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Cancun Public Transportation

Public transport in the Cancun resort represented by buses. Ferries, minibusses. And taxis. In this article, I will describe in detail Cancun’s public transport system. And tell you where to buy transport tickets.

Cancun city buses

The bus is the preferred form of urban public transport. The advantages of city buses: low cost and frequent flights. Disadvantages include the lack of air conditioning. And soft seats, as well as frequent thefts (in crowded vehicles). It is for these reasons that I do not recommend getting. From the airport to your hotel by city buses. It is a shame to leave without valuable things on the first day of the trip.

Bus routes are open from 06:00 to 00:00, every 5-10 minutes. Bus fare in downtown or hotel zone – 11 MXN or $0.6. The bus fare paid at the time of boarding to the driver. Local drivers accept payments in both Mexican pesos and dollars. But it is better to pay in local currency. After payment, the driver will give you a ticket. Stops made on demand. If you need a specific stop, be sure to notify the driver when boarding. If you don’t understand where, in principle, you should get off. Or you don’t understand the terrain. Show the driver the point on the map where you need to get.

You can find a bus stop in Cancun by looking at a black or blue bus sign. Bus numbers shown large on the windshield. City buses of red and white color. Run along the main boulevard of the hotel zone. Kukulcan Boulevard (Blvd. Kukulcan).

The following useful bus routes are useful for tourists. R1, R2, and R27, which run through the hotel zone.

  • The R1 bus is convenient for accessing La Isla Shopping Village Cancun. And Kukulcan Plaza in the hotel area, Coco Bongo, Hard Rock. Also Mandala nightclubs. And the main bus station in downtown.
  • The R2 bus will take you to the major supermarkets Walmart. And Chedraui.
  • The R27 bus runs. From the hotel area to the Plaza Las Americas shopping mall downtown.
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Minibuses collectively

In Spanish, minibusses called collectively (colectivo). They are popular with the locals because of their lower fares. For example. The collective fare from Cancun to the Playa del Carmen resort. It Will cost half the price of an ADO bus – $2. In small Mexican resorts, minibusses are the only means of transport. When traveling in a minibus, you should collect and careful. Better yet, avoid minibuses and use taxis or sightseeing buses.

A list of the most popular buses from Cancun Bus Station to other cities in Mexico:

  • Bachelor, travel time: 5.5 hours, ticket price: from $14
  • Majahual, travel time: 5.5 hours, ticket price: from $12
  • Mexico City, travel time: 27 hours, ticket price: from $62
  • Playa del Carmen, travel time: 1.5 hours, ticket price: from $1.8
  • Puerto Morelos, travel time: 30-45 minutes, ticket price: from $1.3
  • Tulum, travel time: 2.5 hours, ticket price: from $7.5
  • Chetumal, travel time: 5.5-6 hours, ticket price: from $16
  • Chikila, travel time: 3–3.5 hours, ticket price: from $9
  • Chichen Itza (Mayan pyramids), travel time: 3-4 hours, ticket price: from $8.5

Ferries and ports in Cancun

Two of the largest ferry companies operate in Cancun. UltraMar and Marinsa. From Cancun. There is a ferry service to the nearby islands: Isla Mujeres and Contoy.

Ferries to the island with picturesque beaches advertised Bounty – Mujeres Island depart from several departure points in the hotel area: El Embarcadero, Playa Caracol and Playa Tortugas. In downtown, ferries leave from the terminals at Puerto Juarez – Ultramar and the lesser-known dock about 500m north of it. A one-way trip to the island from the hotel zone will cost you $ 14 per person. Travel from downtown is almost half the price, at $ 7-8. There are some R1 buses running to Puerto Juarez, but it is considered a dangerous place for tourists, especially at night. On island, Contoy boat departs from the station V & V Marina north of Punta Sam ferry terminal.

You can also visit the islands as part of the exciting group excursion ” Contoy and Isla Mujeres: Paradise Islands of Mexico “.

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Car rental in Cancun

Experienced independent travelers are welcome to rent a car in Cancun. The main Carretera Cancun-Tulum / Av Tulum (# 307). In Cancun starts at the intersection with Av Lopez Portillo (# 180). North of downtown. Route 307 runs through Cancun Airport, Puerto Morelos, Playa del Carmen, Tulum. And Chetumal on the border with Belize. Please note that cars rented in Mexico are not allowed to export abroad. To Central America. It is recommended to have small local bills. And coins with you to pay for toll roads, not to break the speed limit.

Car rental offices can found along Kukulkan Boulevard. In the hotel area. And at the airport. However, during the season – from November to March. It is better to book a car in advance. This way you are guaranteed to get the option you want. It is better to buy the maximum insurance. In order to avoid trouble. Book cars for travel on the Rental car’s website. The site compares prices from different rental offices. And you can make the best choice. With early booking you can get a good car for only $60 per week + insurance.

Taxi in Cancun

Taxis are the second most popular form of public transport in Cancun. In downtown, the taxi fare is traditional lower than from Cancun airport. And in the hotel area. Taxis in the Yucatan Peninsula are easy to recognize. By their white body color and green stripe. There should be a price plate in a taxi car. It indicates the cost of travel to different hotels. If your hotel not listed, be sure to check the price before getting in the car.

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Taxi fares increase depending on the number of passengers. And time of day (at night the price increases by 10%). As well as when calling a taxi by phone. It is customary to leave a tip in Mexican taxis. The approximate fare for 1 km by taxi is $0.5. A short city trip will cost you $5. Bargaining in a taxi is unsuitable.

In addition to official taxis. Popular services such as Uber, and Easy Taxi. Operate in Cancun. In taxis, care and caution should exercise. Do not leave your belongings. Do not travel at night to dangerous areas. Such as the port of Puerto Juarez.

If you plan to take a taxi from the airport, then, as an option, book a transfer with a reliable company on an online website.

Cancun Public Transportation
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