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Capital of Angola

What is the Capital of Angola?

Luanda is the capital of Angola, the largest city in terms of population and importance in the country, as well as a major port and a major industrial, cultural and urban center. Located on the coast between Angola and the Atlantic Ocean, Luanda is the main port and administrative center of Angola. Its metropolis has a population of more than 5 million. It is also the capital of the province of Luanda. Most Luanda residents claim to be Roman Catholic because it is the center of Roman monks.

Luanda, the country’s capital, is nicknamed the “Paris of Africa” because of its similarity with the French city in its multiculturalism.
The average life expectancy in Angola is very poor, only 40 years. For years, the world thought the giant antelope was extinct, until it was found in Angola in 2004. Angola’s economy is based on agriculture, 42 percent, and on the export of timber. Angola exports diamonds, iron ore, phosphates, petroleum, crude oil, gold, and uranium. The Baobab tree is an important symbol in Angola, and its inhabitants believe that it is a tree that the Lord planted with his own hands.

Luanda is a port on the Atlantic Ocean, the country’s largest city and industrial center. The city is divided into two parts: the lower city on the flat coast of the bay and the upper one, picturesquely spread out on a high coastal terrace. Commercial and industrial areas are centered around the modern port in lower city . The upper city contains residential areas and government offices. There are many ancient monuments here – Fort San Miguel of the 16th century, the palace – the former residence of the governor general, the archbishop’s palace and the cathedral. Also located in the capital are the University of Luanda , Institute of Education and Sociology of Angola , Museum of Angola and Museum of Dundu .
The city has developed food, textile, oil refining industries, automotive industry. Luanda exports oil, coffee, diamonds, iron ore and fish products. The international airport in Luanda is Angola ‘s busiest airport , and a railway links the city to the H ‘ mines Dalatando and coffee plantations around Malanje .

Capital of Angola
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