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Best time to visit Greece

Greece is one of the most interesting countries in the world. Attracts tourists not only as a beach or outdoor destination. But also as the birthplace of antiquity and sports. It’s interesting to be on the land of Hellas at any time of the year. But when planning a trip here, You should decide on the purpose of your visit. So let’s start in order.

January February. Season of carnivals and outdoor activities

A week after celebrating the New Year. Greece immersed in vibrant and noisy fun events. For which thousands of tourists come here. One of the most famous Greek carnivals takes place in the town of Kastoria. Located on the shores of a picturesque lake. For three days after Christmas, locals and guests dance and sing right in the streets. Dress up as fairy-tale characters. Perform rituals to drive evil out of the city. K Arnaval in Patras startsin mid-January and lasts about a month. Its distinctive features can considered the quest “Treasure Hunt”. Anyone can take part, and the burning of a huge stuffed animal. Celebrations held in other cities of Greece. Thessaloniki, Naoussa, Athens. All of them delight tourists and the Greeks themselves with exciting. Games, fun dances, treats and a bright masquerade.

The winter months can spent in the ski resorts of Greece. It has everything for a wonderful holiday. High-quality tracks, comfortable hotels and spa treatments. That allow you to complete relax. Shopping can be another purpose of a winter visit to Greece. Big sales, a fair modest amount you can update your wardrobe. With things from famous world brands. Begin after January 6 and last a couple of weeks.

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March, April. Sightseeing

Perfect time for a sightseeing tour. The aromas of flowering trees and shrubs soar in the air. The gentle sun shining. Air temperature conducive to walking. There is no exhausting heat yet, and nature is incredible beautiful. In March, Greeks celebrate Independence Day and colorful parades. Held in every city in the country. On islands such as Crete and Rhodes. Many vacationers swim by the end of April. The sea water warms up to + 19° C.

May June. Perfect beach season

The swimming season in Greece official opens in May. This month, the air temperature + 26-28 degrees, and the water heats up to +20. This combination of weather conditions. Makes it possible not only to enjoy a beach holiday. But to allocate time for a cultural program.

June is the time when it is better to relax in Greece. Climatic conditions this month become excellent. The air warms up to +30 degrees, sea water to +24. The humidity kept at a low level. This’s the best time for those who like to bask in the sun, swim in the sea. But cannot stand the intense heat.

June ideal for families with small children. All beaches in Greece meet the highest environment requirements and comfortable. Most of the family oriented hotels. Located on the islands of Halkidiki, Crete, Rhodes and Corfu. Such complexes equipped with fun attractions. Playgrounds for children and sports grounds.

July August. Holidays in the northern part of Greece

In the hottest months of summer in Greece. The air temperature reaches + 36-40° С. And the sea warms up to + 24-25° С. It is best to spend this time in the north of the country. Or on the island of Corfu, where sea breezes lower the temperature. Because of the sweltering heat. It’s better not to think about excursions. Dedicate July and August to swimming in warm sea water. Wellness programs in medical centers and hotels, or shopping.

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The sales season starts in mid-July. At the same time, the Wine Festival begins in Greece, which lasts until autumn. And the global Sailing Regatta.

September October. The Velvet season

September considered one of the best holiday months in Greece. There are fewer tourists. There’s no sweltering heat, and at the same time. The air warm enough (about + 30C). The sea has warmed up well and pleases with an indicator of +24 degrees. Due to the arrival of sea monsoons. Breathing becomes much easier than during the summer months. This period, just like June. Good for families with children or a romantic trip. In October, autumn starting to take its toll. But southern Greece warm enough. Only at the end of the month the air cools down to +20 degrees. Seasonal rains begin. And the beach season for holidays in Greece considered closed.

November December. Wellness and ski resorts

November in Greece is quite rainy and chilly. So the only vacation option this month is wellness programs. The hotels have gyms, saunas and spa salons. Interesting trade fairs take place in Thessaloniki in November. Another option for autumn leisure in Greece. A trip to the island of Santorini, which has a mild climate. The islets located nearby are famous for their hot medicinal springs.

 In December, it is worth going to one of the ski centers. Of which there are more than twenty in Greece. The most popular Fterolaka and Kelaria. Located on the Parnassus ridge. There are many ski slopes, modern ski lifts. And you can rent all the necessary ski equipment.

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When is it cheaper to vacation in Greece

Prices for trips to Greece depend on the season. So, the most expensive months for a beach holiday considered. July and August. For ski resorts – the period of New Year and Christmas holidays. If you book tours in advance. You can get a solid discount of 20-30% of the total cost. These tours sold for the entire summer season until the end of April in Greece.

The most successful time for a vacation in Greece. Considered the second half of May. When the weather allows swimming, sunbathing, sightseeing. And the prices for vouchers quite acceptable. Per person, start at 500 euros for 10 nights. For those who want to relax with discounts. There’s another option. The purchase of last-minute tours to Greece. But it’s suitable only for people who have a Schengen visa.

Best time to visit Greece
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