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Boca Chica

green trees near body of water during daytimeA non-stop beach holiday in one of the most beautiful resorts of the Dominican Republic, underwater adventures in the clear Caribbean waters and successful fishing are prepared for tourists in  Boca Chica during the day. At night, the entertainment relay picked up by incendiary merengue music in numerous beach bars and discos in the city. Here you can imagine yourself as a real Robinson, having settled down on a desert island, and just breathe in the heady and healing sea air of the exotic south.

Attractions, excursions and outdoor activities in Boca Chica

The proximity of the small town of Boca Chica to the capital allows local tour operators to easily organize excursions to the attractions of Santo Domingo. And located to the east along the coast of La Romana attracts tourists from Boca Chica on a trip to the islands of Saona and Catalina or to the famous Este Park. It also worth taking a day trip to the Los Delfines water park located in Juan Dolio. But even in Boca Chica itself. There not so few worthy entertainments associated mainly with active recreation. So, surfers regularly gather on the Caribe beach, because the presence of steep waves here promises a good “gurney”. Andres beach (a little west of Boca Chica beach) attracts yachting lovers. Because it here that a yacht club and a sailing school located, inviting everyone to go out into the open sea under a snow-white sail.

San Rafael Arcangel Church

The Church of the Holy Archangel Raphael is the most remarkable building in the city. The overwhelming majority of the inhabitants of Boca Chica Catholics. Therefore, the church in great demand and important for the townspeople from the day of its opening (in the thirties of the twentieth century) and until now. But even foreign tourists, in principle indifferent to religion, do not miss the opportunity to look under the arches of this cozy temple. It surrounded by a beautiful garden of flowering shrubs, azaleas, Chinese roses and exotic palms. This is a good place to walk.

Address: Ave San Rafael, Boca Chica.

Phone: 18095234257.

Boca Chica beach

Almost the entire coastline of Boca Chica is occupied by the beach area of ​​the same name. Actually, for the sake of a beach holiday, mainly tourists come here. It worth knowing that on Saturdays and Sundays. There simply nowhere for an apple to fall. Because Boca Chica the closest resort to Santo Domingo.

Residents of the capital traditionally flock here for the weekend. It would be quite logical to provide them with such an opportunity. (After all, people work, and they also need to rest) and spend the weekend on excursions or go shopping – say. In the same Santo Domingo.

But since Monday, the beach area has lost all traces of a huge number of people staying here and turns into a quiet pacifying paradise for a visiting vacationer. The snow-white sand softly spreads underfoot, the gentle sea, fenced off by a half-kilometer reef from unrestrained waves, invites you to swim. By the way,

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Islands of La Matica and Los Pinos

To diversify your vacation on the beach, you can go on an impromptu excursion to one of the nearby islands: La Matika or Los Pinos. These tiny islets so close to the coast that you can reach them without assistance: by jet ski, swimming or even on foot. Los Pinos the “Island of the Pines”, and there indeed many of these trees growing on it. The island uninhabited, so here, among the dense jungle, you can easily feel like a Robinson. To ensure that the adventure not overshadowed by anything, you need to stock up on mosquito repellent. Famous La Matica for its mangroves and numerous feathered inhabitants.

La Caleta Park

La Caleta National Underwater Park. This not the largest, but perhaps the most interesting diving object in the Dominican Republic. At the bottom of the park, surrounded by a coral reef, three ships that sank here at different times found rest: Hickory, Nuestra Senora Guadalupe and El Conde de Tolosa. The American expeditionary ship Hickory, sunk in the waters here in 1984, lies at a depth of 18 meters. It constantly used by experienced divers as a kind of simulator, bringing their skills to perfection. Two Spanish galleons, Nuestra Senora Guadalupe and El Condede Tolosa, found their last refuge here in 1724 and today serve as a favorite destination for diving adventures. The remains of the ships have long been inhabited by marine life, which gives divers an excellent opportunity to take vivid photos and videos during the dive.

Phone: 18092274409.

Official website:

Tropical Sea Divers

Tropical Sea Divers a diving school that offers its services to both small groups of beginners. Individuals who want to safely dive into the exciting world of the deep sea and see with their own eyes how the underwater inhabitants live, what a sunken ship like and how important the transparency of sea water if you are at the bottom. Experienced divers will also find a lot to offer here. For them, more complex dives to the most curious objects provided. A trip to Catalina Island for the whole day with two dives, as well as an excursion to the bottom of the La Caleta underwater park.

Opening hours:

from 8:30 to 17:30.

Address: Ave Duarte, 35, Boca Chica.

Phone: 18296979522.

Official website:

Sailing DR

Yacht Club Sailing DR provides tourists with the fulfillment of their cherished dream – to spend the day sailing a snow-white yacht. You can feel like a brave seafarer walking along the coast of Boca Chica, and if you wish, become a participant in an unforgettable fishing trip. However, you can rent a yacht for half a day or for a week to go around the entire coast of the Dominican Republic on it. It all depends on the severity of desire and the thickness of the vacation wallet. The price of a romantic trip directly depends on the time spent at sea and the richness of the program, and it starts from RD $ 10,000 ($ 200).

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Address: Marina Zar-Par, Boca Chica.

Phone: 18098868697.

