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breakfast in Jeddah Sea View

The city of Jeddah is located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. On one of the beaches of the Red Sea, and you can enjoy breakfast in one of the restaurants located on the beach in it, the most prominent of which are:

Al Malaki Lounge Terrace Restaurant at Rosewood Hotel in Jeddah

This restaurant is very special as it is located on the highest point of Rosewood Jeddah Hotel. One of the best restaurants in Jeddah overlooking the sea. Enjoy a special romantic and unforgettable occasion and have a dinner prepared. With exquisite seafood and international delicacies along with sparkling city views and panoramic views of the Red Sea.

Nafoura Restaurant

Located in the Five Star Park Hyatt Jeddah on the shores of the Red Sea. Nafoura restaurant offers a world-class breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet. From a variety of Arabic, Italian, Lebanese and seafood dishes along with a wonderful variety of desserts. As well as its outdoor seating through which to enjoy its atmosphere and sea view. And suitable for families, and wheelchairs inserted into it.

Sky Lounge Restaurant at Rosewood Hotel in Jeddah

Sky Lounge is one of the most luxurious. Sea-view restaurants in Jeddah to relax and enjoy the most delicious cuisine. The restaurant offers you a menu with many types of fine cuisine. As well as seafood specialities, desserts, drinks and cocktails. If you love watching the sunset, this restaurant is for you!

Sharq Restaurant

Al Sharq Restaurant is located in Qasr Al Sharq Hotel on Corniche Road. Less than 4 km from the international airport. Overlooking the Red Sea, and serves Lebanese, Middle Eastern and Italian halal cuisine.

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Angelina Paris Restaurant in Jeddah

Angelina Paris is among Jeddah’s restaurants by the sea! If you want to try French cuisine while enjoying the most beautiful view, then you should visit this place. It serves a rich menu of French-style food, desserts and baked goods. Don’t miss the experience of this restaurant as it is one of the most famous French luxury restaurants in Saudi Arabia. When you visit it you can enjoy a special session and taste the most delicious French dishes.

Amwaj Restaurant at Hilton Hotel in Jeddah

Located on the 12th floor of the Hilton Hotel, Amwaj Hotel features brunches every Friday. Live in this restaurant a different experience to the tune of the violin and enjoy the sunset views in Jeddah. Longest brunch from 10 pm to 6 pm Savour fine French cuisine, as well as other items.

Al Shorfa Restaurant Lounge

Located near the Walderf Astoria Hotel, Al Shurfa Arabic Lounge serves a variety of international dishes at breakfast and lunch times. Reservation service available, and the visitor enjoys a beautiful modern atmosphere.

Oromi Restaurant

Aromi restaurant is one of the branches of Aromi restaurants in Venice. Characterized by its Western design, and its presentation of Italian dishes, such as: pizza of various kinds, and it worth noting that the restaurant is very famous. Especially for its large windows overlooking the Red Sea.

Scaffolding Restaurant

Al Segala restaurant located on the Corniche Road, on the beachfront, where the visitor enjoys outdoor seating on the beach, or indoor in an elegant lounge, and characterized by serving seafood, Middle Eastern, in addition to providing parking, and is suitable for families, as it has child seats.

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Blue Ocean Restaurant

Blue ocean restaurant characterized by its beautiful furniture represented by its blue seats and white tables, and its magnificent view, and offers a variety of international meals, the most famous of which is seafood, in addition to traditional Arabic meals.

Cocos Restaurant in Jeddah

One of Jeddah’s best restaurants by the sea, the menu includes the most delicious Italian cuisine including pastries and various delicious pizzas prepared by accomplished chefs.

Wave Restaurant at Belajio Resort in Jeddah

This restaurant is a great haven to eat with your family members or girlfriends, thanks to its magnificent sea views. The menu features several types of international and Arabic cuisine, as well as distinctive seafood, desserts, drinks and cocktails.

breakfast in Jeddah Sea View
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