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Best time to visit Miami

Miami a good travel destination all year round. And the months with the best weather are: January, February, March.

If you are visiting Miami remembers that the hottest months are:

July (day: 33, night: 25)

August (day: 33 ℃, night: 26 ℃)

June (day: 32 ℃, night: 25 ℃) …

The coldest month is January. With temperatures between 17 ℃ at night and 25 ℃ in the afternoon.

In Miami, the month with the highest chance of rain is:

July – 73%

June – 68%

September – 67%.

The most sultry month of the year is July.

The month with the highest humidity is June and the driest month is March.

Please beware of tornadoes during your stay in Miami. They may be in: August, October, November.

Miami is one of those places where the weather warm. The average temperature throughout the year is 29 ℃.

Miami Seasons

The peak tourist season in Miami. Starts in mid-November and ends in mid-April. The weather in Miami is lovely and caressing, warm but not hot.

The relative off-season in Miami. Starts in May and lasts until early November. This is the best time to book hotels or apartments in advance.

It should note that in July and August. As well as in the second half of November. A huge number of tourists from Europe. And Latin America stay in Miami.

From June to October, FL passes hurricane season (hurricane season). The climate hot and way increased humidity. On such days, there’s a short-term heavy rainfall. In the early morning and late evening in Miami.

Best time to visit Miami
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