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Bluewaters Island

Visiting Bluewaters Island takes you to another side of Danat Al Dunya Dubai. Makes you explore the beauty of Dubai from a height of more than 250 meters. When you experience one of the largest entertainment wheels on the island, the wheel «Ain Dubai». Which can accommodate 1750 visitors, in the heart of Bluewaters Island. A vibrant destination with its diverse facilities, it includes residential buildings, a chain of five-star hotels. The most famous of which is the Caesar Palace Hotel, along with more than 200 restaurants and malls.

It built by Meraas in preparation for EXPO-2020. The island already given a name – the pearl of Dubai. According to the tradition established in the UAE. Everything here will be at the highest level. The creators call the chip a combination of isolation from the world and a comfortable urban environment. Exclusive and simplicity, a relaxing holiday and a lot of entertainment.

Working Hours in Bluewaters Island :

Restaurants and cafes from ten in the morning until one o’clock after midnight daily.

Stores on Bluewaters Island from Sunday to Tuesday from ten in the morning to eleven in the evening. Except on Thursdays and Fridays extending to the twelfth hour after midnight.

How to get to Bluewaters Island

Some of the following lines pass close to Le Blue Water

  • bus Bus: 17, C19, C26, F08, X28
  • metro Metro: M2

Bus Stations near Le BlueWaters in Dubai
Damascus Road 2
Damascus Road 3
Joyalukkas Warehouse, Doha Road

Subway stations near Le Blue Water in Dubai
Stadium Metro Station

Bluewaters Island Location

Bluewaters Island located in the Dubai Marina area. Located in front of Jumeirah Beach Residence near Dubai Marina. Includes residential apartments, shops, and recreational facilities, as well as luxury hotels and beach clubs. Ain Dubai considered the most prominent landmark in..
Blue Waters Island an artificial island. The construction of the island began in 2013 and completed in 2018.

Entertainment Attractions on Bluewaters Island

  • Ain Dubai: Represents the world’s highest spinning wheel. The most important information about it. As well as a distinctive collection of her photos available in the article (Information about Dubai Eye 2020).
  • Coca-Cola Arena: It has an estimated capacity of 17,000 people. Making it one of the largest halls dedicated to organizing events of various kinds in the Middle East.
  • Hua Hua: The perfect place to spend unique time with family members and friends. It a vast outdoor place consisting of 2 domes. Designed in the form of sand dunes of varying heights to allow visitors. To enjoy many exciting motor activities such as jumping, skiing and climbing.
  • Liguna Waterer Park: One of the best water parks in Dubai and characterized by its moderate fees. The fees of one card give buyers the opportunity to enter the city more than once throughout the day. One of its most famous games the distinctive game. There are only 3 in the world, which known as (Wave Oz Flow Riders).
  • Green Planet: Visiting it is an expedition to see over 3,000 species of plants. Lots of animal species and enjoy the view of the world’s largest manufactured trees.
  • Mattel Play: A favorite teacher for children and one of the landmarks that enable Zayatha. To develop children’s knowledge and contribute to enhancing their abilities because of its affiliation. With the prominent educational entertainment attractions dedicated to children in Dubai.
  • Splash Bad: Refers to the recreational area dedicated to children under 12 years of age while their parents. Enjoy water sports on the beach, and it is important to note here that this distinctive landmark. Crowns all the services for organizing children’s celebrations such as birthdays and success celebrations.
  • Picnic: Perhaps the experience of hiking around the island on foot is unique and distinct in itself. As between the inner roads of the island and those leading to it, white umbrellas glimpse by day. Radiant in the colors of joy and joy at night. Illuminating the island in blue and making it look like a blue pearl amid the darkness of the sea.
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Bluewaters Island Restaurants

  • Al Mashwa Seafood Restaurant prepared on the Emirati classical roads. Prepared by the best specialized chefs and using the finest types of fresh ingredients.
  • Aya Restaurant, which serves the tastiest types of dishes from Asian countries in general and Japanese cuisine in particular.
  • Bucha Steakhouse specializes in serving the most delicious dishes of which meat is the main ingredient.
  • 5 Gaiz Restaurant, which belongs to the list of favorite restaurants for lovers of burgers and French fries. Allows them to choose between 15 types of delicious additives. Allows them to choose between more than 12 types of milkshake. Dessert prepared mainly from the finest types of chocolate.
  • Lima Dubai Restaurant where you can dine from savouring. The best types of porphy prepared by expert chef Virgilio Martini from the best chefs in the international world.
  • Boots is famous for its chef team leader, Michelin-starred chef Tom Aknes. Offers its family visitors the highest level of hospitality services in this glittering restaurant.
  • Retro Fest Restaurant specializes in serving the tastiest. Most famous fast food in Italy’s food carts, which creatively prepared and served in a distinctive and appetizing style.
  • Dre Dre store for the best types of Italian ice cream that combines the taste deliciousness. Suitability for dieters because the store relies in the preparation of all types of ice cream on low-fat ingredients.
  • Sikka Café which managed to visit a number of the most famous beverages in the UAE. That have developed by blending them with a number of the tastiest famous flavors in Iran and India.
  • The Brass Café is a favorite for lovers of drinks with one of the types of candy. Or baked goods accompanied by family members or some of their friends.

Bluewaters Island Hotel

On the other hand, Bluewaters Island is home to more than 200 restaurants and stores. Offering visitors a unique experience away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Along with a chain of hotels and hotel apartments that have a comprehensive view of the Arabian Gulf. Dubai Marina, Ain Dubai and the Dubai Urban Skyline, with a field of view of 360 degrees Celsius.

Visitors can book their stay at Caesars Palace Hotel, which features luxurious rooms to suit everyone. Visitors to the island can also spend unforgettable times at Cove Beach Dubai. It has taken the sea as a terrace from which visitors can look. Giving them the most enjoyable time with a number of stunning private beaches.

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Bluewaters Island Fireworks

Bluewaters Island is an artificial island located 500 metres (1,600 ft) off the coast of Jumeirah Beach Residence. Near Dubai Marina, famous for hosting spectacular New Year’s celebrations. An ideal location to watch fireworks displays on New Year’s Eve in Dubai. You can watch fireworks displays from Bluewaters Island on 31. From Ain Dubai on Bluewaters Island which is the highest spinning wheel in the world.

Bluewaters Island Parking

In Bluewaters, an island off the coast of Jumeirah Beach, there is a garage for supercars according to GTspirit. Including McLaren Sina, Aventador SVJ, two cars from Mansori Cullinan and Urus, GT2 RS and Ford GT and others.

The garage can accommodate up to 30 unique supercars including the LaFerrari, McLaren P1 and Porsche 918 Spyder.

Car collectors’ passion for Dubai is due to the presence of high-level roads, sports circuits, fuel costs and low insurance. So, cars of every class can imagine combined in the same place.

Bluewaters Island
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