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Cake Shops in Riyadh

Cake is one of the basic desserts on different occasions, whether to celebrate holidays, weddings, birthdays and all social celebrations, and some prefer to eat it for breakfast or during the day with a cup of tea, for this reason many cake shops have spread in Riyadh to sell different shapes and types of cakes in different sizes to suit all tastes, if you are looking for the best cake shops in Riyadh, continue reading this article, where we will show you the best cake shops in Riyadh.

Buffy Cake Store

Buffy Cake Store The best cupcake shop in Riyadh Specializing in event cakes and cakes with excellent designs and excellent service, and there a cake decorated with the most beautiful different shapes and types, it considered one of the high-end stores that sell types of cakes at the lowest prices and for the employee’s dealings in the place characterized by experience and efficiency in dealing with customers

Address of Buffy Cake Store

Takhassusi Street, Al Muhammadiyah, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Buffy Cake Store Number


Location on Google Maps: from here

Kingdom Sweets

Kingdom sweets one of the best cake shops in Riyadh due to the diversity of exhibits inside, from cheesecakes, large and small cake molds, in addition to different types of sweets such as basbousa, kunafa, baklava and others, and it is characterized by its use of nuts, chocolate, cream and peanuts in abundance for decoration, and it also interested in quality, exact taste and moderation of the amount of sugar inside the sweets, and it can used in the month of Ramadan to prepare various types of sweets, through its branches spread throughout Riyadh, including its branch on Prince Street Turkish.

Lilo Sweets

Lilo sweets Cakes, sweets, pies and sandwiches very suitable for occasions of the most delicious cakes their treatment classy and respectful and cooperative and characterized by high-end dealing with customers and also wonderful and helps customers in choosing. It considered one of the largest and most luxurious shops selling cakes and sweets

Address of Lilo Sweets

Al Olaya, Dabab Street, Riyadh Saudi Arabia

Lilo sweets number


Website: From here

Location on Google Maps: from here

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Cake House

There is no doubt that Cake House is one of the best cake shops in Riyadh, and in a short period of time it became the best cake shop in Riyadh for many residents, due to the diversity of shapes and types of cakes inside it, including Galaxy cake, Mars cake, Concorde cake, Ario cake, chocolate and cream cake slice, and many others, and it has been working in the field of selling cake since 2000, and has more than 27 branches in Riyadh and the Eastern Province, and because of its very reasonable prices, many consider it the best cake shop Riyadh is cheap.

  • Location: Omar Bin Abdulaziz Branch Road, Al Rabwah, Riyadh 11564, Saudi Arabia.

Sugar Sprinkles Sugar

Sugar Sprinkles Sugar Sprinkles A good shop for cake and special requests for cakes The shop is small and there are many forms of cake and torte variety and different full of shapes, types and flavors to suit all tastes and is suitable for presenting as a shape and taste and also offers coffee

Address of Sugar Sprinkles Sugar

King Abdulaziz Branch Road, Al Yasmeen, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

The Cheesecake Factory

One of the most famous and best cake shops in Riyadh is The Cheesecake Factory, which specializes in making cheesecakes in various shapes and flavors, including chocolate cheesecake, salted caramel cheesecake, Dream Extreme Cheesecake, and many other items.

Aram Cake

If you looking for the best cake shops in Riyadh delivery, you can contact Aram Cake, which offers home delivery service, all you have to do is order the type of cake you want and then select the payment method and then it delivered to your home, and it offers a variety of cakes, gateaux, tortes, and cake molds suitable for celebrations of all kinds, and the cake formed according to the type of celebration, in addition to that it considered one of the best wedding cake shops in Riyadh, where you can find many Wedding cake shapes, you can also order a specific shape you want.

