Capital of Australia

What is the Capital of Australia?

The official and political capital of Australia is Canberra. Canberra is the largest city in the interior of the country. The Commonwealth of Australia was founded in 1901, the choice of the capital pitted the rival cities of Sydney and Melbourne so strongly against each other that the federal government decided to build it halfway, in the Molonglo Valley and in the hills of Canberra, an Aboriginal name meaning “meeting place”.

History of Australia’s capital

Australia officially became an independent state in 1901. It was therefore necessary to choose a capital. The discussions obviously started a few years ago in order to define the capital of Australia.

A little throwback to the past. Around 1840, Sydney was predestined to one day become the Australian capital. Sydney was the administrative center. But the gold rush upset this predestined. Indeed, the population migrated to Melbourne, even overtaking Sydney in 1860. Melbourne grew very quickly and its financial growth was enormous thanks to gold.

As the city can now rival Sydney in terms of population and economy, it requires new administrative powers.

At the time of the first discussions on the choice of the Australian capital, no one agreed: Melbourne or Sydney?

After multiple negotiations, the choice is to create an entirely new capital thanks to the referendum adopted in 1899. This referendum specified that it would be built in New South Wales and that the interim capital would be Melbourne .

After several ballots, the Yass-Canberra region was chosen as the site for the construction of the Australian capital. The city will later become Canberra which means “gathering places”.

The choice of the official name took place in March 1913 and construction began immediately. The construction project was entrusted to Walter Burley Griffin, originally from Chicago, who won the international architectural competition.

Canberra officially became the seat of government in 1927 when the Provisional Parliament Building was opened.