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Cake Shops in Khobar

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The best cake shop in Khobar

We share with you in the following lines the best cake shop in Khobar and the most important shops that provide wonderful baked goods and cakes with many very wonderful flavors to learn about the best dessert centers in Khobar and how to reach them through the address.

  • Lilou Artisan Patisserie
    • Contact: 920011258 Algosaibi Village
  • Madeleine Boutique is the best Khobar cake shop in Aqrabiya.
    • Contact 920010330 ·
    • 7428 Street 16, Aqrabiya
  • Laviviane Lavivian is a leading Saudi company in the confectionery industry that has been offering cakes, chocolates and delicious baked goods since 2010. One of the best Khobar cake shops in Yarmouk.
    • Contact: 0138341951
    • Prince Turki Bin Abdul Aziz Street, Al Yarmouk
  • Farah Afandina Bakeries and Sweets are the best shops in Al-Khobar Cake Village in Al-Deghaither Village.
    • Contact: 0138969264 ·
    • Prince Turki Street, Al-Deghaither Village
  • Savor Bakery is one of the best Khobar cake shops with green belt.
    • Contact: 0138822231 ·
    • Prince Faisal Bin Fahd Road, Green Belt
  • Munch Bakery If you are overwhelmed by the desire for sweets, Munch instantly satisfies your cravings It is an invitation that is not tied to a particular time, place or occasion. You should fulfill your desire to eat our best baked cupcakes, cookies or desserts at Munch Bakery. At Munch, we strive to come up with the most creative way to share with you the true taste of happiness. Every day Munch believes in the joy of giving in order to convey to you through his special mixture to give you a sense of satisfaction like no other. One of the best Khobar cake shops in Yarmouk.
    • Contact 920015010 ·
    • Prince Turki Street, Yarmouk
  • Vanilla Patisserie Vanilla Patisserie The best cake shops in Khobar North.
    • Contact: 0138979000
    • Street 7, Al Khobar North

Best Pastry Shop in Khobar

In this paragraph, we list the best pastry shop in Al-Khobar, which is as follows:

  • NOCH is an experimental opening. The best pastry shop in Al Khobar for croissants.
    • Contact: 0506554414
    • 2777 Bashar Ibn Burd Street, Olaya
  • Jumana’s ice cream ice cream and ice cream
    • Contact: 0566249980 ·
    • Al Sweikat Street, Al Khobar North
    • Contact: 0547422299
    • Beheira
  • Savor Bakery is the perfect place to choose your hospitality.
    • Contact: 0138822231
    • Prince Faisal Bin Fahd Road
  • Baskin Robbins When you think of ice cream, Baskin Robbins is the brand that immediately comes to mind. To date, there are more than 850 Baskin-Robbins stores in the region. Which makes us the largest quick-service restaurant brand in the region. With high-quality ice cream, cakes and beverages and an incredible recipe collection of over 1,300 flavors, it’s no wonder that we’re absolutely the most preferred ice cream destination in the region.
    • Contact: 920013120
    • Khobar North
  • Saadeddine Sweets from the heart of the Kingdom was launched in 1976 to form a cornerstone of the Arabic sweets industry on its origins in the entire region. The beginning of Saadeddine’s success story was the establishment of the first branches in the Eastern Province in Al-Khobar. After that, the range of types of sweets expanded to enrich a large number of varieties and sweets from all over the world. In 1993, Saadeddine opened his first branch in the central region of Riyadh. In 1998, Saadeddine began to expand regionally with the opening of the first branch in Bahrain. In 2013, Saadeddine made history by setting a Saudi Guinness World Record with the largest cake carved in the shape of a map of the Kingdom. We are proud of all our achievements made by our team of more than 3,250 employees, including more than 500 citizens, and the march continues, with God’s help.
    • Contact: 920017070
    • Al Sweikat Street, Al Khobar North
  • 10°Boutique is a bakery and dessert shop with a great selection and is also a coffee house.
    • Contact: 0569935094
    • Zaid Bin Al Khattab Street, Olaya
  • Madeleine is actually a French restaurant, but it has great cakes and baked goods! The best pastry shop in Khobar in Aqrabiya.
    • Contact: 920010330
  • Madeleine is actually a French restaurant, but it has great cakes and baked goods! The second best pastry shop in Al Khobar in the Green Belt.
    • Contact: 920010330
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It may interest you:

The best chocolate shop in Khobar

Among the best chocolate shop in Al Khobar is Bostani Chocolate Shop in Saudi Arabia:

