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Best way to get around San Francisco

San Francisco is considered to have. The most developed public transfers system on the US West Coast. More than a third of the urban population. Uses public transfer every day.

MUNI bus

The only downside of the San Francisco bus crowded during rush hour. Overall, this is one of the best and most comfortable ways. To get around the city. Half of San Francisco’s buses are of a hybrid nature. It has a beneficial effect on the city’s ecosystem. You can buy tickets at both special and bus terminals. All stops in the city glazed and have detailed schedules. For longer journeys outside the city, the MUNI bus is not suitable. San Francisco is home to a large Transfer Terminal traffic complex. Serving many intercity bus systems. These include buses from Amtrak and Greyhound.

Metro MUNI

The San Francisco subway, which appeared in 1972, deserves special attention. Its length is 166.9 km and the number of stations is 43. There are 14 ground stations, 16 subway stations and 13 overpass stations. In total, the San Francisco subway. Consists of six rows of different colors:

  • orange (J Church)
  • blue (K Ingleside)
  • purple (L Taraval)
  • green (M Ocean View)
  • blue (N Judah)
  • red (T Third Street)

In addition. There is a surface line, the so-called metro-tram – F Market.

Tourist buses 

A scenic Double-decker bus runs into San Francisco. Making 23 stops at iconic city landmarks. Buses pass through tourist attractions. Such as Fishing Wharf. Lombard Street. Golden Gate Bridge. Pier 39. Chinatown. Etc.

Cable Car MUNI

The first cable car in San Francisco appeared in 1873. On the initiative of Andrew Halliday. Wired cars with a special mechanism released on the track. Such a means of transport became popular. And new trams began to appear in the city streets. Today, the cable car in San Francisco has three routes:

  • Powell – Hyde line
  • Powell – Mason line
  • California Street Line
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BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit)

In addition to intercity transfers. San Francisco has a regional rapid transit system. This is the BART system. It has only 8 stops in the city and provides transport over longer distances. For example, at the airport or at towns in the Bay Area.


Caltrain is another regional train. That connects San Francisco to the southern suburbs. These trains are not interested by tourists. But are quite popular with people in the district. Like BART, the Caltrain trains bring many suburbs. To work in downtown San Francisco every day. The Caltrain Railway connects San Francisco’s South of Market. With Gilroy, with multiple stops along the way. Including San Mateo and San Jose stations. Caltrain trains run only in the morning and evening.


When you visit San Francisco you understand that here. Like no other American city. We try to take care of the cleanliness of the environment. This evidenced by the large number of cyclists on the roads. Every day. More than 40,000 San Franciscans commute to and from work by bicycle.


Today, downtown San Francisco is the ferry building. From which commuter services depart daily. When traveling in the waters of the bay, you can see gray and humpback whales. Today, office buildings. Shops, museums, and others located on the site of unused pillars.

Travel Clipper Card

For passenger convenience, San Francisco has a universal debit card. That applies to all transfer systems. This card called a Clipper Card. With timely renew. You can use your vehicle within the MUNI, BART, and Caltrain systems. The same pass can used as a commuter pass for. Trams, buses, trolleys, city subways. And an additional BART commuter pass. As well as a travel pass for some Caltrain rides. Clipper cards can renew in a variety of contact ways:

  • Through special terminals,
  • Via cash registers of the respective transport systems,
  • In pharmacies, retail stores, and other agent points,
  • Through the Internet,
  • Direct from a bank account, etc
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Best way to get around San Francisco
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