Cake Studio

The Cake Studio one of the best and most delicious cake shops Excellent work Quick response Convenient service to the customer All types of cake fresh and beautiful in addition to cleanliness and arrangement in the place It considered one of the best shops that sell cakes of all kinds

Cake Studio Address

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Imam Saud Bin Abdulaziz Bin Mohammed Road, Al Muhammadiyah, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


Despite its somewhat high prices, some consider it one of the best cake shops in Riyadh, due to its high quality, delicious taste and delicate ingredients, and among the types of sweets available inside: Maroun Glacier Cake, Berry Tart, Mango Tart, Chocolate and Cream Cake, in addition to Mini Cake and Small and Large Cake to suit all customer needs, and it generally offers the best cake in Riyadh.

  • Address: 7229 Prince Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Road, Al Olaya, 2807, Riyadh 12221 7229, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

La Rose Store

The La Rose store one of the best pastry shops that offers a wide variety of sweets and chocolate of all kinds, in a professional and innovative way, a mixture of Italian, American, European and Arab taste, in addition to providing pies of all kinds and sizes on request and is considered one of the most luxurious cake shops in Riyadh

La Rose Store Address

MMRC+P92, Al Mather Al Shamali, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Berry & Olive Shop

What made the berry and olive shop one of the best cake shops in Riyadh is the wonderful taste of cake, and the different types of cheesecake inside, including cheesecake with cotton candy, caramel and berry cheesecake, strawberry cheesecake, mango, coconut, lotus cheesecake, Oreo cheesecake, and many other types, in short, it offers the best cheesecake in Riyadh.

  • Address: Abu bakr asiddiq branch road, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Munch Bakery (Olaya)

Munch Bakery (Olaya) is considered the perfect place to prepare cakes beautifully and taste the most wonderful I strongly recommend it and a cup of cake and baked goods and the most beautiful with who can buy from it and this is because it is a tidy and clean place and prices are reasonable for many shops

Address of Munch Bakery (Olaya)

Prince Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Road, Al Olaya, Al Olaya, Riyadh 12241, Saudi Arabia

Minch Bakery Number (Olaya)


Cake & Co Shop

Cake & Co is characterized by excellent service, high-end treatment and attention to detail in making cake molds, in addition to attention to dates and reasonable prices, and the delicious and wonderful taste of the cake that made it for many the best cake shop in Riyadh.

  • Address: 3118 Prince Ahmed bin Abdulaziz, Al-Wurud, 8065 Prince Ahmed bin Abdulaziz, Riyadh 12254, Saudi Arabia.
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La Rose

La Rose is considered one of the best cake shops in Riyadh because of its attention to the smallest details, in addition to the delicious taste and variety, La Rose offers various mini chocolates, mini size cakes and sweets, in addition to chocolate-covered nuts, cakes of all kinds and sizes, in addition to small pies and biscuits, and the shop is especially famous for selling wedding cakes, and many consider it the best cake shop in Riyadh to use in preparing for the wedding, because of the splendor of the design and the most wonderful taste.

  • Location: MMRC+P92, Al Mather Al Shamali, Riyadh 12332, Saudi Arabia.

Lumula Bakery

Lumula Bakery Bakery and sweets distinguished in French bakery delicious and fresh always the prices are somewhat high but the quality is excellent and the packaging is beautiful and the treatment of the staff is great

Address of Lumula Bakery

Anas Ibn Malik Road, Al Malqa, Al Malqa Plaza, Riyadh Saudi Arabia

Lumula Bakery number


Taste of cake

One of the most famous names of cake shops in Riyadh is the cake taste shop, which offers many types of cakes and sweets, including caramel cake, vanilla and strawberry birthday cake, in addition to chocolate cake and many others, and many residents of the region prefer the cake taste store because of its lower prices than competitors, in addition to decorating the most wonderful cake molds, and this is what contributed to becoming the best cake shop in Riyadh for many residents.

  • Location: Al Hassan Bin Ali, Al Rawdah, Al Rawdah, Riyadh 13213, Saudi Arabia.
Cake Shops in Riyadh
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