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Best time to visit Ecuador

Climate of Ecuador

Ecuador can divided into three zones. Each of the three zones has its own climate.

  • The coast of Ecuador has an equatorial climate. With small annual temperature fluctuations. And abundant rainfall during the monsoon period.
  • The mountainous part of Ecuador. Has a mountain-equatorial climate. With a uniform annual temperature variation. Decreases with increasing altitude. The difference between daytime and nighttime temperatures. Quite significant. The amount of rain is less than in the plains.
  • In the Amazonian jungle. The climate is subequatorial, monsoon, tropical. This means that most of the time in the area is humid and rainy.

Seasons to visit in Ecuador

Western zone – coastal

It is better to come here after the monsoon rains. During the “summer”, that is, the dry period. It runs from June to December. During this period, the coast is not hot.

The rainy season. (“winter”) begins at the end of December and lasts until May. In the south of the coast. The rains are not plentiful, so here the holiday season can start in April.

Central part – mountainous

The season for visiting this region can begin from June to August. As well as from December to January. The weather is pleasant and sunny. In some places (“avenue of volcanoes”) strong winds blow in June and August.

It rains in this region of Ecuador from October to May.

When visiting the mountainous part. The tourist should remember about. The difference between day and night temperatures. At an altitude of 4000 meters. The air temperature during the tourist season can drop to + 4- + 6 degrees.

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Eastern part – Amazonian jungle

The rain never stops in Ecuador. And even with sunny weather, the region is humid and stuffy. Tourists plan their trip to this region. To get acquainted with the life of the Indians. As well as with the flora and fauna. Of the unique ecosystem of the planet for two to three days. Galapagos Islands – a unique ecosystem of Ecuador. It is difficult to predict the weather here. On one island it is sunny. On the other it is foggy, and it is raining. And on the third, the wind and storm blows. On the Galapagos, you can’t think of anything. But only hope for God and tourist luck.

And yet, there is a definite trend. In the seasons of visiting these unique islands in Ecuador. The rainy season in the Galapagos. Begins in January and lasts until May. But the rains are short-lived, so they do not interfere with visiting the islands. This is the best time to visit the Galapagos Islands. It is during this season that many animals lay their eggs. Turtles, iguanas, penguins live on the shores in large numbers. You can also meet seals with babies at this time.

Best time to visit Ecuador
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