  • If you are looking for a place that offers luxurious chocolates in different shapes for every occasion, and you want to make an unforgettable impression by giving it as a gift on various occasions such as Valentine, this place will make the task easier for you. If you want to enjoy the most delicious sweets, especially chocolate, do not hesitate to visit it either. You can find this place in more than one location in Saudi Arabia in Riyadh, Jeddah, Khobar and others. You can order online on the store’s website:

The best cake shop in Qatif

Regarding the best cake shop in Qatif is:

  • Cake: Cake House is one of the most famous dessert shops in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and Cake House was established in 2001 and includes more than 15 branches in a variety of places, and is characterized by providing the finest types of delicious sweets in different sizes and shapes, so it suits all tastes.
  • Qatif Branch, Uhud Road.

The best cake shop

With regard to the best shop that sells cake, there is a large bouquet of shops specialized in sweets and baked goods, as follows:

  • Cheesecake Shop: It offers many cake designs for Italian, French, and English kitchens with a little sugar and fat and a lot of delicious and distinctive taste, so you can choose sponge cake stuffed with fruit or plain, cake with creamy profiteroles and many more. With the possibility of ordering cake making according to your own desire. The shop is located at Abu Bakr Al Siddiq Street, Exit 6.
  • Aram Cake: English cakes are served with molds in the shape of birds, musical instruments, and the classic shape of course, and many different shapes.
  • The cake is also served in the following flavors: pistachios and almonds, fruits and nuts, with creamy with multiple flavors.
  • Gourmet: Offers cake molds for home parties such as birthdays and in a wide range of cartoon character shapes and multiple roles, and features delicious cinnamon cake. The shop is located on Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz Olaya Road.
  • Leo Cake: It is one of the most luxurious bakeries in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and offers various types of cake molds in various flavors and shapes with its uniqueness in honey, milk and butter cake.
  • The shop is located in the Olaya, Al-Dabab Street, and the working hours are from twelve in the afternoon until six in the afternoon on the following days: Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and it is from seven at night until ten at night the rest of the week.

Best Cheesecake in Khobar

Here’s one of the best cheesecakes in the news:

  • Name: The Cheesecake Factory Cafe
  • Category: Cafe
  • Type: Families & Individuals
  • Prices: High
  • Children: Suitable
  • Music: Quiet
  • Timings: 10:00am–12:00am
  • Website:To access the restaurant’s website click here
  • Address:Ajdan Walk, Corniche, Al Khobar 34414, Saudi Arabia
  • Location on Google Maps: You can find out the location of the restaurant via Google Maps from here
  • Phone Number:+966138928708
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Best Honey Cake in Dammam

Dammam has a great band of very wonderful pastry centers, which offer a wide range of distinctive shops, the most important of which are.

  • Dana Cake is one of the great stores that offers a special selection of various desserts.
  • You can correspond with them through the mobile number 0561166682.
  • BERRYCAKE offers a great selection of very wonderful desserts that include many very distinctive flavors, and you can contact them through the 0566116922 mobile number.
  • Aryaf Bakery offers a distinctive band of very wonderful baked goods with many different jokes that you can correspond with through the mobile number 0138200295.

The best cake shop in Dammam

Dammam has a wide range of wonderful sweet shops that offer a range of distinctive shops in the most important of them.
Dana Cake Shop, one of the wonderful shops that offers a distinctive collection of various sweets, you can contact them through the phone number, 0561166682.
B E R R Y C A K E store, offers a range of wonderful sweets for the special viewing that is offered by many special products that you can contact with the phone number, 0566116922.
Offers services to contact them by phone number, 0138200295.

The best cake shop in Buraydah

In Buraydah, there is a large group of shops that offer a variety of special sweets and very wonderful flavors, and one of the most important shops is Mahal.
Coz Cake, one of the great shops.

Cake shops in Sharqia

Lilo Al Khobar Bakery is the most famous cake shop in the eastern region for making various and delicious sweets and baked goods at prices commensurate with the quality of the products provided, the service in the place is wonderful, the staff is very cooperative, and for more you can join us.

Name: Lilo Al Khobar Bakery
Classification: Groups / Individuals
Type: bakery
Prices: average
Children: suitable
Music: none
Hours of Operation: 10:00am-1:00pm, 4:00-10:00pm / Friday, 2:00-10:00pm
Website: To enter the restaurant’s website, click here
Location on Google Maps: To reach the restaurant via Google Maps, click here
Lilo Bakery Al Khobar Address: Al Yarmouk, Gosaibi Vilage, Al Khobar 34424, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Lilo bakery Al Khobar number +966920011258

Cake Shops in Khobar
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