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The past thirty years have seriously changed the once small fishing village of Cabarete, located on the northern coast of the Dominican Republic. Perhaps he would have remained so now if he had not been noticed by those who know a lot about high waves, fast wind and sea sports. The absence of a natural breakwater in the form of a coral reef, as in other beach resorts in the country, played a decisive role for Cabarete. Today, every self-respecting surfer knows that it is here that the Caribbean capital of all types of wave riding is located.

Of course, natural prerequisites alone not enough for comfortable tourism – a powerful infrastructure is needed. And she is. In Cabarete, luxury hotels, villas and apartment complexes, many restaurants with divine cuisine, surf schools and shops with all the necessary equipment have been built at a rapid pace.

Since water sports mainly engaged in by young people, they are in the hands of the cards – the resort quickly acquired the status of a youth. Nightclubs, bars, beach discos – all this in abundance awaits young athletes after sunset. Perhaps, to stay young longer, you need to come to Cabarete more often …

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Natural attractions of Cabarete

Of course, the first thing that attracts tourists to Cabarete is the endless expanses of the Atlantic Ocean, opening from the coast. The beaches at this resort are clean, well-groomed, covered with golden sand and surrounded by the green of the royal palms. You can safely enter the shallow warm sea – no dangers in the form of stones or other troubles found here. Absolutely all of Cabarete’s beaches are suitable for windsurfing, kitesurfing and other sports involving waves and wind. But this does not mean that it is impossible to simply sunbathe, lying on the soft sand and splashing around in warm water – by no means, because at the same time you can, moreover, watch what the athletes do on the waves. By the way, the strongest winds and the highest waves in Cabarete observed in February and March.

Cabarete Beach is the central beach of the resort with a well-developed infrastructure. There are enough cafes and restaurants here, there are paid sun loungers and umbrellas, but you can also relax in the shade of coconut trees.

Encuentro Beach is a rather long beach with picturesque landscapes and many surf schools. Great place for beginners. Although, you can comfortably sit in a hammock under the palm trees and just relax.

Kite Beach – the name of the beach speaks for itself. Just like on other beaches of the resort, active and restless surfers like to rest here.

El Choco National Park

El Choco National Park is located south of Cabarete, almost within walking distance of the city. This park has been open for excursions quite recently, but has already gained popularity among the guests of the country. El Choco covers about eighty square kilometers and appears in all the richness and diversity of the Dominican nature. This is a real tropical jungle, in which about a thousand species of plants grow. Forest expanses of extraordinary beauty filled with the voices of many endemic birds. Several dozen species live here. Even the bats that have chosen El Choco are not just one species, but a dozen varieties.

Cuevas de Cabarete Cave

The Cuevas de Cabarete caves are another natural attraction in Cabarete. This is a whole system of caves located in the El Choco National Park. More than two thousand unique geological formations united by the common name “Caribbean Karst”. 

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Local travel companies organize excursions to the caves. You can choose between hiking, horseback riding and jeep safari. There really is something to see: ancient stalactites and stalagmites created a unique, mysterious “interior” in the caves. Some caves have underground lakes with cool water where you can swim, which is very important on a hot sunny day. But there also such grottoes, whose bowels are almost filled to the brim with water. In such caves, it recommended to test your talent as a pioneer, armed with scuba gear. Many underground galleries await the daredevils – this is a very rich adventure. Not so long ago, scientists discovered an underwater cave in the park, recognized as the largest on the island. The depth of the cave is 25 meters, and in length it stretches for almost a kilometer.

Outdoor activities in Cabarete

If you came to Cabarete specifically to get to know the nature of the local waves, then you will certainly interested in the many kite clubs and surf schools. The most popular ones listed below. In addition, the resort offers diving, snorkeling, water skiing and scooters.

Kite club cabarete

The Cabarete Kite Club rightfully considered one of the best on the coast. There is a large selection of equipment for every taste and weather conditions, both for pros and beginners. The latter, by the way, given the opportunity to take a short intensive course in kiteboarding or kitesurfing. Experienced athletes can also take training at the club and upgrade their qualifications to the level of an instructor. The club has a cozy cafe with good food, open from morning to evening, and provides keen kitesurfers with breakfast, lunch and dinner without having to move away from their favorite pastime.

