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Best Time to Visit Germany

The best time to visit Germany depends on the region. The country stretches for quite a distance from north to south. And the coastal regions differ. From the centre and the mountainous south in their weather quite way.

Climate in Germany

Germany in winter

Winter is the best time to travel to Germany. For the Bavarian ski resorts. The Bavarian Alps will greet you with snowy peaks. And give you a memorable winter vacation. The weather in Germany in winter cannot call severe. There are practical no severe frosts here. The temperature drops below zero only slight. True, such warmth the cause of slush, rain or sleet. But in the Alps at this time it’s colder – from -4 ° С to -10 ° С. So light frost and snowy slopes guaranteed. Especially adjusted for artificial snow making.

Winter holidays in Germany are not only about skiing. But the wonders of the Christmas holidays. As in all of Europe, Christmas and New Year celebrated on a grand scale. And with an ineffable fabulous atmosphere.

The beginning of January in Germany is the time of sales. The price of most of the items halves. So for shopping, winter in Germany is a golden time. And of course. Museums in Germany will be waiting for you at any time of the year.

Germany in spring

After a long, cold winter, Germany wakes up refreshed in spring. The air cool, but the sun breaks between clouds. The temperature rises to 40 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit (ca. 18 °C). Rain frequent, and with the warm weather in late spring. There can be epic storms of thunder and lightning. Don’t forget your umbrella.

Germany in the summer

The east of the country it is some times hot and thirty degrees. But, in general, the weather in Germany is mild in summer. And, of course. Summer is the period when in Germany it is better to relax. On the seaside. The swimming season in the Baltics is short. From July to August, later the sea is cold.

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Holidays in Germany in summer good for walks. In the Bavarian Forest National Park. And long excursions to the castles. In the warm season, it is good to deal with a health improvement on healing springs. And of course, let’s not forget about shopping. The summer sales season starts at the end of July.

Germany in autumn

The first month of autumn throughout Germany. Except the highlands, is Indian summer. The envy of all Russia is quite warm and clear weather. Once the sun hides behind the clouds, it gets a little chilly. In SEPTEMBER, it is better to dress in layers. In case it sudden gets hot. You can take off your jacket.

Most of OCTOBER IT IS drizzling with light rain. The sky rather cloudy. The sun that appears for a couple of hours no longer warms. Snow falls in the mountains at this time. Subzero temperatures noted at high altitudes. Early November trees in Germany are bare. Only cityscapes represented in all shades of yellow. Crimson and gold. This a rather wet month, aggravated by piercing winds.

Tourist season in Germany

High season in Germany

The high tourist season in Germany celebrated three times a year. In winter, mid-autumn and summer. From DECEMBER to early MARCH. Tense time in the ski resorts in the Bavarian Alps. Tours to Germany for New Year and Christmas are popular. Tourists from many countries of the world come here. To plunge into the magical atmosphere of the holiday. In Berlin alone. About two million people celebrated in a few winter weeks. JULY and AUGUST- another brisk season, but with an excursion focus. Among the most visited areas in Germany. The birthplace of beer Bavaria and the capital Berlin.

During the two weeks of October. During which the world-famous Oktoberfest beer festival lasts. Munich receives a stream of 7 million amber drink lovers.
Despite the availableness of a sufficient number of budget hotels. Apartments and hostels in Germany. In the high season, problems with cheap housing in the country are quite possible. Let’s start with the fact that the best deals scattered like hot cakes. Long before the “X” hour. And where there are vacant rooms. The prices are high. So in the case of an independent trip to the country. During the high season, first of all, you should take care of early booking stay.

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Low season in Germany

Not as active as the high season. People travel to Germany during the off-season, which is early spring. The second half of autumn and two weeks before the beginning of Christmas. As a rule, prices for air tickets, hotel rooms. Admission fees to some museums and art galleries drop slight.

The atmosphere on the city streets is becoming calmer. So the only thing that can hinder with the country is nasty rain. But on especial rainy days. You can move to restaurants and pubs to taste. For example, Nuremberg fried sausages and cold beer. So consider that the situation saved. Trust me, Germany is not a country where you can get bored. This opinion shared by many budget tourists. Who choose only the off-season for their trip to Germany.

Beach season in Germany

The German Baltic states are picturesque nature. The purest sea air and tens of kilometers of sandy beaches. Baltic coast of Germany high valued. Among lovers of environment recreation. Especial among couples with children. The mass swimming season. Does not open earlier than the first days of JULY. With the water temperature in the range of +18 ° C .. + 19 ° C. By the end of the month. It warms up to maximum marks – +20 ° C .. + 21 ° C. The Baltic coast of Germany specify by frequent cold currents. So you should prepare for a sharp cooling of the sea.

Ski season in Germany

Ski resorts in Germany. Although they cannot boast of difficult slopes and crazy “apre-ski”. But famous for all these neighbors of Germany in the Alps. You have a lot to learn from detailed Germans. For example. Impeccable service and quality of service in two or three star hotels. And there is no need to talk about prices.

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So if you do not consider yourself an advanced skier. Then the Bavarian Alps are what you need. The skiing season starts from. Early / mid DECEMBER and lasts until the last days of March / early APRIL. Due to the mild climate. Severe frosts do not happen here. The thermometer drops only a few degrees below zero. Permanent snow cover maintained by special snow cannons.

The best time for excursions in Germany

Delights, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, museum collections. Well-groomed national parks with stunning beautiful nature. Children will love Lego Land, Hyde Park or Europe.
For hikes with the whole family. You can safe choose the theme park “Volkswagen”.

The best time for sightseeing is from MAY to early OCTOBER. The summer not hot. In JULY and AUGUST During the holiday season. There is a spontaneous invasion of tourists in Germany. So visiting the most popular places. As well as children’s attractions. Better to shift to earlier or, later dates. By the way, May holidays not the best option for these purposes.

Best Time to Visit Germany
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