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Brave New Look Customer Service Phone Number

Brave New Look, an online store renowned for its custom-made products, such as jewelry, apparel, and home goods, claims to offer unique items that reflect your personality and style. However, numerous customers have encountered issues ranging from poor quality products to extended delivery times and unresponsive customer service. This article not only provides you with the Brave New Look customer service phone number but also details the various ways you can contact the company and how to file complaints effectively.

How to Reach Brave New Look by Phone

According to Brave New Look’s website, their customer service phone number is +1 855 559 4445. You can use this number to check the status of your order, request replacements, or file complaints. However, many customers have expressed frustration due to difficulties in reaching the company via this number. Complaints include persistent busy signals, disconnected calls, or being left on hold for extended periods. Some have even reported unexpected charges when calling this supposedly toll-free number.

If you find it challenging to contact Brave New Look through the primary phone number, you can explore an alternative number listed on the Complaints Board website: +1 415 404 6469. While this number is associated with Brave New Look, its current reliability remains uncertain. Some customers have successfully reached a customer service representative using this number, while others endured long hold times or abrupt disconnections.

How to Connect with Brave New Look via Email

Another channel for contacting Brave New Look is through email. The company’s official email address is You can use this email to seek assistance, provide feedback, or request refunds. Brave New Look claims on its website that they typically respond within 24 hours¹. However, many customers have reported receiving either no response or replies that were vague, unhelpful, or impolite.

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If you do not receive a satisfactory response from the official email address, you can attempt an alternative email address mentioned on the Complaints Board website: This email address is purportedly linked to Diane, a customer service manager who may be able to assist you. However, its validity and trustworthiness remain uncertain. Some customers have reported receiving prompt and courteous responses from Diane, while others received no response at all.

How to Engage with Brave New Look on Social Media

Social media platforms provide another avenue to contact Brave New Look. The company maintains official accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, where they post updates, promotions, and customer reviews. You can follow these accounts and send direct messages or leave comments on their posts. Brave New Look’s social media handles are as follows:

  • Facebook: [@bravenewlook]
  • Twitter: [@bravenewlook]
  • Instagram: [@bravenewlook]

However, numerous customers have reported delayed responses, irrelevant replies, disrespectful interactions, or no response at all when reaching out to the company through social media. Additionally, some customers allege that Brave New Look has deleted or blocked negative comments or reviews from its social media pages.

How to Communicate with Brave New Look via Mail

For those who prefer traditional correspondence, you can send a letter to Brave New Look’s headquarters at the following address:

Brave New Look
237 Kearny Street #9091
San Francisco, CA 94108

However, many customers have expressed frustration at not receiving any acknowledgment or response from the company after sending a letter. Some have even questioned the accuracy or validity of this address, claiming that their letters were returned to them.

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How to Reach Brave New Look via Their Website

Finally, you can attempt to contact Brave New Look through their website by filling out a contact form. This form can be found on the Get In Touch page, where you can enter your name, email address, order number, and message. The company assures on its website that they will respond as quickly as possible¹. Nevertheless, customer feedback suggests that numerous individuals did not receive any confirmation or reply after submitting the contact form. Some reported that the responses they did receive were unsatisfactory or misleading.

How to Effectively File a Complaint with Brave New Look

When dealing with issues or complaints regarding Brave New Look, it’s essential to follow these steps to maximize your chances of a resolution:

  1. Document Your Concerns: Keep a record of your order number, communication with the company, and any issues you’ve encountered.
  2. Be Persistent: If your initial attempt to contact Brave New Look does not yield results, try multiple channels and give them a reasonable amount of time to respond.
  3. Be Clear and Polite: When communicating your concerns, be concise, clear, and respectful. Avoid using offensive language or making threats.
  4. Escalate if Necessary: If you do not receive a satisfactory response, consider reaching out to consumer protection agencies or leaving public reviews to share your experience.

In Conclusion

Brave New Look, while offering custom-made products, has garnered a reputation for subpar customer service. Many customers have reported difficulties in reaching the company and expressed frustration with their responsiveness. If you need to contact Brave New Look or file a complaint, you have several options at your disposal:

  • Phone: +1 855 559 4445 or +1 415 404 6469
  • Email: or
  • Social media: Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram
  • Mail: Brave New Look, 237 Kearny Street #9091, San Francisco, CA 94108, USA
  • Website: Contact form on the Get In Touch page
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However, it’s essential to be prepared for potential challenges or disappointments when reaching out to the company, as numerous customers have reported negative experiences with its customer service. Before making a purchase from Brave New Look, consider exploring alternative options or exercising caution when dealing with the company.

Brave New Look Customer Service Phone Number
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