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Cake shops in Dammam

Dammam has a large group of very wonderful sweets and cake shops that offer a wide range of distinctive shops, the most important of which is.

‎Berry Cake‎

Berry Cake provides a variety of sweets and chocolates to Janie’s wedding cake, including:
Cupcakes and mini cupcakes in different sizes and flavors. Small kinder cake, cheesecake with assorted red velvet flavors.
Soufflé cupcakes in red velvet / chocolate / lotus flavours, soufflé cookies available daily, red velvet cake and red velvet cake balls with chocolate. Lotus cake, oreo cake stuffed with oreo cream and delicious chocolate sauce. Crispy pistachio ball cake.
And all kinds of fresh and made cookies on a daily basis, as long as we work with the best applications for quick access, so that your order arrives professionally and as quickly as possible.

Address: 3535 Imam Ali Bin Abi Talib Street, Al Jamiyeen, Dammam 32254, Saudi Arabia

Phone: +966 56 611 6922

Dana Cake

Because the flavor of the cake is important for the newlyweds, they are keen on taking care of the cake and its flavor by using the finest types of cream and chocolate granules, so that the cake is characterized by its beautiful shape from the outside and its delicious taste from the inside.

And for cupcake lovers, they are ready to fulfill all your requests in designing wonderful shapes for cupcakes, while making sure that the cupcakes are in harmony with the large wedding cake.
They also have a cheesecake that is decorated with the most luxurious types of fruits, to be chosen to be fresh, and we have a cake roll to add luxury to the dessert buffet for the party.

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Dana Cake Branches in Dammam

  1. Branch Name: Granada
    Address: King Khalid Street – near Jarir Sweets – Al Qabbani
    Phone Number: +966 56 116 6682
  2. Branch Name: Al Mazrouiya
    Address: King Saud Street – Near Designers Corner
    Phone Number: +966 50 869 8882
  3. Branch Name: Badr District
    Address: Abu Bakr Al Siddiq Street – near Seif Shopping Centre
    Phone Number: +966 13 822 2191

Cake House

Cake House is one of the most famous dessert shops in Saudi Arabia. The Cake House was established in 2001, and currently includes more than 15 branches in different places, and Cake House is characterized by providing the best types of delicious sweets in all sizes and shapes that suit all tastes.

Cake House Branches in Dammam

  • Saihat Branch, Al Kawthar, Gulf Road.
  • Qatif Branch, Uhud Road.
  • Fatima Al Zahra Street Branch.
  • Omar Bin Al Khattab Street Branch.
  • Abu Bakr Al Siddiq Street Branch.
  • Al Mazrouiya branch.
  • Al Hamra Branch, Gulf Road.
  • Khodariya Branch, Dhahran-Jubail Branch Road.
  • Qatif Branch, Al Quds Street.
  • Al Jalawiya Branch, King Khalid Street.
  • Dhahran Branch, Abdullah Bin Abbas Street.
  • Al Rawda Branch, Prince Naif Bin Abdulaziz Road.

Phone: +966 9200 11122

Sugar Sprinkles Cake Shop Dammam

One of the first to prepare cupcakes in the middle of 2009. They prepared it to serve a select segment of people who are passionate enough to appreciate quality, consistency and contemporary traditional character. All of this was combined together in an artistic way full of fun and joy, to create a beautiful memory for the selected segment, as soon as they visited any of their branches.

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Address 1: Centro, Al Mazrouiyah, Dammam 32414, Saudi Arabia / Phone: +966 53 899 9334

Address 2 : Abu Bakr Al Siddique Street, Al Manar, Dammam 32273, Saudi Arabia / Phone: 53 899 9334

Gluck – Sweet Bakery

Gluck Sweet Bakery specializes in all kinds of cakes. It specializes in cakes and the staff is very helpful. It contains a variety
of hot and cold drinks and also contains various sweets and reasonable prices.

Address: 8814 Othman Bin Affan Street, Al Wahah, Dammam 34252, Saudi Arabia

Phone: +966 54 996 4046

Muslin Sweets Cake Shop Dammam

Muslin Sweets Cafe Dammam The shop is beautiful and provides a collection of wonderful sweets and my house is behind the shop and Morocco coffee is necessary for sweets from Muslin and frankly beautiful and the service in the place is wonderful.

Address: Al Nuzha, Dammam 32252, Saudi Arabia

Muslin Sweets Café Dammam No.: +966138150803

Munch Bakery

For sweets with a delicious and different character, if you are looking for the wonderful and distinctive taste, do not hesitate to taste Munch sweets. The best baked goods of cupcakes, cookies or sweets at Munch Bakery.

 Othman Bin Affan Street, Al Rayyan, Dammam 32253


Kelly’s cake and Sweets

One of the best specialty cake shops in Dammam. It is distinguished by the implementation of wonderful designs, as well as the taste is very excellent, of the finest quality. Workers deal with accuracy and professionalism and respect deadlines.

Address: Al Waha, Dammam 32254, Saudi Arabia

Phone: +966 13 831 1769

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Shera Cake Shop Dammam

Shira sweets from east to west in Dammam. They offer mini brownies, date cake, carrot cake, and lemon cake. Mango cheesecake, saffron cheesecake and more great cake toppings.

Address: Al, Othman Bin Affan Street, Al Rayyan, Dammam 32256, Saudi Arabia

Phone: +966 50 035 3311

Cuddy Sweets Dammam

Cady Sweets Company in Dammam specializes in selling and distributing chocolate, oriental and exotic sweets and cake. They give sweets at the wedding.

Cake molds add a touch of creativity to their designs, for example. Designing a cake mold in the shape of a specific number and decorating it according to the request of the newlyweds, in addition to the molds that consist of more than one role and are suitable for luxurious weddings, in addition to decorating the cake according to the method chosen by the bride and groom and choosing the appropriate colors so that the wedding cake is fully consistent with all the decorations in the ceremony.

Address: Al Mazrouiyah, Dammam 32414, Saudi Arabia

Phone: +966 54 180 2506

Cake shops in Dammam
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