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Bologna to Florence

How to get from Bologna to Florence?

The distance from Bologna to Florence is 108 kilometers. The fastest way to get from Bologna to Florence is by train, but you can also use a bus or a rental car. Let’s look at the features of each method in detail.

By train

From the central station of Bologna (Bologna Centrale) to Florence, high-speed trains ItaloTreno and Trenitalia depart several times an hour. is a comfortable, fast and often the most economical way, with a journey time of only 35 minutes. Florence Central Station is called Santa Maria Novella (SMN), and is literally a 15-minute walk from the main attractions.


A ticket for the Italotreno train, bought at the last moment online or at the station, will cost from 23 euros.

A first class ticket (Prima) costs 32.90 euros.

If you take care of the logistics, at least a month in advance, then there is a chance to buy tickets to Florence cheaper – for 15.90 or even 9.90 euros.


If fate forces me to take the Trenitalia train, then I check the schedule and book a ticket online on the website – the prices are exactly the same, only nothing is buggy, it doesn’t slow down, it works perfectly, there is adequate technical support. The site allows you to compare all tickets, including Italotreno, and choose the cheapest or, for example, the fastest way to get there.

The cheapest way to get from Florence to Bologna is by regional trains with a change at Prato Station (Prato Centrale).

Travel time will be 1 hour 42 minutes, and the trip will cost you only 9.44 euros. If you have free time and want to save 13 euros, then regional trains are your option.

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Trenitalia Frecciarossa high-speed trains also run on the Bologna Centrale – Firenze SMNovella route several times per hour, but they are not as comfortable and the ticket prices are higher.

By bus

Once a day, a direct bus to Florence departs from the bus station (Bologna Autostazione), operated by Autolinee Federico.

The ticket costs 10 euros, travel time is 1 hour 30 minutes. Please note that the bus does not arrive in the center of Florence, but at the Villa Constanza stop.


It is possible to book a transfer in advance from your hotel or directly from Bologna Airport to Florence for 185 euros. Approximate travel time is 1 hour 40 minutes.

By rented car

The A1/E35 motorway runs between Bologna and Florence. The road is paid, it will cost you 8.30 euros, the cost of gasoline will be about 11 euros. Be sure to read about parking in Florence.

Bologna to Florence
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