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Cairo Public Transport

Cairo Metro

The Cairo Metro consists of 3 lines: Blue Line 1, Red Line 2, and Green Line 3.

The metro entrance marked with a red M on a blue background. To travel, you need a ticket, which purchased at the box office. The fare is 5-10 Egyptian pounds. Depending on the number of stations you need to overcome in one trip. The entrance is through the turnstiles. The ticket must kept until the end of the trip. Because controllers run on the subway.

You need to be quick when buying tickets at the box office. Because no one observes the queue. And everyone just climbs to the window in a crowd.

There are signs in the metro, but they are not informative. Therefore, you need to try to understand where you need to go.

Cairo subway map

Cairo Buses

The city of Cairo served by many bus routes. Full-size city buses owned by the Cairo Transport Company and cost LE 1. The transport company subcontracts many small firms. It represented by minibusses. The fare for minibusses From LE 2 to 10 LE.

It is most convenient to find buses and minibusses in large areas. Minibusses go wherever they want. however, they want and do not obey any timetable. So this mode of transport cannot consider reliable.

If you are standing at a bus stop and see the bus you need, then you should give up. Before getting off the bus at the bus stop. You must inform the driver of your desire.

Buses and minibusses operate without a schedule. From morning to evening. But at night the number of cars great reduced. And drivers are raising fares.

Water Transport In Cairo

Since Cairo stands on one of the largest rivers in the world. Water transport has developed here since ancient times. And there is a network of boats called the Nile Bus. On boats, you can get from one coast to the other. Without traffic jams and enjoy the panoramas of the cities.

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Taxi in Cairo

Taxi is a more comfortable form of transport for getting around Cairo. There are both old taxis (black) and new cars (white) in the city. White cars are more comfortable and equipped with meters.

Taxi fares in Cairo are as follows:

  • Fit: 6-10 pounds
  • 1 km of the track: 2.5-7 pounds
  • 1 hour of waiting and downtime in traffic (counted per minute): 17-30 pounds

Before taking a taxi in Cairo. Please note that drivers want to cheat any tourist. And do not want to turn on the meter. Therefore, you have to bargain.

The second problem is the drivers’ lack of knowledge of even English. And poor orientation in the city. The taxi driver can take you to the wrong place, zip around for a long time. Trying to find the address you need at random.

Car Rental In Cairo

Getting around Egypt and Cairo by car is not a task for the faint of heart. And only experienced travelers and drivers can solve it. There are several acute problems on the roads of Egypt. Poor quality of roads. Wrong behavior of road users. Lack of knowledge of traffic rules by drivers. Many checkpoints both in cities and on highways.

The best way to rent a car is from companies. Budget Rent a Car. Keddy. Avis. Al Wefaq Rent A Car. SixT T2 arrival hall. Compare rental prices from all companies. And book a car convenient through the Rental car’s aggregator. A week of renting the most budgetary car Nissan Sunny will cost $150.

Cairo Public Transport
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