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Best time to visit Hawaii

Many people plan their holidays. In this place to enjoy the best weather conditions. Hawaii is a tropical island. It’s one of the most remote places in the world. At the same time, the closest land mass at a distance of about 2,000. Avoiding the cold winter is a concept for many people. But it is important to understand the seasonal climate. And weather conditions on the island. Of course, there will be several months in the calendar year. That will be the best time to travel.

The Best Time to Visit, Hawaii between May and October. When it’s least likely to rain.


The Hawaii Islands (known as the Sandwich Islands). Consist of twenty-four islands and atolls. As well as many small islets located in the North Pacific Ocean. (between 19° and 29° N latitude). The climate of the low regions is tropical and maritime. Most of the rain on the islands is due to the trade winds on the northern. And eastern sides of the islands. Coastal areas in the south and west, or on the leeward sides, are dry land. Due to the trade winds and the potential for heavy rainfall. Most of the tourist areas located on the leeward coasts of the islands. The Hawaii islands receive most of the rainfall. During the winter months (October to April). From May to September dry land. But the increase in temperature increases the risk of hurricanes.

Best time for your Hawaiian vacation:

Comfort level according to the set parameters

Number of rainy days per month

Hawaii sea water temperature, ° C

Best time to visit Hawaii
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