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Capital of Algeria

What is the Capital of Algeria?

The city of Algiers, which bears the same name as the state, is the capital and largest city in Algeria, and also the third largest city in North Africa after Cairo and Casablanca. The city of Algiers located in the far north of the country, as is the case with the other major cities of Algeria, and it is a strategic corridor in the Mediterranean Sea, and in it there is one of the most important Algerian ports.

History of the capital of Algeria

History is one of the most important things that are mentioned when talking about cities and countries of the world, especially the city of Algiers, which is the answer to the question: “What is the capital of Algeria?” The state of Algeria was founded in 944 AD, and although the inhabitants of the Algerian city occupied the region And they made it a great commercial center for several years, but it was a monopoly of barbarian politics, which lasted until the twelfth century, and during the sixteenth century, Algeria, which is the capital of the Algerian Republic, was subjected to the emirate of the Ottoman Empire And as a result of its strategic location between both the Ottoman Empire and the European Empire, Algeria became a major center for piracy. , and the entire Algerian Republic, and as a result, the city and the republic fell, thanks to which the city of Algiers became the capital of French Algeria, which led to attracting a large number of European residents, who settled in the city and made up most of the population of Algiers, and eventually Algiers got along with the rest of the country on It gained independence in 1962 AD.

Capital of Algeria
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