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Best Turkish Restaurant in Jeddah

The best Turkish restaurant in Jeddah is constantly wondered by all visitors, so today we will review to you a group of the most important restaurants in Jeddah, as it is considered one of the cities frequented by many tourists every year, and we must also point out that there are many Turkish restaurants at the present time that have been established in all cities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Enguzel Turkish Restaurant

You will have a great experience at In Kozal Turkish Restaurant, which serves the most delicious Turkish grills in a wonderful atmosphere with indoor and outdoor seating for outdoor diners.

In Kozal’s menu includes main courses, appetizers, salads and soups including hummus with meat, baba ghanoush, olive salad, vine leaves, lentil soup, season salad, tomato soup, Turkish salad and many more.

  • Address: Prince Mohammed Bin Abdul Aziz Street, Le Chateau Mall Tahlia, Al Andalus, Jeddah
  • Phone Number :0122636161
  • Site on Google Maps: from here 

Anatolia Restaurant

Anatolia Restaurant is a well-known Turkish food restaurant, which offers well-known and luxurious delicious dishes such as grilled meat with Turkish spices, and various salads that are famous for their delicious taste, and as for the quality of the dishes, its prices are somewhat reasonable if you want to visit it with a large group, and therefore it is one of the best Turkish restaurants that you can visit if you crave Turkish food.

  • Location: Prince Turki Bin Abdulaziz Al Awwal Road, Riyadh.
  • Timings: 12:30 pm – 12:
    00 am, daily except Thursday and Friday.
    12:30 pm – 1:00 midnight, Thursday and Friday.
  • Contact: 0112535527

Bursa Iskender Turkish Restaurant

One of the most important Turkish restaurants in Jeddah, which received a rating of 4.3, is Bursa Iskandar Restaurant, which is classified as one of the most luxurious restaurants in Jeddah, and it is also the most delicious restaurant that serves the most delicious Turkish dishes, in addition to what visitors praised in terms of cleanliness of the place, sterilization of tables, and distinguished food with wonderful Turkish flavors.

All the grills in the restaurant are juicy and marinated, and there is a section for individuals and another for families and allows the presence of children, which is one of the most important features of the restaurant, in addition to the decorations with a wonderful Turkish heritage character and the workers at the top of taste and respect, but it may be taken that the prices are slightly high.

  • Restaurant Address: 3195 Mohieddin Nazer Street in front of Future Hospital in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  • Phone Number: +966530084111
  • Working hours: from 12 pm to 3 am

Turkish House Restaurant

Turkish House Restaurant specializes in Turkish food by offering jars such as meat jar, chicken jar, okra jar, vegetable jar, various soups, Tawook Sarma, different types of pizzas, and different types of pasta.
The restaurant is located on Heraa Street in Al-Marwa neighborhood in Jeddah and operates daily from one in the afternoon to one thirty in the morning and you can call it on the following number 0126072929.

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Kosebashi Restaurant

Kosebasi Restaurant is one of the restaurants that serve Turkish grills, which is famous for the coastal city of Tarsus and is famous for its spicy meat dishes with Turkish spices rich in pungent flavor, the chefs prepare it in a distinctive way by separating the pieces of meat, choosing the best ones, and then mixing them by hand with special marinades before placing them on natural charcoal.
Kosebashi has been named one of the top 50 restaurant chains in the world by Condé Nast Traveler.

  • Location: Al Rawda in Jeddah.
  • Timings: 8:00 am – 12:00 am, daily except Thursday and Friday.
  • Contact: 0124101231

Saraya Latif Restaurant

Saraya Latif Restaurant Khalidiya Branch offers a unique dining experience with a varied menu of Turkish food. The restaurant staff is friendly and helpful and the décor is very special with comfortable sessions for families and individuals.

In Saraya Latif Restaurant’s menu, you will find many main dishes, cold and hot appetizers, in addition to various drinks and delicious Turkish sweets. The restaurant has been well rated by customers regarding service and prices.

  • Address: Al Khalidiya District, Al Rawdah, Jeddah
  • Phone Number :0126069990
  • Site on Google Maps: from here 

Delek Restaurant

The restaurant provides Turkish cuisine specializing in breakfasts, lunches and dinner parties, and the best thing you can get from this restaurant is fried kebbeh, spring roll, grape leaves, spoon salad, green salad, Turkish tea, baklawi, grilled chicken breasts, kebabs and awsal.
It is located in the Corniche Road of Al-Hamra neighborhood in Jeddah and works from five in the morning after Fajr prayer and until four in the morning and you can call it on the following number 0582011768.

Turkuoise Restaurant

Turquoise Restaurant is one of the finest Turkish restaurants in Jeddah, as it is characterized by its elegant décor and comfortable sessions for families and individuals, and it also provides delicious Turkish cuisine at reasonable prices.

In Turquoise Restaurant’s menu you will find main dishes such as meat pottery, meat shawarma, salmon steak, grilled lamb banana, steak fillet and various other dishes. Delicious grills, appetizers and desserts await you at Turquoise Restaurant.

