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Call Mobily Customer Service Number

Many customers are looking for Mobily number and how to talk to Mobily customer service representatives directly, and we will review all the information about the service in detail, as Mobily is one of the largest companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and many Saudi and foreign citizens participate in it for the services Mobily provides to its customers to benefit from them and help them reach a solution to their problem.

Unified toll-free Mobily customer service number

You can talk to customer service by using the unified contact number to receive all inquiries / complaints / suggestions:

  • Mobily Number Free Customer Service: Dial 1100 for free.
  • Open the dialer, type 1100, and then press the Connect button.
  • Select Technical Support from the list of voice services.
  • Within seconds you will be connected with a Mobily customer service agent.

The unified customer service number for all Mobily SIMs is 1100 and this number is for Mobily customers only so that it can be used if you own a SIM from the same company, you will be connected with one of the customer service representatives to receive complaints and inquiries and solve problems related to services and packages or answer questions.

Mobily customer service working hours? You can communicate with customer service via official numbers at any time and during all days of the week, the technical support team is ready to answer your inquiries and solve the problems you face, and other methods can be used that we will explain during the next paragraphs.

International Customer Service Number Mobily

  • To contact Mobily customer service from outside Saudi Arabia on the phone: 0560101100.
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Mobily number customer service from outside the company’s lines

  • The company seeks to facilitate communication between customers and the technical team for support and customer satisfaction by all means, so it allocated numbers for them to communicate through the numbers shared by Mobily or from outside.
  • You can contact the company through the common lines through the number we mentioned earlier, which is 1100, which is for customer service to Mobily.
  • If you are outside the subscribed lines of Mobily, or from any network other than Mobily within Saudi territory, the easy number to communicate through is 0560101100, complete the steps of the voice call, follow the necessary steps, and choose the offers and services available in the company.

Call Forwarding Service

One of the distinguished services at Mobily that it provides to its valued customers is the Mobily customer service number for the Kalemni Shukran service, and the company has provided this special service to allow communication between customers in the event that the balance is not available with the customer, through the number *199#.

You can also communicate via WhatsApp as well, through the following number: 0560101100, as Mobily is the first company to provide communication service to customers via WhatsApp.

Talk to Mobily Business numbers

Among the numbers provided by Mobily is the Mobily customer service number for the business and corporate sector, where Mobily Saudi Arabia offers the best offers and services that suit all segments and groups in society:

  • Therefore, Mobily offers the number: 901 as a unified number for the business sector.
  • If you want to communicate with the company from another network inside Saudi Arabia, you can contact the technical team through the following number: +966560100901.
  • Customers can also communicate with the company through its official website, through its website.
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Mobily Postpaid Plans

One of the numbers provided by Mobily is the Mobily customer service number, which is related to the Internet packages, as Mobily Telecom provides many types of packages that suit everyone’s desires, and one of the most important and famous packages that the company provides to the customer is “Mobily Postpaid Packages”, which are characterized by their distinguished prices and suitable for all customers.

Premium Services for Mobily

  • Unlimited social media service, which is provided to customers for a whole month.
  • High speed internet without any problems such as interference or interruption.
  • Provides calls via Mobily with all countries of the world.
  • Some of the services that are provided to close people and family such as “How are you doing” service.
  • Some services that enable the customer to convert his points into “dollars” money, in order to purchase the services provided by the company and linked to Mobily.
  • The availability of the direct payment service at Mobily, for electronic stores, as it provides easy communication with employees through the company’s website.
Call Mobily Customer Service Number
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