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Best Time to Visit Valley of Flowers

The best time to visit the Valley of Flowers. From July to August. The climate remains the best for traveling through this beautiful Valley of Flowers. The average rainfall in this area is 1800.2 mm. Valley of Flowers is a magical land in the Himalayas. And located at an altitude of 3250 to 6750 meters above sea level. The maximum temperature in this area reaches 17 °C. And the minimum drops to 7° C. This temperature is best for traveling through this high valley.

The Valley of Flowers National Park is a national park in India. Located in the Western Himalayas high in the mountains. Famous for its meadows with flowers of extra ordinary beauty. The park located high in the mountains. In the Indian state of Uttarakhand. About 600 km northwest of Delhi. The Valley of Flowers home to rare animals such as. Black bears, snow leopards, yellow martens, blue sheep, and Himalayan musk deer. In 1982, the Valley of Flowers declared a national park. And in 2005 it included in the World Heritage List.

Best Time to Visit Valley of Flowers
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