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Buffet Restaurant in Khobar

Open buffet restaurants. The city of Al-Khobar is famous for Al-Khobar as a tourist city and a beautiful city that attracts visitors from all cities and Gulf countries in particular, and certainly one of the most important things that visitors and tourists search for in Al-Khobar is distinctive restaurants.

Classic Restaurant

Classic Restaurant is one of the distinguished restaurants in Al Khobar, which offers open buffet food, and the restaurant is characterized by high-end decorations, and aesthetic interior designs, which makes dining a real pleasure, and food also provides a place for families to eat more privately, and the restaurant specializes in serving Indian food, and famous dishes in Indian cuisine, which is famous for the abundance of spices and hot spices, and the open buffet in the restaurant includes Many varieties and grilled meats, chicken biryani, with the famous Indian rice, the menu in the restaurant also includes famous oriental and Indian sweets, and the treatment in the restaurant is characterized by a high degree of sophistication, and respect.

Address: First Street, North Khobar, North Khobar District, Khobar 34429, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Al Saleh Buffet

One of the best places specialized in providing fast food in Khobar in the Eastern Province and the workers in the place are Turkish and the employees are cooperative with all customers

  • Name: Al-Saleh Fast Food Buffet
  • Category:Groups/Individuals
  • Type: Fast Food Restaurant
  • Prices: Medium prices
  • Children: Suitable for children
  • Music: No Music
  • Working hours: 7:00am–11:00pm
  • Address: Khalid Bin Al Waleed Street, Al Rakah South, Al Khobar 34226, Saudi Arabia
  • Phone Number: +966138594027

Primavera Restaurant Al Khobar

One of the famous restaurants in Al-Khobar that offers food is an open buffet, and the restaurant is characterized by luxury, sophistication, and beautiful and harmonious interiors, which feel the uniqueness of the eater, and the restaurant is characterized by that it offers a variety of food open buffet, and makes each type of food a specific day, there is a day for grills, and there is a day for seafood, and the restaurant is characterized by seafood dishes and fish that it serves in the European way , and Gharbia, also offers shrimp dishes, grilled and fried fish, and the restaurant also offers salads and appetizers delicious, and the service in the restaurant is based on a group of the best chefs and chefs specialists, and the restaurant and Gunn prices were high, it is one of the best restaurants open buffet for families and singles in Khobar.

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Address: Al Thuqbah, Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Road, Al Thuqbah, Al Khobar 34623, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Happiness Buffet Restaurant

One of the most famous buffets for sandwiches in the news feeling the informant and eggs with love and fast and excellent dealing.

  • Category: Individuals
  • Type: Liver Restaurant
  • Price:Medium
  • Children:Suitable
  • Music:None
  • Working Hours: 4:00am–10:30pm
  • Restaurant Address: Dareen Street,Al Khobar South, Al Khobar
  • Phone Number: +966509779501

Mughal Restaurant Khobar

Mughal Restaurant is one of the famous restaurants of Al-Khobar, which is visited by many tourists and residents on a regular basis, and the restaurant is characterized by proven cleanliness, and the bathrooms in the restaurant are characterized by high cleanliness, and distinguished service, and the restaurant provides a suitable place for families to eat, and it is one of the best open buffet restaurants in Al-Khobar, and the restaurant offers Chinese, Pakistani, and meat prepared on the Asian way, which It is rich in spices and spices, and offers grilled meat, chicken, and soup dishes, and offers many types of salads and appetizers, and the restaurant offers in the open buffet oriental and western sweets, and children can be accompanied, and choose the appropriate foods and meals for them.

Address: Cross 9, 6967 Prince Musaed Street, Al Khobar North District, Al Khobar 34427, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Queen of India Restaurant

For lovers of Indian food, and distinguished dishes in Indian cuisine, they can eat at the Queen Indian Restaurant, which serves food in an open buffet system, and the restaurant is characterized by high-end decorations, and harmonious interior engineering, and customer service is based on a group of the best restaurant crews and the treatment in the restaurant is good and upscale, and the kitchen offers Indian food, and famous dishes, and the dishes offered by the restaurant are characterized by a special taste , and high cleanliness, and the restaurant provides a place for families, and children can visit the restaurant and enjoy their favorite dishes, and offers Pakistani dishes, Chinese and Asian dishes, and the restaurant offers in the menu a group of delicious oriental and western sweets, which have a lot of lovers.

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Address: Villaggio Restaurants Village, King Saud Road, Al Khobar, King Saud Road, Al Khobar 34433, Saudi Arabia

Brasa de Brasil restaurant

One of the restaurants that are on the list of restaurants that visited for more than a year because of its wide reputation and unique experience,

  • Name: Brasa De Brazil Restaurant
  • Category: Brazilian Restaurant
  • Type: Families
  • Prices: Medium
  • Children: Suitable
  • Music: Yes
  • Timings: 12:00 PM till 12:00 AM
  • Restaurant Address:Al Khobar – Al Deghaither Island
  • Phone Number:+966138814884

Gulf Terrace Restaurant

For lovers of open buffet dining, they can eat at the Gulf Terrace Restaurant, which offers the most beautiful varieties, Gulf and international dishes, and the prices in the restaurant are appropriate, and affordable for many, and the family can be taken to eat and enjoy the wonderful session, and distinguished service.

Shahzada Restaurant

 Good restaurant big size food is very good and service is good and cleanliness is good and the food and taste are very good worth trying as it has a variety of options of Indian food, appetizers, oriental dishes, types of desserts and juices. The place is good and average in Khobar area

  • Name: Shahzada Restaurant
  • Category: Family
  • Type:Pakistani Restaurant
  • Prices: Affordable
  • Children: Suitable
  • Music: None
  • Timings: 7:00am–12:00am
  • Restaurant website: To access the restaurant’s website click here
  • Restaurant Address:7956 Prince Musaed Street, Al Khobar North, Al Khobar
  • Phone Number: +966138641390

Ninth Floor Restaurant Al Khobar

The best restaurant in Al-Khobar, a wonderful view of the sea, the most beautiful view, and the food is varied and excellent, the luxury of the place is enough.

  • Name: Ninth Floor Restaurant Al Khobar
  • Category: Families – Individuals
  • Type :Restaurant
  • Price:Medium
  • Children:Suitable
  • Music:None
  • Timings: 7:00am–12:00am
  • Restaurant Address:6894 Prince Majid Bin Abdulaziz, Al Khobar North, Al Khobar
  • Phone Number:+966138996111
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Buffet Restaurant in Khobar
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