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Cairo Festival City Mall

Cairo Festival Mall is one of the most important places to go out in the Fifth Settlement in particular and the best places to go out at night in Cairo and even in the Arab Republic of Egypt in general, as it is one of the most famous Cairo malls. Fifth Settlement because of the diversity of shops and restaurants that satisfy all tastes and suit different categories, so we can include Cairo Festival Mall under the classification of modern tourist attractions.

Cairo Festival City Mall Location

Cairo Festival Mall is located on the ring road in the Fifth Settlement next to the IKEA store and near the Police Academy, and you can track the location on the Cairo Festival map when you go by car or take public transport to the Fifth Settlement where you pass right in front of the mall, and it is worth noting that you can reach it from various cities and neighborhoods of Cairo easily.

Note that the official working hours within the complex are from ten in the morning to twelve midnight, but some of the times of cafes and shops vary from time to time, you may find most of them start working from twelve in the afternoon to twelve in the evening.

Establishment of Cairo Festival Mall Cairo Festival

The mall is part of the mega mega project established by Al-Futtaim Real Estate Group (UAE) in New Cairo, specifically in the Fifth Settlement east of Cairo, the total area of the project as a whole amounted to about 3 million square meters (700 acres).

The project was divided into several sections:

  • Residential villas and apartments.
  • Commercial areas and shopping mall.
  • International schools and car complexes.
  • Office spaces.

Cairo Festival Fifth Settlement was established to be the most famous malls of Teseen Street and one of the largest regional commercial and marketing centers on an area of 158,000 square meters divided into several main sections:

  • The main furniture store (IKEA).
  • Hypermarket and KidZania.
  • Areas for shops, areas for restaurants and various cafes.
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After the completion of the works in 2013, the official opening took place on November 27, 2013.

Cairo Festival Mall Stores

Cairo Festival Mall stores combine various basic purposes and entertainment requirements as well, and you can easily get everything you want in one shopping list, at the lowest possible price with Cairo Festival offers continuously, and the most famous shops located in the vicinity of the mall’s commercial area:

The most famous clothing stores in Cairo Festival

The clothing stores in the mall vary among the well-known international brands such as: (adidas – Zara – Lacoste – Nike – Polo – Puma – Vero Moda – Gap – Splash – Concrete – Jess – H&M – Bershka – LC Waikiki – Mango – American Eagle)

In addition to the various shops that provide a variety of men’s and women’s clothing from different brands and types to satisfy all tastes, and help you coordinate your full look from one place such as: (Jack & Jones – Jennifer – Stradivarius – Mobako – Your – Daniel Hechter – BP – Dali Drees – Perry)

Each brand often has a certain type of clothing, for example we all prefer valuable Zara jackets, while polo shirts are luxurious, and alongside them mango and versace are unique in the finest women’s dresses, fortunately all of which come together at Cairo Festival Mall.

Best Shoe & Bag Shops

Shoes, bags and leather manufactures take their place as well, there are a few unique stores that specialize in this part only and not others such as: (Timberland – Converse – Crocs – Lloyd – Desjwal – Clarks – Vans – Caterpillar – Skechers – Pixie – Shorum) and many more and many other leading brands in the field of bags and shoes specifically.

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Centers selling children’s supplies

Multiple children’s supplies can also be obtained from Cairo Festival with the help of one of these specialized centers, which provide the family with various children’s supplies from the earliest age to adulthood at the best possible price, where the prices of shops in Cairo Festival Mall are lower compared to other places, and the most famous children’s supply centers: (Toys RS – Fenty Kids – Gap – Mothercare – Hamleys – Babyshop – Mini So).

The finest modern jewelry stores

Accessories of sparkling women’s elegance are of particular interest in this ancient commercial edifice, where more than one international brand known for tenderness, elegance and good taste competes in the arena, such as: (Swarovski – BTC – Damas – L’azurde – Sarjani) and other shops that provide collections decorated with the best and most valuable stones.

Watches, glasses and perfume houses

Watches and glasses are no less important than the various categories of clothing, they serve as the finishing touches that enhance your elegance and highlight your own taste, so one of these specialized stores was adopted to get the best watches, sunglasses and accessories as well: (Sunglass Hat – Citizen – Claire’s – Baylis – Calvin Klein – OnTime)

As for the bright perfume houses, they have taken their headquarters amid this commercial hustle and imposed their smart aroma on everyone and one of the most famous perfume houses in Cairo Festival Mall: Mazaya – Fortune – Anfsak one of the flags of oriental perfumes in the Gulf markets – Abdul Samad Al-Qurashi and Arabia for Oud.

Home furniture and furnishings shops

Cairo Festival is famous for its proximity to the famous IKEA Center, one of the best centers selling home furniture and furnishings, but there are other competitors that may be less fierce than IKEA, but their products have won the admiration of visitors, such as: (Lizzie Boy – Comfort Home – Home Center – Home Works – Sheffield Center Point – Hub Venture)

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Features of Cairo Festival Mall

  • Cairo Festival Dancing Fountain: It is one of the most important things that distinguishes Cairo Festival from its competitors, and is the most beautiful dancing fountain in Egypt that attracts attention with the tones of calm and loud music.
  • It includes a huge number of shops: which meet all the requirements, supplies and needs, from clothes, shoes, furnishings, restaurants and cafes on a world class level.
  • It has a variety of entertainments: such as Cairo Festival Amusement Park, which offers entertaining and fun games and suits all ages “Magic Planet Amusement Park”.

Cairo Festival Mall Restaurants

Inside the mall there is a large selection of restaurants that serve famous international cuisines from all over the world, such as Asian, Italian, Indian, Turkish, American, Syrian and Lebanese cuisine, in addition to authentic Egyptian cuisine and fast food among these restaurants include:

  • Casper & Gambini : Casper &ampini’s
  • Butcher’s Burger : Butcher’s Burger
  • Brix: Brix
  • Brio & Chiu. : Brew And Chew
  • Chili’s: Chili’s
  • Carpico : Carpaccio
  • Chico : El Chico
  • Deep n Deep : Dip N Dip
  • CRF : Crave
  • Night :leila
  • Enab Beirut : Enab Beirut
  • Olives: Olives
  • Mori Sushi : Mori Sushi
  • Sophia’s Garden :Sophia’s Garden
  • Powell: paul
  • TGI Fridays:T. G . I
  • Tamara : Tamara
  • Sushi Bay. : Sushi Bay
  • Studio Misr : Studio Masr
  • Vapiano : Vapiano
  • The Molten: The Molten
  • Makani : Makani
  • Cook Door: Cook Door
  • McDonald’s : MCDonald’s
  • Burger King : Burger King
  • Pizza Hat. : Pizza Hut
  • KFC: KFC.

Cairo Festival Mall Cafes

  • Supreme Cafe : Cafe Supreme
  • Costa Cafe : Costa Cafe
  • Starbuckis. : Starbucks
  • Coffee shop Company : Coffeeshop Company
  • Pottery Enough: pottery Cafe
  • Cinnabon. : Cinnabon
Cairo Festival City Mall
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