Address: Calle Principal, Kite Club, Cabarete.

Phone: 18095719748.

Official website:

Gokite Cabarete Kiteboarding School

Gokite Cabarete Kiteboarding School offers its services to people taking their first steps in kiteboarding and kitesurfing. There is the possibility of group and individual lessons, as well as special lessons for young athletes. On the basis of the school, professional equipment rental organized, as well as the opportunity to go on a trip to the best waves of the coast.

Address: Extreme Hotel Kite Beach, Cabarete.

Phone: 18296448354.

Official website :

House of Waves Surf School

Surfing School “House of Waves” offers an excellent opportunity for beginners to get an idea of ​​surfing, learn how to choose the right board for themselves and try how it happens in practice, under the guidance of a coach. Intermediate surfers can also take a few lessons to get a lot more confident on the wave. For them and, of course, for experienced athletes, the school also offers trips to the most luxurious spots of Cabarete and the nearest resorts. Naturally, there is a surf equipment rental at the school.

Phone: 18098052705.

Official website:

Method lodge

The Method Lodge Club invites everyone to go kitesurfing, as well as the newfangled and fun water sport Stand Up Paddle (SUP), which some call stand up paddleboarding, and others – paddle surfing. Indeed, this fun activity that does not require a high level of training is partly like surfing, and partly like rowing. This is a good way to actively and have fun outdoors with friends.

Address: Calle Principal, Cabarete.

Phone: 18098492147.

Official website:

Dive cabarete

The sea in the Cabarete area is fraught with a rich underwater world with mysterious and beautiful inhabitants, soft corals and great diving opportunities. Dive Cabarete is a dive club offering all diving services from beginner training to trips to Cabarete’s top dive sites for experienced divers. With the support of a professional team, it’s so easy to feel safe even on the toughest dives.

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Address: Main Street, Cabarete.

Phone: 18099159135.

Official website:

Nightlife Cabarete

Late in the evening, leaving the beaches and kite clubs, not all tourists plan a restful sleep in a cozy hotel. Especially if they are young and full of energy. For this case, a lot of night bars, dance clubs and discos are in store in Cabarete, where you can move to the rhythms of salsa, merengue or rumba, taste real Dominican rum or traditional cocktails with his participation, and meet young people from different countries in a relaxed atmosphere. …

Lax ojo cabarete

Lax Ojo is a restaurant, bar and nightclub with two dance floors located right on the beach. Here you can quite decently and inexpensively dine with seafood dishes or everyone’s favorite chicken, you can order pizza, or you can get by with delicious tapas served with wine and cocktails. But the main thing that good music is played here every night, moreover, one DJ works on the ground floor, and another one works on the roof, in the open air, and each has its own program, which changes daily. Today you can spin to the Latin American rhythms, and tomorrow you can rock and roll and so on. Live music played at the club at least once a week. Bonus point: There is no admission fee or live music fees.

Address: Playa Cabarete, Cabarete.

Phone: 18297458811.

Official website:

Voo Doo Lounge Cabarete

Voo Doo Lounge is a great place to meet friends. Here you can have a good dinner, play poker and listen to good music performed by a local talented group. Dancing also not forbidden. Among other things, Voo Doo Lounge offers twenty varieties of excellent beer, which is generally a rarity in the Dominican Republic.

Address: Entrada Callejon de la Loma, Cabarete.

Phone: 18099248686.

Onno’s cabarete

Onno’s Beach Bar is the choice of those who intend to dance and have fun with friends until the morning. Here you can meet the cool surfers who delighted to watch on the beach during the day – this is their favorite spot. A pleasant atmosphere, good drinks and fiery music are essential attributes of Onno’s. On different days of the week, different music sounds here: hip-hop, reggae, latina, etc.

Address: Playa Cabarete, Cabarete.

Phone: 18095710461.

Official website:

How to get to Cabarete?

