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Bologna to Venice

How to get from Bologna to Venice?

Distance from Bologna (Bologna) to Venice (Venezia) is 150 kilometers. The fastest and most comfortable way to get to Venice from Bologna is by high-speed train in 1.5 hours , you can also use the bus, or get on your own by car.

Consider the features and cost of each method:

By train

From Bologna Centrale to Venice Central Station (Venezia Santa Lucia) or Mestre (Venezia Mestre) there are high-speed trains Italotreno and Trenitalia. I prefer Italotreno as they are more punctual, newer and cheaper. It is optimal to leave by morning train at 08:33, travel time 1 hour 27 minutes. At 10 am you will already be at the Venice station, from where you can immediately transfer to a vaporetto and get to anywhere in the city.

The cost of tickets for the second class (Smart) starts from 12.90 euros, and for the first – from 17.90. The club car costs from 49 euros.

You can return from Venice to Bologna on the same day by evening trains at 18:00 or 19:00 – just in time for dinner.

To spend the day in Venice as efficiently as possible, I advise you to arrive by morning train at 10:00, book an individual sightseeing tour in advance, eat lunch from 13:00 (restaurants close at 14:30), and then take a walk on your own until 19:00.

There are also regional (Regionale) and high-speed trains (Freccia) from Trenitalia from Bologna to Venice. Traveling by regional train will take you more than 2 hours, but this is the cheapest way to get to Venice – only 12.75 euros. Trains leave every hour.

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The cost of tickets for the high-speed train Trenitalia (Frecciargento) from 17.90 euros in the second class to 49 euros in the first. Travel time is 1 hour 27 minutes, the same as Italotreno.

By bus

Buses run from Bologna to Venice. Tickets cost from 8 to 13 euros, travel time is about 2.5 hours.

In Bologna, the bus station is located next to the central train station Bologna Centrale. In Venice, buses arrive at a stop near the Santa Lucia station or the Tronchetto parking lot. I advise you to travel in Italy by train if possible, but if you have every euro in your account and have some extra time, then you can consider traveling by bus.

By Car

The road from Bologna to Venice by car will take from 2 to 3 hours. Be sure to consider the peculiarities of parking in Venice – it must be reserved in advance. The toll motorway A13 will cost 11.50 euros.

Bologna to Venice
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