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Best time to visit London

Sits Britain on top of the list of global tourist destinations. It’s the land of the living civilization and culture. It still to this day we celebrate the customs. And heritage of greatness together and that one.

London one of the wonderful cities that attracts visitors all year round. As theatres and galleries in London do enjoy a state of seasonal calm. And the nightlife in the restaurants.

The capital radiates bright colour with a moderate climate. With moderate to high temperatures during the summer.

And cold temperatures during the winter. Light snowfall is also common during the winter. Rainfall is a normal feature during the year.

March – May

The peak tourist season in London all year round. But late spring (and summer) is particularly crowded. When you decide to visit London as the place for your trip in late spring.

gardens bloom in the spring. And enjoy the sweet weather in the city, but. The more you visit in the spring, the more likely you are to encounter fewer crowds. While the fall and winter can be particularly rainy.

And the summer can be a little damp. Spring in London has a happy mild climate. With average temperatures hovering between the 1950 s. And the sixties.

main events: March – May

St Patrick’s Day Festival and Parade (March)

Cancer Research UK Boat Race (March)

London Coffee Festival (April)

Museums at Night Festival (May)

RHS Chelsea Flower Show (May)

State Opening of Parliament (May)

September to November

One of the best times to visit London. Where the weather moderate, to enjoy fun events such as Halloween. To experience the colors of autumn, and to enjoy refreshing walks, cozy bars and fireworks.

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main events : September to November
  • London Fashion Week (September)
  • Museums at Night Festival (October)
  • – Guy Fawkes Night Festival (November)
  • The Lord Mayor’s Show (November)

December to February

If you are looking to save a pound or two you can travel during the cold winter season. (except in December when prices go up on the holidays).

Although the average temperatures between 30 and 40 degrees. You will be able to enjoy a more intimate experience without Seeing large tourist hordes.

And because the city sparkles. With twinkling lights and festive events during the festive season. Central London usually attracts holiday shoppers, especially on Oxford Street.

If you are a London holiday destination. Be sure to enjoy the splendor of Christmas away from the famous shopping areas.

main events : December to February
  • The London Parade (1st January)
  • Pancake Day Festival (February / March)
  • London Fashion Week (February)

Weather in Britain:

The weather in Britain distinctive throughout the months of the year. So the spring season extending from March to May characterized by moderate temperatures.

The greatest temperature in this season. given 17 degrees Celsius in May. To enter a sunny summer with high temperatures. But the weather is not hot as the temperatures are in The peak month of July is 20 degrees Celsius.

The moderate degrees and sunny weather continue at the beginning of the fall season. In September in particular, after which the temperatures drop. To reach the greatest of 8 degrees Celsius in November.

announcing a cold winter. With its cold peak in January, when its average temperature close to 0 degrees Celsius.

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Best time to visit London
Best time to visit London
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