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Best Time to Visit Paris

Paris, like Venice, a tourist city out of season. Each season a unique here. Besides to many advantages. It has special disadvantages. To know exactly when is the best time to go to Paris. You need to test all the positive and negative aspects of travel. And choose the most appropriate option.

In a minute you will ask yourself: When the best time to go to Paris. So that the weather allows you to relax, and at the same time. The price of the trip is quite affordable? Below we will help you choose the best time to travel to Paris!

Paris in spring

A stingy person, seeing the French capital in April or May. Will delight with its beauty. Beds with delicate crocuses, green tree crowns. Blooming fuchsias on the balconies of Parisians. These a few touches of that exquisite spring landscape. That appears before the eyes of tourists and Parisians. It seems that the city has descended from the paintings of the great impression.

Nature comes to life, sunny weather, as a rule. Makes a walk among the city walls much more pleasant than in summer. Tourists although present in Paris, have not arrived as many as during the high season. The cost of living is reasonable, you can buy air tickets at low prices.

Paris in the summer

Late June, July and August are the peak tourist seasons. Sunny and warm weather encourages active sightseeing of the city. Or relaxing on the Parisian artificial beaches on the Seine. It should be borne in mind that sometimes in summer the temperature reaches even 40 degrees.

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In August, Parisians go on vacation for a long time, and guests “capture” the entire city. During the season we doomed to higher prices for accommodation and tickets. Which are best booked in advance.

If you’re lucky, in the summer you can witness a unique event here. The “Dinner in White” flash mob. It held once a year. Thousands of people in white clothes. Gather in one of the most beautiful places in Paris. Taking out folding tables and chairs, begin to dine.

Paris in autumn

Autumn evenings are so pleasant to spend in Paris cafes and restaurants. On autumn evenings, theatres and cabarets open their doors to tourists. If you don’t like them, organ music concerts regular held.

In the famous Notre Dame Cathedral and Madeleine Church. Leaves rustle under foot in parks and gardens. And a poetic and slight melancholic atmosphere reigns in the air.

One of the most interesting events of autumn Paris. The grape harvest festival. This holiday has held since 1934. Stars from all over the country come to it to pour out new wine. And then a musical performance begins on the stage. Farmers sell their goods in trays, volleys of fireworks heard in the sky. It won’t be boring here.

By mid, and some times by the end of September. Paris has pleasant temperatures and tourist traffic stops a bit. This, in our opinion, is the perfect time to stay in Paris.

Paris in winter

Winter weather in France is quite mild. Down to -10 ° C the thermometer drops only in ski resorts. On the Cote d’Azur, Aquitaine and Corsica in winter it completes warm. But in Paris it cooler – up to + 6 ° C. There is no snow in France in December. But in January the snow cover falls. And in February it gets warmer. The weather reaches sub-zero temperatures only in ski resorts. Winter in France is best spent on the ski slopes or in cities.

Best Time to Visit Paris
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