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Best Time to Visit Egypt

Most of the country located in a dry climate zone. So there’s no such thing as a high and low season in Egypt. The weather remains sunny all year round. The best time to spend in the country. Depends on your tolerance to the heat and the influx of tourists.

There are only two seasons in Egypt. Cool – from November to the end of March, hot – from April to October. Let’s take a look at the features of the weather. As well as the cost of vacation for each month. In order to figure out when to go on vacation to Egypt.


From the beginning of the month until the 20th is the off-season period. When prices are low and hotels are half full. The sea at this time is warm, during the day the air warms up to 28 ° C. Of the winter months, December is the best month to travel to Egypt. But from December 20 on New Year’s holidays. Tourists begin to fill hotels, respective, the cost of rest becomes high.


The coldest month, but the sea is not cold yet. The temperature of the sea water is 22 ° С. The air warms up to 25 ° С, sometimes up to 29 ° С. In the evening the temperature can drop to 15 ° С. Despite the fact that there will be no heat. You will have a good rest and have time to sunbathe. The advantage of a holiday in Egypt in January. A few numbers of tourists. In the period from 10 to 20 – the most inexpensive tours of the year.


IF you cannot decide when is the best time to go to Egypt. You should not choose this time for vacation, since it is the coldest of the year. Prices are higher compared to January, but low. In February, the water in the Red Sea is coldest. But Russians are swimming. It gets chilly in the evening.


At this time, a hot wind begins to blow from the desert. Bringing with it clouds of sand. Prices rise every week, and the temperature gets higher. True, after two coldest months. The water in the sea final cools down and does not have time to warm up. During the first warm days.

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It becomes final warm, the air warms up to 30-32 ° С. The sea is getting warmer every day. Low prices should not expect – tourists are starting to catch up.


The perfect time to travel. The weather is warm, there is no sweltering heat. But the first dates are the Arab holidays, there are few places in hotels. As a result, prices are the highest. Some times even higher compared to the New Year holidays. In the second half of May, the cost of rest returns to the April level.


At this time, demand falls, which caused by. The opening of the season at Med-iterranean resorts. It gets quite hot in June, but prices. Especial after the twenties, are low.

July, August.

It is better not to go to Egypt during these two months. The heat unbearable. You need to sunbathe in the morning until 11 o’clock and in the afternoon. You can burn out in half an hour. The average daily temperature in July and August reaches 38 ° C.

October, November.

The best time to travel to Egypt. Optimum water and air temperature. True, the cost of tours begins to grow every week. The season ends at European seaside resorts. In the first week of November. Due to the holidays, the cost of vouchers rises. Then the average price level kept until the end of the month.

Tourist seasons in Egypt

Egypt in winter

If you are planning an excursion vacation. And do not know when to go to Egypt for this purpose. Then you should give preference to the winter months. The weather in Egypt in winter considered cold compared to the summer months. On the coast of the Red Sea you can not only have a great rest and sunbathe. But swim in plenty.

Holidays in Egypt in winter should not plan on the coast. It may rain here at this time. The water temperature considered unbearable for swimming. Any region of the country is suitable for exciting walks. And for carefree Fun.

Egypt in the spring

In March, the time of khamsin comes. Strong winds blow, carrying sand from the desert. The weather this month in Egypt is unstable. It difficult to predict how comfortable the rest will be at this time. It can be warm, or it can get cold because of the winds. In late April – early May, the weather improves. A new influx of tourists planned. In April, it warms – up to +30 ° С. The water temperature is +25 ° С – as we noted earlier. It’s at this time that it is better to rest in Egypt. In May, it begins to bake like summer: air + 32 ° С, water + 26 ° С. At the end of the month, a real African summer established. Hot and sultry, which makes this month not the best. For travel to Egypt for the purpose of rest.

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Egypt in summer

If you love the sultry heat. Then summer will be the best season. For you when it is best to relax in Egypt. If you are going on a tour with young children. Or have certain health problems. Then you should refuse to rest in Egypt in the summer.

Despite the fact that the air temperature in summer kept at + 33-36 ° С. It much better tolerated if you are planning a vacation on the coast. There’s a refreshing breeze blowing and the sultry heat not felt.

The weather in Egypt in summer differs depending on the chosen resort. For example, in Sharm el-Sheikh it will be hot and calm. While in Hurghada, due to the light breeze. The summer heat will be better tolerated.

Egypt in autumn

Holidays in Egypt in autumn popular with tourists. In September, summer continues. The only thing is that the air temperature begins to drop slight. Before travelling. You should inquire about the weather in Egypt in the fall. The air temperature kept at + 30–35 ° С. The water in no hurry to cool down.

When is the best time to relax in Egypt with children ?

Optimal weather for families with children. Coincides with the high season in Egypt. These are the months April, May, September, October and early November. Depending on the age of the child. Holidays with children in Egypt can planned for a cooler time. In July and August, this experience is likely to be negative. In addition to high temperatures in Egypt. The sun active at this time.

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It believed that Hurghada most suitable for a family trip. To the sea with children in Egypt. This is due to the gentle descent into the water. Long shallow water, and well-developed infra structure for children. Older children will love Sharm El Sheikh. Despite the pontoon entry to the sea thanks to the vibrant coral reefs. Some Sharm el-Sheikh hotels have animation for children. It’s inferior in terms of the saturation of the Turkish program. But the child will be able to have fun and ride the water slides.

When is the cheapest time to stay in Egypt ?

If the price of a ticket is a priority for you. Then the most affordable prices can observed in the following three periods:

  • From January 10 to February – after the New Year holidays, hotels are half empty. The weather conditions are far from ideal, quite cool.
  • June 20 – July 10 – the unbearable heat in Egypt. Combined with the opening season in the Mediterranean. Translates into a collapse in ticket prices;
  • December 1-20 – quite cold, we come with a lot of tourists from European countries. (the Catholics have Christmas holidays in December).

Let’s sum up

  • Of all the months of the year. October is the period when it is best to go to rest in Egypt.
  • There are 2 tourist seasons in Egypt – autumn and spring. The velvet season is October-November.
  • It is better to travel with children during the velvet season. But not in summer, when it is hot!
  • The cheapest way to travel to Egypt. Before and after the New Year and in the middle of the calendar summer.
  • The most expensive. Tours, hotels and flights to Egypt are waiting for you on New Year’s Eve. May holidays and in October-November.
  • Egypt allows you to relax at its resorts all year round. Depending on the season and month. It may be a little colder or warmer. In any case, you will enjoy the sun and the sea.
Best Time to Visit Egypt
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