Capital of Arizona

What is the Capital of Arizona?

The capital of Arizona is Phoenix. Located in the hot and arid Sonoran Desert. However, this city is ready to surprise you with the diversity of flora and fauna, formed here not only due to two rainy seasons a year, but also due to the special attention of the authorities to the development and “greening” of the city. By the way, 2 more largest cities in the state of Tucson and Yuma are also located in Sonora. Please note that all hiking trails start in Tucson. It considered a favorite place for travelers and adventurers.

Arizona a state in the southwestern United States. Arizona also a major part of the Western United States. It the 6th largest state in America, is among the 15 most popular states. The capital and also the largest city of Arizona is Phoenix. Arizona is one of the four corners of the United States of America. The state borders New Mexico, Utah, Nevada, California and Mexico . Having a 626km long border with Mexico, Arizona is also adjacent to the Mexican states of Sonora and Baja California.