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Best Times to Visit Grand Canyon

Alien views, hiking and horseback riding. Canyon bottom trekking. And cornice meditation. It is impossible to full enjoy it when thousands of classic tourists. Take selfies in front of you. That is why the best time to visit the Grand Canyon is the off-season.

Seasons in Grand Canyon

The best time to visit the Grand Canyon in the summer months. Although, it possible to capture May and September. Judge for yourself:

Winter. Winter is not the best time to visit the park. On South Rim, snowfall, icy roads. And hiking trails can encountered. Winter begins in November and temperatures may drop below zero. The river will be much warmer. But not more than +15 degrees in the best case. North Rim does not receive tourists at all in winter.

Spring. Spring comes into its own from mid-April. The temperature reaches + 10-20 degrees and continues to rise. It is cool in spring and it can be windy. There is even a chance of snowfalls until June.

Summer. In summer, the average temperature in South Rim is + 27-32 degrees. While in the Colorado River Valley it can reach +40 degrees. It is colder on North Rim, because the local area is higher. (average temperatures + 21-26 degrees. At night it can be up to zero degrees). Thunderstorms with heavy rainfall are possible. In July, August and early September. Lightning, hail and even tornadoes are not uncommon.

Fall. It gets cooler in September. The temperature drops to an average of + 16-21 degrees in September. And up to + 10-15 in November. The river in these months is much warmer, about ten degrees. There is less rain.

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Features and rules of the park

  • In spring and autumn, it can be snowing at the top. And It can be quite hot at the bottom of the canyon.
  • The ideal time for trekking in the summer. Before ten in the morning and after four in the evening.
  • Anyone goes on the trail and planning to stay in the canyon overnight. Must obtain a special permit (permit). Except for those planning to stay at Phantom Ranch.
  • The cost of the permit is $10. (you can get it at the Back country Information Center).
  • All rubbish should have taken with you or thrown into waste containers.
  • Do not touch or feed wild animals. If a large animal approaching you. It is better to shout at it to scare far.
  • It is forbidden to swim in the Colorado River. Because it has a fast flow. And the water temperature is only +8 degrees.
  • Do not throw rocks or anything from the top of the canyon downward. You can either hit a tourist on the head. Or injure an animal.

Useful applied information

Lodging in the Grand Canyon. The park has campgrounds (campgrounds), hotels, lodges (lodges). And full of housing in the surrounding area.

Where to eat if you stay at campsites. You can cook yourself while purchasing food in a large supermarket. The prices of which will differ. In a favorable direction compared to small shops. And even more so to shops in the park. If you don’t want to waste time cooking. You can find food in the Grand Canyon Village. (restaurants, cafes, shops) or the nearest town of Tasayan. This is the case for the southern part of the park. On the north side, you can eat at the Grand Canyon Lodge.

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Gas stations. The closest gas station to South Rim is in Tusan and near Desert View Point.

Where to look for the Internet (wi-fi):

Grand Canyon National Park Headquarters. Free wi-fi daily from 8 am to 5 pm. And public computers are available from Monday to Friday. From 8 am to 4:30 pm.
Library (Community Library). free wi-fi and computers (from Mon. to Sat. from 10:30 to 17:00).
Hotel lobby. Wi-Fi is available around the clock, but payment may be required.
Canyon Village Market. Wi-Fi access (from 7:00 to 21:00).

Car rental. The most convenient way to get to the parks. And in general to move around the States, of course, by car. Many tourists rent a car rhinestone upon arrival at the airport. But most of them decide this issue before arrival.

Best Times to Visit Grand Canyon
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