  • Address: Bolivar Building, Prince Saud Bin Faisal Street, Al Rawdah District, Jeddah
  • Phone Number :0558887023
  • Site on Google Maps: from here
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Ashwaq Turkish Restaurant

It is one of the most famous Turkish restaurants in Jeddah, which received a rating of 3.8, as it specializes in Turkish cuisine and provides many diverse varieties with a great taste, in addition to the distinguished service that visitors praised, as there is a distinguished team of employees and successful management, and most customers have confirmed that the restaurant is worth the experience, if you are looking for the best cheap restaurants in Jeddah You are in the right place that offers the most popular Turkish dishes at reasonable prices for everyone, and meat and chicken are very excellent, but customers are always waiting for everything new from the restaurant management.

  • Restaurant Address: King Fahd Road, Mushrifah Dist. Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  • Phone Number: +966126611928
  • Timings: from 11 am to 2 am

Turkish Grill Skewers Restaurant 

Turkish Grill Skewers Restaurant. The Best Turkish style grill shop for price, taste, quality and cleanliness. The connections very soft and the meat kebab is fabulous. The person four skewers and the sandwich saturated and its price is reasonable compared to the rest of the Turkish restaurants It is preferable to call and order in advance because the place is crowded after 4 o’clock

  • Category: Families – Individuals
  • Type :Restaurant
  • Price:Medium
  • Children:Yes
  • Music:None
  • Timings: 1:00pm–2:30am
  • Location on Google Maps: To access the restaurant via Google Maps click here
  • Address For Skeewers Turkish Grill RestaurantRuwais, Al Sayed Street, Hai, Jeddah Saudi Arabia
  • Turkish Grill Skewers Restaurant Number+966126518413

Khayal Restaurant

The restaurant is not only specialized in the Middle Eastern cuisine restaurant, including also Turkish cuisine, the restaurant has fries, soups, salads and grills, most notably awsal, kebabs, feathers, chicken mix, meat, palace, kebab meter, tagine, eskandar, pastries, sandwiches and juices.
The restaurant is located in Prince Sultan Road in Al-Zahra neighborhood in Jeddah and operates daily from three in the afternoon to four in the morning, and you can call it on the following number 920002223.

Al Fayrouz Turkish Restaurant

Al Fayrouz Turkish Restaurant received a rating of 3.9 because it is one of the most prominent restaurants on the list of restaurants in Jeddah for families and individuals, and the restaurant has three branches in Jeddah, which are distributed in Sitteen Street, Hira and Safa, and it is one of the leading Turkish restaurants in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the world that is worth trying, it offers dishes of unparalleled Turkish food, and you can also get the best shawarma and meat kebab, it is the best Turkish grill restaurant In Jeddah, this is in addition to the staff who provide the best services and ensure comfortable sessions for customers while dealing with successful management.

About Al Fayrouz Turkish Restaurant

  • Restaurant Name: Al Fayrouz Turkish Restaurant
  • Number of Branches: 3
  • First branch address: King Fahd Al-Aziziyah Road, Sitteen Street, Jeddah.
  • Branch Address: Heraa Al-Nahda Street, Jeddah.
  • Third branch address: Saud Al-Faisal Al-Safa Street, Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Phone numbers: +966126703911, +966126227366, +966122721067.
  • Working hours: from 1 pm to 1 am
  • Prices: High
  • Category: Individuals and Families
  • Music: None
  • Children: Allowed
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Zad Restaurant Turkish Flavor

You can order from him a dish of kebab with mushrooms, chicken samosas, rice dishes, potato dishes, kebab grills, feathers and chicken, the restaurant also provides a special place for families to sit comfortably while eating, and the prices are good compared to competitors.
The restaurant is located on the Corniche Road from the Beach neighborhood in Jeddah and operates daily from one in the afternoon to two in the morning and you can call it on the following number 0126066609.

Sultan Steakhouse Restaurant

If the rating rate is 4.1, this restaurant is definitely classified as one of the best Turkish restaurants in Jeddah, and the restaurant’s decorations are the most important thing that distinguishes it, in addition to the beautiful lighting and excellent service provided by the work team, in addition to that there is cleanliness and order in the place and excellent management, although the only drawback in the restaurant is the high prices, as well as it is characterized by comfortable sessions and there is a designated smoking area, and the restaurant takes you with it to the distinguished Turkish atmosphere as if you live there In one of the heritage Turkish cities.

  • Restaurant Address: Saud Al Faisal Street Al Rawdah Jeddah Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Phone Number: +966555919771

Turkish Sand Shawarma Restaurant

  • One of the best places to serve Turkish shawarma in Jeddah is Saudi Arabia.
  • This restaurant is frequented by many tourists, visitors from all over the world and locals as well.
  • The restaurant decorations are wonderful and the lighting is comfortable for the eye, in addition to all the appropriate prices with everyone, as it is considered one of the restaurants for families and individuals, and children can enter the restaurant, where there are places designated for them.
  • Working hours: Daily from one in the afternoon until twelve in the morning.
  • Phone: +966126692302
  • Location: Jeddah City, Abdulrahman Al-Tubayshi, Al-Andalus District, Saudi Arabia

Wahati Helmeya Turkish Restaurant

  • If you visit this charming city, you should visit this wonderful Turkish restaurant located in the city where it serves many diverse dishes.
  • It also offers a special corner for families and individuals, and we must point out that the prices of this restaurant are suitable for all visitors.
  • You can also contact the administration and order food at your doorstep.
  • Working hours: Daily from eleven in the morning until twelve in the morning.
  • Phone: +966599462001
  • Location: Mushrifah, Hassan Yahya Street, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
Best Turkish Restaurant in Jeddah
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