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Burgas transport: Best of Public transport

Trolleybuses in Burgas

The Burgas trolleybus system includes the following:

  • Route T1 : Meden Rudnik. Ivan Vazov Boulevard. San Stefano Boulevard. Maria Luisa Boulevard.
  • Route T2 : Meden Rudnik. St. Bulair – Democracy Boulevard. Stefan Stambolov. San Stefano. Hristo Botev.

Trolleybuses connect the outskirts of the city with its center. Modern Škoda trolleybuses run on the routes. In 2014, the trolleybus fleet replaced. And there are only new trolleybuses on the lines.

Buses in Burgas

There are 26 bus routes in Burgas. The line includes both old buses and modern buses of various brands. Mercedes-Benz, Setra, MAN, Solaris Urbino. And Skoda. It will not be difficult for guests of the city to use buses. Here, as elsewhere. There are bus stops. The route number indicated on the bus board. You can pay for travel on the bus. And stops on-demand called by the typical Stop button.

The combined bus and trolleybus route map of Burgas can view below. The map is current for 2019.

How to get from Burgas to other cities in Bulgaria and Europe?

If you need to get from Burgas. To other cities in Europe or Bulgaria. Then you can choose from 4 main means of transport. Bus, plane, train, and rented car.

More about each of these methods.

  • The bus is an excellent way to travel. From Burgas to other cities in Bulgaria and Europe. Buses depart. From the Zapad (Avtogara Zapad) bus station or the Yug bus station. Pros of travel by bus: tickets can bought in advance. Prices will be much lower than by train, and the comfort is about the same. You can buy bus tickets all over Europe on the Infobus website. The site compares ticket prices for all companies in the same direction. The site is convenient and in many languages. You can pay for tickets by card in any currency. Euro, dollars, Czech crowns, rubles, and hryvnias.
  • The train is the most convenient and comfortable option. When traveling between European cities. Usually, all trains majoring in European cities leave from the main stations. It located in the city center. In Burgas, the station located next to the “Yug” bus station. Bulgarians are slow-developing their railway transport. But at the moment there are both old and new wagons. Please note that sometimes trains in Bulgaria are late. And at the box office employees. Often do not know any other language except Bulgarian.
  • Car rental is suitable for independent travelers who are not afraid of toll roads. Searching for parking lots, and can find interesting places themselves. We rent cars at the best prices and with the best conditions. On the global website Rentalcars. If you panic by the high deposit. Then you can rent a car on the Myrentacar website. It compares prices from local distributors. And where you can rent a car with more favorable conditions. For example, without a deposit.

Taxi in Burgas

In Burgas, a taxi is quite inexpensive: about 0.80 lev per kilometer, landing 1 lev. Downtime charged at 0.20 levs per minute. At night (from 23:00 to 06:00) there is an increased rate. The taxi is yellow and checkered. True, not all taxi drivers in Bulgaria are honest. Many do not want to turn on the meter. Someone drives a long route, well, you know the usual tricks of these “businessmen”. If you don’t want to get from your resort town to Burgas. In a stuffy minibus or by bus. Look for taxis, then as an option you can order a comfortable taxi. From online company at a favorable fixed price.

Where to buy public transport tickets?

Tickets for the bus or trolleybus can buy from the drivers. Or at kiosks with the words “Distribution for print”. Tickets for a minibus around the city purchased direct from the driver. Tickets for intercity minibusses purchased. At the ticket offices of the bus station.

Basically, if you stay in one of the resort towns. And come to Burgas by minibus. To the Yug bus station. Then you will not need public transport at all because you can see. All the most interesting places in the city on foot.

The Yug Bus Station located next to the Burgas Central Railway Station. From this bus station, buses leave to Istanbul (Turkey).

Please note that there a second bus station in Burgas called “West”. From this bus station, buses leave to the following cities. Thessaloniki (Greece) and Bucharest (Romania). The distance from Burgas to the resort towns of Bulgaria. As well as the distance from Burgas to Istanbul.

Burgas transport: Best of Public transport
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