It is best to choose a connecting flight with a stopover in one of the European cities that ends at Gregorio Luperon Airport in Puerto Plata. Buses run from here to Cabarete, only 15 kilometers away. If you wish, you can take a taxi for RD $ 1,600 ($ 35).

For those who will get to Cabarete from the capital’s airport, a taxi will cost a lot – RD $ 6,800 ($ 150). But you can quite comfortably take an intercity bus to Puerto Palata, and from there on guaguas to your destination. The entire journey will take just over four hours and will cost no more than RD $ 450 ($ 10).

Cabarete Restaurants

Perhaps some tourists will be pleasantly surprised, but Cabarete can be safely called a gastronomic paradise. Local restaurants abound with an enviable variety of dishes from different national cuisines: Caribbean, Italian, Spanish, Asian, European, American, African, Middle Eastern, Irish, German, Thai, Indian, Japanese … The list is almost endless. Here, in fact, you can choose an institution for every taste: a pizzeria or a pub, a steakhouse or sushi bar, a barbecue or a vegetarian restaurant. But the main thing is that cooking everywhere is simply amazing – in Cabarete they know how to do it, perhaps the best.

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Gordito’s Fresh Mex

Gordito’s Fresh Mex is a good Mexican restaurant with very attractive prices. Here you will be fed very quickly, without sacrificing quality. It is worth trying grilled fish, a variety of burritos and nachos, delicious fish tacos, and Joe’s signature spicy sauce, the local chef who keeps the recipe a secret. You can dine or dine in the cozy restaurant room or on the outdoor patio.

Address: Plaza Ocean Dream, Cabarete.

Phone: 18298443434.

Official website:

Vaca bar

Vaca Bar is a beachside snack bar-restaurant with a varied menu, with a wide variety of options for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Many tourists prefer to come to Vaca Bar for brunch – something between breakfast and lunch. However, it doesn’t matter what you call your meal, the main thing is that Caribbean and French cuisine, sandwiches, seafood and other delicacies prepared here very tasty. In addition, the bar located right on Kite Beach, which makes it even more attractive: while an appetizing dish being prepared for you, and during the whole meal you can indulge in the fresh sea breeze, breathtaking seascape or watch others, less lazy and hungry people ride high waves at this time.

Address: Kite Beach, Cabarete.

Phone: 18098891198.

Bliss Restaurant Lounge Bar Pool

The Bliss restaurant will most likely be of interest to those who have managed to get a little tired of the hustle and bustle and active pastime and have acquired the desire to sit in a quiet secluded place. It this atmosphere that fills this restaurant, located a few meters from a busy road, but hidden from prying eyes by a quiet garden and a cozy courtyard with a pool, opposite which tables are placed under awnings. The menu dominated by Italian cuisine, as well as seafood and an interesting fusion of international dishes. Delicious food complemented by a good wine list and pleasant service.

Address: Entrada Callejon De La Loma, Cabarete.

Phone: 18095719721.

Official website:

Cabarete Accommodation

Most Cabarete hotels are located a few meters from the beach or in the city center. They mainly decorated in a traditional Caribbean style, the interiors of the rooms look simply luxurious. It’s also a sin to complain about the service in local hotels – everything is of the highest standard, so it’s especially nice that the prices at this resort are generally somewhat lower than in many other Dominican cities.

Caribe Surf Hotel *****

The Caribe Surf hotel surprisingly combines the status of an elite five-star hotel and very modest prices. The hotel is very well located: there is a wonderful beach in a couple of minutes of leisurely walk in one direction, and if you walk in the other direction, you can find a supermarket and several restaurants. However, the hotel has its own good restaurant and swimming pool. Each room air conditioned and almost all have a balcony with a beautiful landscape.

Address: Coastal Highway, Cabarete.

Ultravioleta Boutique Residences ****

Ultravioleta Boutique Residences is a beautiful residence with beautiful ocean views from the windows of comfortable rooms. A few steps from the hotel there is a sandy beach, on the territory there is a convenient swimming pool. Each room has air conditioning, a refrigerator and a kitchenette with microwave. Internet, Wi-Fi and parking are free. The hotel disposes to a quiet rest.

Address: Calle Principal, Cabarete.

Phone: 18299470293.

Official website:

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