined with a beach holiday!

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Should you go to the UAE during Ramadan?

The holy month of Ramadan in the Dubai. Like in other Muslim countries. Designed to encourage the faithful to piety and piety. The time of the month of Ramadan determined by the lunar calendar. Its beginning shifted all the time. As a rule, it takes place in July-August.

During this time from sunrise to sunset. It’s forbidden to drink, eat or smoke in public places in Dubai. Despite such strict prohibitions, tourists visit the Emirates at this time. Food takes place in the same restaurants. Just those that were in public places will surround by screens. Alcohol will sell in most hotels only after 19:00. There will be no music and dancing in fun areas. You should pay attention to clothes and choose something more modest. By and large, if you respect someone else’s culture.

Best Time To Visit Dubai
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