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Bugrinsky Bridge

Dimensions: length 2097.5 meters

Locality: Novosibirsk

General contractor: OJSC “Sibmost”

Original name: Bugrinsky bridge

Bugrinsky Bridge is the third crossing in Novosibirsk, built across the Ob River. It considered one of the most ambitious projects, for the implementation of which modern materials and innovative construction methods used. All residents of the city noted the appearance of the bridge, the high quality of the roadway and the well-thought-out transport interchange.


The history of the Bugrinsky Bridge in Novosibirsk began in the 1980s, when a construction project drawn up, but the collapse of the USSR prevented its implementation. The next attempt made only in 1997 – according to the project, the bridge supposed to become paid and pay off in 25 years. But because of the 1998 crisis, these plans not destined to come true.

In 2007, another project drawn up and a design option chosen – an arched superstructure. Construction work began in 2009. The construction of the bridge aimed at freeing the city center from numerous transit traffic. The opening of the bridge took place in 2014.


According to the design documentation, the bridge supposed to be called Olovozavodsky – the Novosibirsk plant the most significant object next to the crossing under construction. But in 2013, the mayor of Novosibirsk decided to ask the residents’ opinion. As a result of the survey, the current name chosen – in honor of the Bugrinskaya Roshcha microdistrict.


The total length of the structure is 2097.5 meters, the height of the vault above the water is 15 meters. The construction also includes two overpasses, traffic interchanges of the Bugrinsky bridge in Novosibirsk and several pedestrian bridges. The span structure of the arched front rests on sections made of adjacent beam spans. The roadway represented by a metal plate. The arch itself has the shape of a bow – a historical symbol of Siberia. Red chosen for decoration. The bridge looks especially impressive early in the morning, when fog hangs in the air, as well as at night when the numerous city lights flash.

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The bridge structure equipped with flexible suspension brackets made in the form of a mesh arch. All of them look like a bundle of ropes made of galvanized wire. The result is high-quality elements that can last up to 70 years without special maintenance. Bugrinsky Bridge is the largest arch bridge in Russia. In addition, it the first to be built simultaneously from both banks.


According to the project, the six lanes of the Bugrinsky bridge should allow about 135 thousand vehicles per day at an average speed of about 80 kilometers per hour. In general, the operation of the bridge not satisfactory, but on December 1, 2015, due to melted snow, the entrance to the Bugrinsky bridge flooded. Utilities had to open storm drains that closed for the winter to drain the accumulated water.


The construction of the Bugrinsky Bridge brought positive changes. First of all, we managed to unload the transport system of Novosibirsk. The adjacent territories and infrastructure began to actively develop. Developers have developed an interest in the area, as a result of which property prices have increased.

The attractiveness of land plots adjacent to a traffic intersection has increased. Owners of commercial properties, service stations, etc. began to actively buy them. After the construction and opening of the Bugrinsky Bridge, the investment climate in the region improved.

Interesting Facts

  • The strength of the bridge tested by 16 KamAZ trucks loaded with sand. Their total weight was over 450 tons.
  • In 2014, the Bugrinsky Bridge became the most popular object among photographers. They even shoot him from a helicopter.
  • The Bugrinsky bridge is the fourth in the world in terms of the length and length of one span.
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Bugrinsky Bridge
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