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Best time to visit Finland

Finland in winter

The weather in Finland in winter. Meets all the notions of a winter fairy tale. In the north of the country. Beyond the Arctic Circle, the snow cover reaches 40 centimeters. There is a little less snow in the center and in the south. But you guaranteed 10-15 centimeters of snow for skiing. Winter landscapes, freezing lakes. And not freezing in springs. All this awaits you from late autumn to early spring.

In winter, you can visit the Arctic Zoo Ranua. Or the husky farm in Vuokatti. Or the theme park town of Sloland near Rovaniemi. Ski centers all over the country. Even though there are no high mountains, are open all winter. Visit Luosto or Levi.

Finland in spring

The weather in Finland is damp and cold in spring. In March, snow begins to melt off the coast. And in the southwest of the archipelago. During the day, the weather is clear with a weak wind. But on cold nights the water freezes, forming ice in the morning. In April, the thermometer shows + 7 °C. And the snow is finally melting on the coast. In May, up to + 15 °C observed. In the southern and central regions young grass breaks through the frozen ground.

The sun returns to the north, rises higher and higher, the days become warmer. But even now sharp cold snaps are possible, even at the end of May. In some years, Lapland recorded temperatures as low as -30° C in March. In April and -20 °C. At the end of May, thawed patches cover the forest regions. And the northern territories of the country. This is a good time for excursions. To major cities like Helsinki or Turku. But in general, spring considered a low season in this country.

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Finland in summer

The weather in Finland warm in summer. During the day, the air temperature ranges from + 19 °C to + 21 °C.  July is warmer than other summer months. The south-east of the country. Has the highest average daily air temperatures. Here they are 3 °C higher. Tropical winds in Finland from the Atlantic penetrate here. Which raise the temperature to + 30 °C. The coastal southwestern part of the country. Considered the sunniest area in all of Northern Europe.

Daylight hours during the period of “white nights”. In the Arctic Circle lasts 20 hours a day for 73 days. In the south, it is much darker at night. The light level at this time resembles twilight. The early summer is rather dry. In July and August, the season of heavy rains and thunderstorms begins.

Summer considered a time for excursions in Finland. Walks and exploration of Finland. Visit Lemmenjoki National Park near Inari. A conservation area in the Finnish province of Lapland. Excursions to Petyavesi. Turku, Imatra, Helsinki waiting for you. Visit the Moomin Valley in Tampere. You can go fishing and hunting on the Åland Islands.

Finland in autumn

The weather in Finland gets worse in autumn. At the beginning of September. The winds are getting stronger. The first frosts are coming, but the landscapes delight the eye with gold and crimson. In the south of the country, pleasant. Moderately warm weather lasts until mid-September. After which it gets colder. In the north, snow begins to fall in the first month of autumn. And in the rest of the territory, except for the coast, in October.

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In Finland Heavy snowfall is possible. In mid-autumn, the air temperature drops to + 5 °C. In the southern regions and to 0 °C in the northern ones. November described by squally winds and blizzards. It turns into heavy rains closer to Helsinki. In general, we do not advise you to come to Suomi in November. At the end of autumn, you can safely visit many ski resorts in the country. For example, Pyha and Puyo.

Best time to visit Finland
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