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Book Shops in Rome

Rome is rich in culture and art. Reading allows us to embark on fantastic journeys! And we want to introduce you to particular bookstores in the city… where you can find rare and very beautiful books. Some also allow you to listen to good music and grab a bite to eat.


This library is really very large, with its about 450 m2, is divided into five rooms where you can relax in the company of publications on art, architecture, design, catalogs of current exhibitions.

There is also a large sector entirely dedicated to children’s publishing and another part to objects.


+39 06 48 91 33 61

Literary Cafe – Ostiense

It was in our city that the first literary café in Italy opened. Today it is a large cultural space that is spread over an area of one thousand square meters. The Literary Cafe was designed by architects Vincenzo Pultrone and Alfredo Caporale and is a multifunctional area with a library, library and café in the open space of the restaurant. He often organizes musical events and book presentations.

Address: via Ostiense 95, Rome.


The Libreria L’Aventure, in the heart of Rome, specializes in French and Italian comics.

Here you can find over 2,500 titles of comics of various genres (story, adventure, comedy, science fiction, graphic novel, manga etc …).

It is one of the few bookstores with the largest catalog of French-Belgian comics in the French language, from the great classics to the latest news.


+39 06 320 2360

The Yeti – Pigneto

In the Pigneto district – one of the most important social laboratories in the capital – we find the Caffè Lo Yeti bookshop. In this particular library, built by breaking down any type of architectural barrier, the many souls of the area can meet and confront each other by chance. Inside the library there is also an area for the little ones with toys donated by other children.

It is a place where you can sip a glass of wine or a cup of tea while reading a good novel. In the restaurant you can also eat thanks to the cutting boards, BIO sandwiches and salads; although at this time the anti-Covid restrictions prohibit it, but we will gladly await the reopening of the internal lunch area.

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Address: via Perugia, 4, 00176 Rome.


City of the Sun is a toy and toy store unlike any other.

It is different not only for what is there, but above all for what is not there. And for the very special relaxed atmosphere that you breathe.

Here you can find games that you thought were extinct, such as the wooden rocking horse and wooden puzzles near state-of-the-art building systems or kits for doing physics experiments…

Each game here is thought of as “tools to grow“, and thus stimulate children’s creativity through experience, imagination, curiosity and discovery.


+39 06 68 803 805

Fahrenheit Library 451 – Center

Here you will find lots of “strange” books, if you are looking for something different. In this independent bookshop, in the heart of Rome, you can also discover fantastic old and used books. In short, a place to breathe an atmosphere out of time. If you do not know what to choose, the lady of the bookstore can recommend books to read according to the literary tastes of each.

If you are tired of those perfect bookstores with well-known books, why not stop by Campo de’ Fiori?

Location: Piazza Campo de’ Fiori, 44, 00186 Rome.


The book shop is close to the Teatro Olimpico, and once you walk through the door of this extraordinary neighborhood bookstore, what strikes you first of all is the kindness and professionalism of the booksellers. In fact, here they are very helpful and know how first of all to listen to you and then advise you.


+39 06 4542 5109

Libraccio Book shop Rome – Center

The Libraccio bookshop is a very large library where you can find new and used books (there is a floor dedicated to used books). Here you can choose any literary genre: novels, classics of Greek philosophy, manuals, anthropology and much more. For children there is also a large dedicated section. If you are a music lover, you will also find a music and cinema sector with a wide range of used DVDs, CDs and vinyl. The bookshop is open on weekends and is located near Termini station.

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Location: via Nazionale 254/255, Rome.


Since 1975 Il Mare has been in the center of Rome.

This bookshop is by far one of the most well-stocked in the world about books about the sea.

Its catalog has more than 35,000 titles dedicated to navigation, boat building, sailing, military history, biology, diving, sea cuisine.

It is also a great emporium of the sea: models of boats and ships, globes, ancient and modern nautical maps, sextants, compasses, instruments for navigation and diving.

Here we organize events dedicated entirely to art, gastronomy and Italian and Mediterranean maritime traditions.


+39 06 361 2155

Cicero Library – Center

Have you ever seen an underground library? The Cicerone bookshop is, its premises are located in the 500 square meters of the underpasses of the Galleria Colonna! This particular bookshop was born in the Prati district in 1956, in Via Cicerone (from which it takes its name). Today it is within walking distance of Palazzo Montecitorio and Trevi Fountain, right in the center.

Alongside a good choice of modern books, you can find many classics of Italian literature. On the website there are over 14,000 articles including books and fine prints! The staff is very attentive to the needs of customers and knows how to advise well, depending on tastes.

Location: Largo Chigi, 1, 00187 Rome.


This is one of the largest independent bookstores in Rome.

Its name brings us back to the imaginary being described by Franz Kafka in one of his stories. Odradek will also be nominated by Borges.

This is a name full of content but that in itself does not mean much, a perfect name for such a bookstore: loaded with content with books of all kinds and managed by a passionate bookseller, accomplice, always ready to give a hand to the undecided reader.

And if by chance the book you are looking for does not have it, it takes a moment to order it and let you have it!

Come here if you are looking for books from independent publishers at a more than fair price.

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+39 06 683 3451


The Ponteponente bookshop, opened in 2008, is an independent bookshop in Rome and specializes in children’s literature and educational games.


+39 06 4542 6682


It is a small bookshop restaurant.

A great place to have aperitifs and business dinner, with friends or relatives.

The environment is very quiet and cared for, and the staff welcoming and well trained.

Here you will find excellent wines and really fresh fish, obviously the price is a bit higher than average but justified by the particular location, the service and above all by the quality raw materials.

Come here if you are looking for an intimate and special dinner surrounded by books.


+39 06 9761 03 25


he Yeti is the ideal place to take refuge, getting away from the hectic pace of the capital.

This bookshop is inside the Pigneto district, and it is no coincidence, in fact this neighborhood is one of the most important social laboratories of the capital: old traditions, immigration, art and culture clash with each other creating tensions and conflicts but also new horizons for a society in continuous renewal.

The Yeti is divided into two rooms: a library space and a coffee room, built and furnished in order to break down any type of architectural barrier.


+39 06 702 5633


L’Altracittà is a bookshop for everyone.

It is a very welcoming and evocative space that offers many stimuli, stimulates the imagination and imagination, opening new cultural horizons.

Here you will not only find books… but also literary, theatrical and musical initiatives, readings aloud and activities for children.

There are high quality artistic and educational paths, held by enthusiasts and professionals.

The bookshop is located near Piazza Bologna, the heart of the university city.

Come here if you are looking for something whimsical, different, new.


+39 06 6446 5725

Book Shops in Rome
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