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Best Time to Visit the Maldives

The most favorable time is to visit the Maldives. (from November-December to March-April). When the northeastern monsoons bring sunny and dry. The sea during this period calm in the Maldives.

You need to know in advance when the high season is in the Maldives. When it better to go there and what kind of weather awaits upon arrival. In this article. I will tell you about the best time to travel to the Maldives. The weather in the Maldives by months and all the secrets of the Maldives seasons.

In addition, many vacationers want to know when there can be discounts. On hotels in the Maldives. And whether a tourist visa needed there. Which important when planning a trip and buying tickets from Moscow to Male.

best time to visit maldives

Brief about the weather in the Maldives by months:

  • The most enjoyable months in the Maldives. (December, January, and February). When it is not hot and there is no rain. This’s the best time for a holiday in the Maldives. At 5 star hotels in the resort islands.
  • The hottest months – March and April. Hotter during this period, but there is no rain.
  • During the summer and fall months from May to November. The sky cloudy but warm.
  • In June and July, it rains in the Maldives, and the air humid. But due to the fact that the wind is blowing stronger than usual. It’s practical, not stuffy.
  • August a pretty good holiday month in the Maldives because of there much less rain. During this time than other months of the wet season and the sun shining.
  • The Maldives in September and October pleasing with rather good weather. But the sky during the day covered with clouds and there may be intermittent rain.
  • November is the worst month of the year to travel to the Maldives. Due to uncertain weather.
  • For planning a trip. It’s better to make sure that the weather was perfect on your vacation. And most likely it will be.
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The tourist season in the Maldives

High season in the Maldives

The largest number of foreigners in the Maldive come during the dry season. From December to March, which is the New Year and Christmas holidays. The second time the island sold out is during the May holidays. The cost of tours during the holiday period is 30% -50% more expensive. For example. In early December or January, prices will be way lower.

Low season in the Maldives

The low season. On the period when the weather dictated by tropical rains. From May to October. It Not gets cold in the Maldives. The average annual water temperature about + 27° C. And the air temperature is + 28° C. + 30° C. So some tourists come here in the off-season or summer.
The largest number of days with such weather falls. In the period from mid-July to early August. When the southwest monsoon prevails in the Maldives. If you choose the most optimal vacation time during the low season. Then it most likely May, September and October.

Beach season in the Maldives

In the Maldives, there are no start or end dates for the beach season. It lasts here 365 days a year. Water temperature fluctuations: from +26° C. + 27° C in summer to +28° C. + 30° C in winter. However, swimming can hampered by rainy weather with monsoons causing high waves. The best time for a beach holiday. Considered to be the period from December to March / April. Having gone to the Maldives during this period. The fairy tale from the advertising brochures. Sure become a reality.

Fishing season in the Maldives

Bored with a serene beach holiday? It’s time to shake things up a bit, sea fishing will help you with this. The underwater world of the Indian Ocean. Teeming with trophy specimens. You should be aware that coastal fishing and spearfishing. Prohibited on the beach. So in any case you will have to rent a yacht. A rich catch guaranteed from September to May. When the weather promises the most favorable conditions for fishing.

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Cruise season in the Maldives

Cruises to the Maldives go beyond the concept of many cruises as such. They are multi-day trips from island to island in small groups. But comfortable boats with all the amenities. During the sea voyage. Stops made in the most picturesque places of the islands. Where you can swim, dive, or just sunbathe, surrounded by beautiful landscapes. The navigation season in the Maldives lasts all year round. Except for stormy weather, which observed in the summer when yachts do not go to sea.

Wedding season in the Maldives

The Maldives the most romantic place on earth for lovers. Today, every (young) (and not quite) couple. Considers it their duty to play a symbolic wedding on the islands.
It’s the wedding ceremony. Under the turquoise thickness of the Indian Ocean. Surrounded by colorful schools of fish scurrying back and forth. On a desert island surrounded by pristine nature or onboard a seaplane. Emotions will overflow. But in order for the desired to come true. In addition to a decent amount of money. You need to record the services/wedding tour.
The most favorable weather in the Maldives lasts for a relative short time. From December to March. The wedding date should book at least six months in advance. But if there’s a chance to do it earlier. Then this will be an undoubted advantage.

Diving season in the Maldives

Each Maldives island has diving centers. Diving brings a lot of money to the state. Hundreds of thousands of scuba diving enthusiasts. From all over the world come here. This’s because of the local “kingdom of Neptune”. Famous for its dazzlingly beautiful coral gardens. A variety of marine fauna, more than 1000 species of outlandish fish. Among which there are whale sharks, as well as many underwater grottoes, caves, and wrecks.
In the summer, diving is a bad idea due to the rough seas. Which remains in the Maldives until September.
In October, the appearance of the water-poor. Due to the huge amount of plankton.
The best time to dive into the Indian Ocean. From January to April. The weather is quietest. During the appearance of the waters an altitude.

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Windsurfing season in the Maldives

The Maldives an ideal for surfing. Each beach has its own specialized school. But the northern and southern Male Atolls the real mecca of this water sport. The skiing season opens in February.
By May, the waves are gaining decent strength. June-August is only suitable for experienced surfers. The southwest monsoon raging in the Maldives, causing severe tropical storms.
In September and October, surfing also good. Stormy weather over, but “good” waves persist. The season comes to an end in November.

Best Time to Visit the Maldives
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