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Best Time to Visit Thailand

Thailand is one of the few year-round resorts in the world. The large length of the country from north to south. And the proximity to the equator. Make the climate here one of the most attractive. For a beach holiday all year round. It should be borne in mind. That just the great length of the country from north to south. Determines the difference in weather in different parts of the country, i.e. it is better to go to some resorts at one time of the year.

Best Time to Visit Thailand

Holidays in Thailand

January – Mid-May

January – mid-May the ideal time to visit any resorts in Thailand. As a rule, there is no rain anywhere. They begin little by little in April. The Thais celebrate the Songkran holiday. Their New Year, on this occasion. If a trip to Thailand planned for the period of the May holidays. Then remember that in Northern Thailand (Chiang Mai). It’s quite humid, the comfort is not the same. To stay away from the masses of tourists during the high season in Thailand. We recommend the Hua Hin resorts located not far from Bangkok.

June – August

June – August the smart period for visiting Thailand. The wet season is believed to have arrived. The number of tourists decreasing. At the same time prices for hotels inside the resorts of Thailand are decreasing. The rains short, come at night, and bring not so much discomfort as freshness and coolness. Combined with sale tickets to Bangkok, which on these dates more expensive. A vacation in Thailand in the summer. Can be a wonderful alternative to Europe. On whose beaches fall far from the tree. Phuket perfect comfortable from the resorts of Thailand during this period.

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September – Mid-November

September – mid-November a pretty time to visit Koh Samui. And the small islands nearby. Tao in September the best time for snorkeling or diving.

November – December

November – December rather humid in Phuket. At the same time, it’s the period of the lowest prices. A good chance to stay in a small boutique hotel. It will cost 3 to 5 times less than in the high season. On Koh Samui, relax can shadow the sky, covered with a white cloud. But it all depends on the wind. It can clear up within a few minutes. Piece of advice for this period – go to the Koh Chang.

Season in Thailand

High season

The high season throughout Thailand runs from November to March. It was at this time that the maximum influx of tourists. An increase in prices for vouchers and tourist services observed. The weather at this time not hot. There is no rain, the sky cloudless.

Low season

The rest of the year, from April to October. Most of Thailand has a hot and rainy season. Despite the prevailing myth and the assurances of travel companies. At this time, you can relax comfort and pleasant. Most of the rains, though heavy, are short-lived. Most in the afternoon or at night. But the number of tourists decreasing. The prices for tourist services are falling. This period the best time for those who want to save money inThailand.

Best Time to Visit Thailand
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