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Cancel or activate call forwarding Stc

 The stc call forwarding number is available and how do I keep my mobile locked while it is unlocked by activating the stc service.

Steps to activate stc call forwarding service

How do I activate the service of Mawjoud stc? To divert all incoming calls, use the following codes if you have an STC line and want to transfer calls if you are busy or direct transfer from this number to another number:

  • Direct Call Forwarding Code: *21*1111# .
  • Call Transfer Code Line busy: *67*1111#
  • Transfer number in case of no response: *61*1111#

How to activate the forwarding service for outgoing calls: If you want to transfer directly, open the communication program and type star 21 star 1111 window, then press the call button and the service will be activated, but if you want to transfer to busy, type star 67 star 1111 window, and finally in the case of transfer when the call is not answered: type star 64 star 1111 window, these codes transfer the call to the service operator’s number so that the caller hears that this number is busy Currently etc.

How to divert calls to another number

After we explained how to activate STC call forwarding services, outgoing calls can be transferred to another number by transferring them directly or in case of no response, follow the steps in the following list:

If you want to transfer directly to another number, use the following code: 21#number*
Call forwarding to another stc number when busy, dial the following code: Mobile 67##.
Finally, when the call is not answered, use the following code: 61#the number.

Make sure that you write the mobile number you want to divert calls to correctly, in case you are busy, the contacts will transfer the call to the number you entered, all the previous codes are written from left to right, for example: #number 21 = 21 star * phone number window and so on.

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Call forwarding to locked stc connections

If you want to make the phone closed while working or resting and you receive a message with all the numbers that have contacted you, use the call forwarding number to closed Sawa *21*4000# This code will disable receiving all incoming calls and will show them that your mobile is currently switched off, then you will receive a text message with all the numbers that tried to contact you with an explanation of the time of call.

Or you can receive a message with the details of the incoming call if your line is busy, dial the code: *67*4000# and when you receive another call while talking, you will receive a text message that this number tried to call you while you were busy with an explanation of the time of communication within the message.

How to cancel stc call forwarding to locked busy

You can cancel the call forwarding services that we talked about earlier, including the service of existing – busy – transfer to another number – locked etc. , request the appropriate code for your service in order to disable it:

  • Call Direct Call Forwarding Cancellation Code: #21 #
  • Call Forwarding Cancellation Code is busy: #67 #
  • Cancel Transfer stc Calls No Answer: #61 #
  • Cancel all call forwarding Closed/Locked: #62#
Cancel or activate call forwarding Stc
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