Official website:

Big Marlin Charters Boca Chica

Big Marlin Charters is a company offering exciting fishing tours in the Caribbean. Several hours of gambling hunting for large marlin and other exotic fish with a rich catch, delicious lunch and strong drinks promise to turn into an exciting and memorable adventure with a lot of fresh emotions. Fishing designed for a group of eight and can last from 5 to 10 hours. Depending on the time chosen, the tour price ranges from RD $ 34,000 ($ 750) to RD $ 50,000 ($ 1,100).

Address: AveAbrahamNunez, BocaChica.

Phone: 18093601870.

Official site:

Dominican Quest

By contacting the Dominican Quest travel agency. You can choose the most interesting excursion for yourself both to the tourist sites closest to Boca Chica. (Juan Dolio resort, Saona Island, etc.). And to any other resorts in the Dominican Republic.

Opening hours:

Mon – Sat from 9:00 to 18:00;

Sun from 9:00 to 12:00.

Address: Autopista Las Americas, Kr. 31 Local A2, Boca Chica.

Phone: 18095239630.

Official website:

How to get to the city

Boca Chica is very comfortably located near the capital of the Dominican Republic (only 30 kilometers away) and in close proximity to the international airport Las Americas (about 12 kilometers). Therefore, no special questions about how to get to the city. Both from the capital and from the airport you can take a bus, you can rent a car. It is prudent to afford a taxi ride. However, tourists who have booked a room in any of the resort’s hotels, as a rule, will have a transfer.

Boca Chica Restaurants

Along with the Dominican, Italian cuisine is widespread in Boca Chica: many immigrants from sunny Italy settled in this cozy town and opened their own restaurants. There are many fish restaurants in the town. This a natural phenomenon in the region blessed with good fishing. Various variations of grilled fish and seafood dishes are the gastronomic hallmark of the city. It believed that all the best restaurants in the city are gathered on one street – Duarte.

Boca Marina

Boca Marina is a large, spacious open-air restaurant located just above the water. It serves international cuisine with a focus on fish, seafood and vegetables. Beautiful interior, delicious drinks and reasonable prices only add charm to this unusually romantic establishment.

Average price tag: RD455 ($ 10) to RD $ 1,360 ($ 30).

Address: Calle Prolongacion Duarte 12a, Boca Chica.

Phone: 18095236702.

Official website:

Tropical Taste

The Gusto Tropical restaurant provides its guests with a good opportunity to taste Italian, Mediterranean, Caribbean and international cuisine. Delicious food and a good selection of wines in this restaurant again and again impress guests from different countries.

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Address: Calle Duarte, Boca Chica.

Phone: 18095239381.

Neptuno’s Club Restaurant

Neptuno’s Club Restaurant is a late-night waterfront restaurant with great views and great service. The seafood cuisine is great too. In Boca Chica, it rumored that this where the city’s best chef works.

Address: Calle Duarte, 12, Boca Chica.

Phone: 18095234703.

Official website:

Hotels in Boca Chica

Most of the hotels in this resort town have 3 or 4 stars in their arsenal and are quite consistent with the declared status. They are located mainly along the coastline, at some distance from the beaches. However, for those who dream, leaving the hotel, immediately plunge into the inviting turquoise expanse of the Caribbean Sea, there are corresponding options.

Don Juan Beach Resort***

Don Juan Beach Resort is a popular 222-room hotel located right on the beach. The hotel operates on the all-inclusive system, which is popular with many vacationers. Its calm atmosphere is conducive to rest with children. Wedding coordination services are provided. Suitable conditions have been created for guests with limited mobility. Pets not allowed in the hotel. There is a beautiful botanical garden on the territory. Rare trees marked with signs in Spanish. There is a golf course nearby. The hotel has a swimming pool with a good bar, fitness center, tennis court, business center, conference room, restaurant and cocktail bar. Free parking, dry cleaning services and a kitchenette are available. Breakfast included in the room rate. The spacious, bright rooms equipped with air conditioning, ceiling fans,

Room rates: from RD $ 5,200 ($ 114) to RD $ 13,000 ($ 285) per night.

Address: Calle Abraham Núñez, 22, Boca Chica.

Phone: 18095234511.

Official website:

Be Live Experience Hamaca Beach****

Be Live Experience Hamaca Beach is a 271-suite hotel. The hotel has its own beach, swimming pool, casino, fitness center, tennis court. There are conference rooms for up to 600 people, a banquet hall, a bar with a rich selection of alcoholic beverages and five restaurants representing the national cuisine of different nations of the world. The hotel has rooms for those who do not smoke. Rooms equipped with air conditioning and minibars. The service staff speaks several languages.

Room rates: from RD $ 6,000 ($ 132) to RD $ 14,400 ($ 317) per night.

Address: Calle Duarte, 1, Boca Chica.

Phone: 18095234611.

Official website:

Beautiful View Dominican Bay ***

Belle Vue Dominican Bay is a democratic hotel with 437 comfortable rooms, including family rooms, with two conference rooms, a restaurant, a business center, a tennis court and a swimming pool. Rooms served by multilingual staff. An interesting and varied entertainment program has been developed for the guests: express training in Spanish, national dances, aqua aerobics, sports and evening events.

Room rates: from RD $ 3,700 ($ 82) to RD $ 7,200 ($ 159) per night.

Address: Juan Bautista Vicini Esq December 20, Boca Chica.

Phone: 18094122001.

Boca Chica
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