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Best time to visit Tanzania

Tanzania is a hot African country. With a tropical climate. With humid air on the coast and dry in the heart of the mainland. During the year, the air temperature can vary from +20 ºС to +32 ºС.

If we consider holidays in the country in terms of seasonality. Then the high season in Tanzania begins. With the arrival of the calendar summer. As for the low season. Its period in Tanzania falls on March-May. When it is not worth going to Tanzania due to heavy rainfall.

Tanzania in winter

In winter, the country is rather dry and humid. So the most suitable resort for a vacation in Tanzania. In winter must selected with high rated score. Throughout the winter, the weather in Tanzania is good. The air temperature kept at +35 ºC.

If you do not know when is the best time to go to Tanzania. To enjoy the beauty of the local national parks. See unusual tropical animals. Then feel free to go on vacation in winter. Many national events celebrated this season. That will allow you to understand African culture.

Tanzania in the spring

With the arrival of spring. Holidays in Tanzania can over shadowed. By the onset of the rainy season. Despite this, the weather in Tanzania in the spring considered quite warm. On average, the air temperature warms up to +28 ºС. Due to high humidity it becomes stuffy.

Tanzania is a country of high tourism space. Lovers of safari, extreme fun and a relaxing beach holiday come here. The weather conditions are great for climbing the famous Mount Kilimanjaro.

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Tanzania in summer

With the arrival of summer. Holidays in Tanzania considered favorable. The period of the calendar summer is the optimal. Time not only for excursions. But for a beach holiday. The weather in Tanzania in summer considered. The most comfortable of the year. Attracts many tourists.
The air temperature throughout the country drops below +25 ºС.

If you prefer to choose. A period when it is better to relax in Tanzania. Then June will be just that. With the arrival of the first summer month. Not only the safari hunting season opens in the country. But the fishing season. A beach holiday will allow you to enjoy the warm coastal waters. And warm rays of the sun.

Tanzania in The Fall

Autumn is the time of the year when you can fly to Tanzania. For the most varied and exciting vacation. The weather in Tanzania in the fall. IT’s worsening due to intermittent rains. But this circumstance will not spoil the general impression of the rest.
With the arrival of autumn. Rest in Tanzania can combined with diving. Enjoy swimming in the warm ocean, and all the delights of sightseeing. The picturesque nature of the country will appeal. Not only to lovers of beauty, but to avid hunters.

Best time to visit Tanzania
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