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Best Time to Visit Sharm El Sheikh

Despite the fact that Sharm el-Sheikh is one of the youngest resorts in Egypt. It is popular, because of the wonderful weather conditions.

The weather in this part of the country. Influenced not only by the geographic latitude. But by the nearby Sinai Mountains.

The latter protect all the beaches of the resort. From strong winds and bad weather coming from the northwest.

The beach season in Sharm stretched for six months. It starts in April and ends at the end of November.

 High season in Sharm El Sheikh

In this part of Egypt, the high season begins in mid-spring. The air temperature is at around + 27 °C. And the water in the Red Sea is at + 25 °C. It gets a little colder in the late evening and at night. It’s worth bringing a sweater or lightweight windbreaker with you.

If you managed to visit Sharm at the beginning of the high season. Then it is worth visiting here a second time.

The next wave of tourists rolls onto the coast of Sharm el-Sheikh in mid-autumn. The air temperature does not drop below the summer + 30 °C. And the seawater – up to + 26 °C. Judging by the reviews of vacationers. At this time it is most comfortable to dive and just swim.

Summer in Sharm El Sheikh

Most Ukrainians go to rest in Sharm el-Sheikh in the summer. In the midst of the summer heat in Egypt. You can relax in comfort. You just need to follow a number of important rules.

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Since it is hot in Sharm el Sheikh all summer long. It is imperative to use high UF sun protection products at all times. And not only when you go to the pool or beach. During the hottest part of the day, don’t be in the sun.

In the height of summer, the air temperature can reach + 40 °C even in the shade. The water in the sea warms up to + 30 °C, so, alas, it is not refreshing. Prudent tourists at this time of the year sunbathe and swim only in the morning. If you are not lazy to get up early. Then you can ensure yourself a wonderful Egyptian tan. Without unpleasant health effects.

Not all travelers and tourists choose their time for rest. Focusing on public opinion, traditions, and seasons. While most travel to Europe for the Christmas holidays. The most thoughtful are preparing to celebrate. The New Year on the shores of the Red Sea.

Even in the coldest time of the year. The weather in Sharm pleases tourists with the warm summer sun. During this period, diving and bathing are comfortable. In the waters of the resort. It can colder in the evening. So do not forget to put a warm jacket in your suitcase. At the same time, in the daytime, the air on the beach warms up to + 23 °C. And the water – up to + 20 °C. This temperature regime is most attractive for our tourists.
As you can see. Rest in Sharm el-Sheikh is good in its own way at any time of the year. 

Best Time to Visit Sharm El Sheikh
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